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  1. Sometimes it's difficult/to much time consuming to do this work. I'm more on the I like / dislike this model so I buy /pass approach. If DW is no more the beautiful models it was, I'll play dropfleet instead and that's all...
  2. Nice to have Derek back. Now, I think the rules will be ok. So please, really please, dont f... up with the models. I'm really afraid with the salute photo I saw. This is not a Frontier extravagant skirmiches game, this is a uchronian victorian science univers, it's totaly different. .
  3. Hi, Back to the Spartan Warcradle forum I'm a Dystopian Wars player for about 7 years I played in Marseille, but I'm now in Paris (France) I own a "République Française" navy, Im' building a Japanese and Antartican navy (due to the end of Spartan, the covenant part was accelerated) One of the model I prefer is the Ika EotBS robot, but I love a lot DW models : Archimedes CoA walker, Kaiju EotBS BB, nearly all the KoD models(Asgard, Ragnarok), the Ottoman dreadnought (Kanuni), etc... Waiting the new releases of DW models (Kickstarters and V2.5 BB) and a little worried about the "new" warcradle design (really don't like the Exodus stuff), I still want new stuff to build a gaming community around a living game.
  4. Not so long, the french spartan forum (fan forum) already gave the information ^^
  5. Keep it up! Even if it's time consuming ^^
  6. Ok I understand ! (too bad ^^) I'll use swift manoeuvre instead or shoot while submerged ...
  7. Hi, I have a question with the use of Hit and Run (did'nt find with the search tool an answer). The moustiques have Hit and Run and are Diving models. Does it mean they can use this sequence : change height level - move to half movement -end of movement phase - shoot - change height level - move the rest of movement -end of shooting phase ?
  8. Youenn

    Youenn's Rof Fleet

    Thank you very much ! I'm not sure it's the best dazzle paint scheme 'cause the paint job is not very achieved. I'm not a very good painter, I don't do lightening, I don't work the desk of my ship ... The variety of paterns come from my library of true dazzle camo painted ships. There is few ship camo I've made myself, I've done it for the Marseille and the smalls (Lyon, Alma, Requin). But nonetheless I thank you again for your kind words.
  9. Youenn


    It looks better with the pipes chimney and turrets! I think it's good now.
  10. Youenn


    Why not painting all the pipes in a bronze?
  11. I vote for the 4th Shield Panel! ^^ Sorry I can't resist...
  12. The paint job is so gorgeous that I've forgotten it was the old models...
  13. Youenn

    Youenn's Rof Fleet

    Thanks for the "Vanille-Fraise" ^^ To be honest I just can't carry on the dazzle camo, it's too much time consuming... All the new references will be with the "Attaque à l'aube" camo! Except a Cherbourg and a Magenta MK1 which are already on the desk in various state of dazzleling...
  14. Youenn

    Youenn's Rof Fleet

    At last, my full fleet. Aerial view: High angle shot: "Zoom's":
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