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  1. The only thing I'm thinking about is how I wish I actually had the free time to play some games again
  2. From a fluff perspective, I want to see more Hawker Industries ships to bring them up to the RSN. They and Anton Kurak are basically the glue keeping the Alliance together. From a mechanics stand point, more Ryushi and Tarakians. Ryushi could make some really neat unmanned fleet concepts and the Tarakians could really use some more options. My in the end I have to throw my vote to Hawker Industries. They are my first love in the setting and are the models that got me interested not just in FSA, but in Spartan's games period.
  3. Derek's run down mostly matches what my group's experience with the fleets has been (though we have no Aquans so can't comment on them) though I do nit pick one thing; I wouldn't say Terrans are "durable" so much as "potentially durable". Passive defenses (DR and CR) are probably the lowest in the game, making them very easy to damage if you get past the shields. The shields however have exploding dice which can completely negate attacks, but puts you at the mercy of the Dice Gods. Weapon Shielding also is a factor as it greatly reduces the effects of HP damage, helping Terrans roll with the punches they do take. I would class the Terrans more as "mid range brawlers" then "lasting to the final shot". Not sure if we should discuss the minor factions, since they won't have Task Force boxes probably for a good while, but outside Terrans and Dindrenzi, they're more my forte.
  4. I like it. It's got a nice shade of blue and still feels very industrial, which strikes me as perfect for Hawker ships. Maybe add some accent colours or decals to break up the blue a bit but overall I think it's a great scheme.
  5. "Players: Commodore Jones vs. Sage Point value: 1000 Scenario: Border Clash w/objective tokens/deck Terrain vs Dindrenzi Battle Log: 8 to -2 " I'm sure you meant Terrans, but I just love the mental image of the Dindrenzi just forgetting the breaks and losing a battle against asteroids.
  6. I'm actually going to try and pitch this to my gaming group and see if they're up for testing out these rules. If they are game, I'll let you know how it plays. With Relthoza and Ryushi, it should prove interesting to say the least.
  7. I think of it as T1s AD numbers come from larger guns rather then more. So unless it's designed with more guns (Split fire MAR represents that nicely), it can only target so many ships with a volley especially if it wants to overcome defenses. A lot of the smaller guns also strike me more as point defense weapons.
  8. I just want some more reliable anti-SRS options. Right now I really only use fighters since they're the only thing I can use to drive off interceptor bubbles.
  9. I completely agree and I actually like the armsmen.
  10. The Sorylians and Hawkers really came out of the gate swinging. We'll see if they can keep it up though.
  11. I love the Terran and Dindrenzi ships so will definitely be ordering the two play box for my two fleets of those, but I honestly really like those Directorate ships. Very tempted to start a fleet just to have them.
  12. At the very least it won't happen for a looooooong time. As much as I really want my Hawkers to get a box.
  13. Is it just me, or does the light cruiser look like it has a shield bubble on the blog post? http://www.spartangames.co.uk/wp/wp/wp-content/spartanimg/Terran-Light-Cruiser.png Looks like what Planetfall shield tanks have on them.
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