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  1. That's going to be tricky around here a least. It died off long before Spartan did thanks to the weirdness of new ships and the Taskforce silliness. However I think a healthy dose of enthusiasm could be mustered once details of a re-release or new edition is placed into the moulds. Here's hoping it goes well alongside Dystopian Wars!
  2. Crikey! Quite the interesting Christmas present indeed! Welcome back everyone! Here's hoping for a long, productive and happy time in this new home. Best of luck to Warcradle!
  3. To be brutally honest? For my tastes I rather hope that 3.0 becomes a forgotten chapter and the next edition becomes more iterative than revolutionary as so many of the excessively change-y, er...changes were in the aforementioned 3.0
  4. I occasionally pop back, look things over. I've got well over 300 Firestorm ships, several friends with multiple sizeable fleets too. To say we are invested in Firestorm Armada would be an understatement in the extreme. We want to be able to play the up to date version of Firestorm Armada, but between the lost focus when Taskforce and Halo came out (dampened enthusiasm because we felt "our" game was condemned to be back-burnered) and now the concerns over such sweeping rules changes as have been explained in such an isolated, difficult to translate, manner... Honestly? We're all beyond pessimistic.
  5. I dare say that after adding thirty pounds for postage, not-Europe people won't consider a Saurian Battle Station as grabbable "easily at a great price". On ship news, just keep the current range in production and don't "update" the style so that new ships look wrong compared to 2.0 stuff. Also, no more scale creep causing increasingly larger ships. That's more important than any older stuff coming back. After that's ensured, bring the old Sorylian ships back. Before they got lumpy and hideous.
  6. I recall arguing this the moment I saw Dirty Tricks. Even if it only seems worse from a psychological point of view, it still feels like the biggest '**** move' to actively prevent another person from playing. There must be better ways to handle it, because as it stands nobody I know plays with cards explicitly because of Dirty Tricks.
  7. You wouldn't like to hear about the list I'm currently compiling from my gaming group then. Standards have improved, but things are still a long way from flawless.
  8. The officially sanctioned rules now encourage peg-length shenanigans for squadrons to huddle up, but anyone not mangling their pegs is punished by the needlessly oversized nature of new models not fitting their base sizes properly. Tell me how that makes for tight rules when there are multiple model sizes for many category of ships within each fleet if you're willing to hunt the OOP stuff for that advantage. All this does is tell me that tournaments will simply get even more stupid and full of gamey nonsense. Very sad.
  9. Given the historical importance and strength of the Tarakian forces in the universe, it strikes me that they should be the first boosted. But fundamentally, I agree with Ryjak above. I'd like to see all the support fleets get a buffing to two options in each tier (maybe less critical for tier 3s). Tarakians getting a full carrier and a destroyer or gunship first, Hawkers coming in second with a shiny new destroyer. I worry about voting for heavy cruisers because of the Heavy Cruiser generally falling into the T1 section in patrol games.
  10. Another reason why models can't be placed on other models at the end of their move is that they're not stable on the tabletop, so could be jostled or nudged. The rules pretty simply read as the bases being the important part of movement and positioning. The stand is there to determine space, to keep the models table (without stands they could often roll or shift and be unstable). The model is there for identification and prettiness. End of.
  11. Clear rules are simple. 1) ANY model can be based on the 'medium' sized bases. 2) LARGE capital models can optionally be based on the 'large' sized bases. 3) SMALL non-capital models can optionally be based on the 'small' sized bases. Coincidentally, these rules also fit perfectly with how the models and bases have progressed. This cannot be an issue when, if one truly cares about the tournament scene, everyone will have the option to use whatever base sizes they feel gives them the advantage. Problem over, let's all go play with space ships now.
  12. And as that is exactly what is missing from Spartan's retail feed it's exactly why the starter boxes seem like they have been pushed with tremendously badly thought-out contents. This is the worry some people raised when the shift to all boxes was made and now it comes to pass with the all-new and universally shiny (except Directorate, their new designs look like two ships had a bad experiment with bondage and can't pull apart) taskforce starter boxes.
  13. And yet we still have not seen revised and updated PDFs that include all ships in the core fleet lists in one place. Seems like this would've been a great opportunity to update all the PDFs instead of just adding a bolt-on with yet another place to reference rules.
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