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  1. Long time no updates! Actually, I don't even have much of an update at all. I got sidetracked painting a miniature Santa and Krampus for a Christmas village and only got a few TFTs done. Now, everything's packed up to get taken to my brother-in-law's place for our first games this week. One thing I did figure out, though, is a transportation solution for flying models. The mat is called a 'TechTrap' (although I'm sure any elastic organizer - such at Grid-It - would work). It's meant for holding cables and gadgets while travelling, but the spacing of the bands means the models are very stable.
  2. The Covenant of Antarctica army I'm painting for my brother-in-law
  3. I've fallen behind massively because I've been participating in NaNoWriMo, but I'd at least finished the Callimachus! Mk.I Top: Mk.II Top: I've also gotten an Illustrious for my own army. Because it's not like I have enough to do already!
  4. I use the fine-grade flock from Woodland Scenics (I think - I got rid of the packaging so it might be a different maker) It does the trick: Really though, I think any flock will work, provided its fine grade. Coarse could work for some spots on larger bases, but might be too big - it's been a while since I looked at flock and static grass (A little bag goes a loooooong way!).
  5. OK, between accidentally stripping artillery pieces, a flat tire, and wasting time getting it replaced, this week has kind of cratered my painting morale. Fortunately, I did get some little things done - little tanks to be precise. First up, the Terriers and Engineer tokens: And the Xenophon walkers: I'm thinking the Callimachus is up next.
  6. My Kingdom of Britannia army for Armoured Clash
  7. I can't say exactly why, but for some reason, I'm liking your Vorkuta most of all.
  8. No real update tonight, but instead have a tip! If you use weathering pigments and alcohol as a fixer. Make sure you remember to varnish the models BEFORE applying pigment and fixer. Otherwise, you might find yourself stripping and repainting nine pieces of artillery....
  9. Liquitex has something similar called "Iridescent Medium" that according to them is good straight out of the bottle for pearl: http://www.liquitex.com/iridescentmedium/ They also have iridescent paints and "interference" paints that might work too - but be careful since their paints tend to be really thick and require a LOT of thinning (using water is fine, though) - A fluid like that iridescent medium should be fine without thinning, I haven't tried it.
  10. Thanks! For the KoB, I'm using Reaper's Redstone Triad - I was hoping it be slightly more red, but it still works. Tune in (hopefully) tomorrow for a CoA Artillery Extravaganza!
  11. That is one classy, classy prow. Nice job!
  12. Update! Finished off a battalion of Cromwell bombards and the Steward I'll be using for the Arty Regiment's HQ
  13. Back in March, I painted some minis for my brother-in-law's birthday. He liked them enough that it convinced him he'd like to play a miniature game. After a few months of back and forth and looking over rulesets (And figuring out which minis we like best) we settled on Armoured Clash (KoB for me, CoA for him)! He's left the actual painting to me so the project is currently: One CoA Armoured Brigade Box Two Icarus Fliers One Epicurus Sky Fortress One KoB Armoured Brigade Box Two Hawk Rotors (I already had these simply because I like how they look) Whatever units I decide to get next month as a b-day gift to myself He's also given me license to go hog wild with the terrain, so my first decision was basing. Given the nations we'd be playing I decided to go with an Australian outback theme. I'm horrible at remembering to take WiP pictures, so enjoy some of the models I've finished so far! First up is the Arronax for CoA: I couldn't resist some OSL for the open maw (my first attempt): I have no idea if he's going to name his big units, but I know I am! HMLS King Richard I Tomorrow, I should be wrapping up a battery of Cromwells and their Steward HQ tank!
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