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  1. I just have to say I don't think Star Wars or Star Trek are hard sci-fi . We all know Star Wars has space wizards, but Star Trek has plenty of aliens with god like powers (Q to name just 1). Hard Sci-fi for me would be more like Blade Runner or The Expanse.
  2. Unless you are sticking to the old Spartan rules you might want to hold off until you see what the new Armored Clash game looks like. I've heard most model will be able to be used as proxies with the new scale but I imagine most smalls will not be usable. As you can imagine this does not make most old Armored Clash/Dystopian Land war players happy. It's a bit of a waiting game at this point to see what WC does.
  3. It's good to hear WC mention PF as much as FA, even though I'm pretty sure PF will be last in line to get any new releases. I'm just hoping no scale changes here. If they kept the scale of armored clash they would have a happy customer. With the scale change there now I will have to really like the rules and measure that with how annoyed I am I have to use proxies or how many models will no longer be usable. Please please please no scale change with PF.
  4. For the love of space spiders please keep cloaks simple. How about this. Cloak - Blue dice are used for cloaked ships. Initial dice rolls of 6 do not count as hits and must be re-rolled. Any re-rolls must be accepted. This applies for shooting at cloaked ships and for cloaked ships shooting. Simple, feels like the ship is harder to hit, smalls can luck out with enough 6's(on the re-roll), and you will need to drop the cloak if you feel you need to put out some heavy damage.
  5. The main problem I have with new cloaking is it is pretty much useless. Play a game and record the times where new cloaking did anything at all and you might get a couple times where a crit was downgraded to damage, but if you are using it then there is also going to be a couple of times where it hurts your shooting. Example being 12 attack dice average two 6's, Rolling an average of 4 regular hits, 2 double damage hits with 1 more hit on the explode. That is 8 hits instead of 9 with "New Cloak". Scaling up to 24 AD that is 16 hits instead of 18. So for the most part you are only going to see 1 or 2 hit difference depending on a number of factors. Can it make a difference? Sure on large ships with a high DR it might just drop it under the CR threshold, but if you are using it then your shots get impacted as well. Should we give ships being shot at by ships with shields saves because those ships are shooting through their own shields?
  6. At the very least change the name of Cloaking to something else that is more appropriate to the proposed new rule. "Internal Shielding" or something like that. It has a fairly small chance at doing anything except stopping the once in a blue moon exploding 6 train. "New Cloaking" does not make you harder to hit (which is kind of the point of cloaking isn't it?) it just keeps heavy damage from becoming catastrophic damage. That is not cloaking in my book. Imagine... "Captain! They just destroyed our port gun rack!" "Well it was good we were cloaked or they would have hit the flight bay too!"
  7. I hope SG sees most players see the cloak change as bad. It went from being a powerful tool if used correctly to a weak shield that most of the time is going to do nothing. How often is that extra dice roll on a 6 going to keep the attack dice under the DR or CR threshold? Answer? Not that often. That fact you have to turn it on and it impacts you negatively is just salt in the wound. At least since it does so little now they could have kept it like PlanetFall and there is no downside (though since they are linking up those system I can guess the same change is coming to PF). With this change I think I would only use cloaking if I had nothing to really shoot at. On the upside if they make regen strong enough it might offset this. Something like Larges regen 3, med regen 2 and smalls regen 1. If they stick to the 4+ regen and the Apex can only get 1-2 HP back per round it is not going to be enough. I'm seeing the makings of Relthoza rage just like when the defanged Relthoza in PF 1.5 stats (before they decided they hit them too hard with the nerf bat and some of their bite back.) Long range fleets will be rejoicing this change. No more cloaked ships getting up in peoples grill. They can take out big chunks of them before they get close. I hope i'm wrong, but I guess we will see shortly.
  8. Vedar

    Vedar's Planetfall

    Here we have the fearsome Ba'Kash. Known for their brutal direct assaults the weapons on these attack craft sound when firing seem amplified and the shrieking sounds have been known to cause troops to flee their positions long before the Ba'Kash get around to choosing them as targets.
  9. In PF cloaking is always on and there is no penalty for having it. Relthoza in PF have pretty solid armor so cloaking removing exploding dice most of the time only helps once in a blue moon. Most of the time it is useless. If FA gets a on/off version you will see player pretty much leave it on only when they are not shooting or maybe leave it on more for larger ships. Also you can expect some Relthoza players ( not I )to rage quit, shelve them, etc. if DR/CR are not increased across the board to make up for the fact that cloaking does very little now. The other thing was at least in PF cloaking is always on and you don't have to waste time slowing down the game with markers and deciding to cloak or not. Here it seems to be the worst of both worlds. It does not do much and slows down the game. I hope they don't bring this version of cloaking to PF.
  10. I see the talk on the new FA is in full swing. Quite a few things seem to be pulled from PF to the new FA. Are we going to get a preview of what is coming for PF? Also if I may ask what is the plan for cloaked units if FA and PF if they are going to be more closely alined? Current cloaking in FA gave a great distinct feel to the Relthoza. Tough when cloaked but paper armor when de-cloaked. Cloaking in PF was much toned down being always on and only a slight defensive advantage. Are Relthoza in FA getting tougher? Are Relthoza units in PF getting much of a stat change? Thanks!
  11. Welcome back Neil. Glad to see you back on the forums. I have to say I'm quite happy about all this talk about FSA and PF. Really looking forward to the 2.0 PF. I think the board game is going to be a tough sell. I think very few people wanted a board game from SG. Everyone and their grandmother are selling boardgames on kickstarter these days. Now if you made a task force box set with enough models to play FA full squads you might have sold me on it, but putting the rules online so late it really had no chance to get off the ground with my group. I say you should create some buzz about the games. Maybe a monthly article what is being worked with some teaser pics. I'm good with some teaser models not being released as long as some are. I think some regular/semi-regular communication with some info/pics of what is coming would go a long way.
  12. Greetings SG, I've not had a chance to look through all the posts (maybe make a read only post for general updates?) but I'm just curious if we are still on track for 2.0 this year which would make me quite happy? I see FA is gearing up for a KS (very nice) but I don't think I have heard much on the PF side lately. I'm afraid it has been a little difficult playtesting PF without more of the rule book. Please keep posts positive here, I think as a whole we just need a bit more communication and it would keep people on the happy side of things. Thanks.
  13. If you have not heard Spartan had a 2016 Kickstarter last November. Check out the front page to see all about it. I've been curious on when they are going to get a new front page. I'm willing to give 100 Internet points to whoever can guess the date when we no longer have the 2016 Kickstarter on the front page. Good luck.
  14. I'm in the east bay but Sacramento is a bit out of my range. I seem to live in a gaming black hole area. Most of the shops have closed around here. I either need to drive an hour and a half to Sacramento or a hour to Fremont or San Jose.
  15. Any chance we can get a more complete beta of the rules? Trying to guess on rule issues is not fun.
  16. I'd hold off on the Relthoza are too powerful comments until they start beating you. The above looks like a really good game. The Relthoza got some range back in a few units but still suffer when it comes to small units. This game seems like the Relthoza player went for shooting over objectives and it cost him. Thanks for sharing the game.
  17. My painting is slowly going. I've got most of my Dindrenzi PF a nice Blue\White, but I think it needs some something else. The metal color is really not showing up. I've been debating my Ba'Kash and think I'll go with the Dark Orange Bronze\Gold scheme. Probably be a while before I get more pictures up.
  18. Well I have to go RSN really just because they are my secondary Armada fleet. My Dindrenzi Planetfall are painted as RSN with the backstory they have been fighting so long behind enemy lines they have been resupplied many times by forward Dindrenzi units. So ya... RSN. I can't wait to see the Ba'Kash large tank though, that thing has got to be a beast.
  19. I hope that turning template goes. It has kept a few people I know away from the game.
  20. I like the light blue glow on the bottom of the markers. I might have to steal that idea.
  21. I think you can safely call the Locatu a Med tank until they fix the designation and they are definitely "stingray" happy. Might I suggest "Sushi missiles", "Tuna Salad missiles" or "Smoked Salmon missiles" as alternatives?
  22. Added a few things i missed. Ba'Kash infantry. Varisei-Kei primary guns forward only now.
  23. Greetings my fellow space spider enthusiasts. It seems like the era of material shortages that has resulted in half length barrels just might be at an end. Let's jump right in to what we have learned. Our Relthoza friends enjoy Asian things. Reading the Art of War, Death before dishonor, Sushi and lizards on sticks (is that asian thing?). Ok i made some of that up. They love new tech. Apple watch 2.0, IPhone 8, that kind of thing. Little spiders are put in Jabri suits and only the strongest move up to bigger suits. I'm ok with that. While they were never really sold as a swarm army it don't really break too much for me. Tactical Orders. 1-Mastery of the skies. 1 round a helix main ordnance attacks gain interceptor. When you absolutely, positively, got to kill every flyer in the battlefield; accept no substitutes. I like it. Lessens the need to have to bring strong AA. 2.Drone Resurrection. Return D6 light infantry. Could be useful to reinforce that unit holding your primary object. I like it. 3. Perfect Cloaking. Gains hard target -1. Might be useful when you know a unit is going to take it on the chin. 4. Advanced Nano-Repair. Large or Med repair D3 damage. What is not to like? 5. Inspired Command. Increase Tactical force bonus by D3. When going first matters. 6. Detailed Recon. Drop a sky drop marker by 1. probably the least exciting one. *Varisei-Kei - Firepower Leviathan. Forward only main guns with Secondary all but rear. Not a real problem as you will be pointing at what you really want dead. Primary cannons 40" dropped -2 to 8AD, but 30" range added still at 10AD. Secondary Bio-Toxin Projectors boosted +3 to 15AD at 10" and +6 to 12AD at 15". Nexus drops to 5AD from 8AD at 20" making the model not worth taking. (I kid). -For the most part no big change. A bit more lethal up close at the cost of a smidgen of long range firepower. *Salavi-Kei - Massive Vehicle. Cost dropped from 380 to 280 (whoa!) CQB from 10/20 to Melee 16 with Pin(4) and CQB 8. Nexus drone dropped from 12" to 8". Loses thunderous charge. -Is it worth it at that point cost now? not sure... *Javi - Massive Command Spire. Cost up from 260 to 290. (booooo). TV up from 7 to 8. (booooo, sorry one of my favorite models). Command center rule changed from one extra card to one extra command point per phase. Icon of the Empire change from fearless at 8" to extra die on disorder tests at 12". Now able to transport any 2 med. tanks. Probably best to still take the Salamas unless you play it safer and pick the Talamis to shoot from range. Gunnery nodes. Cost up from 60 to 75. Missiles from 16" to 24", gain corrosive and 7AD at 12". Flack Launcher goes up to pinpoint 2 from 1. -All in all not bad. We will have to see how good the extra command point is. *Vardiss - Heavy Tank. Cost down from 315 to 310. Range increased from 10"/10AD, 20"/8AD to 12"/7AD, 24"/10AD, 36"/8AD, 48"/6AD. Also terror if both guns are shot at the same target.(wow someone went to sniper school). -Relthoza shooting is back. *Visith - Heavy Tank -To be honest not much changed other than spreading out the range band a smidgen. *Salamas - Medium Tank. Only real change is 6" dropped to 6AD from 12AD and added 30" range at 4AD. 6-24" range the same. -Pretty much the same but you don't want to get too close. *Talamis - Medium Tank. Range band changed from 15"/12AD, 30"/9AD to 8"/6AD, 16"/9AD, 24"/12AD, 32"/9AD. (excellent...) TV dropped from 6 to 5 (Yes....) -Expect these on the field now that the old Vardiss tax is gone (not that you wouldn't want to take a Vardiss now...) *Caramis - Medium Tank. Cost up from 125 to 130. TV from 5 to 4. Added range band of 12"/7AD from 9AD so a bit worse up close. Pinpoint 2 now. -slight nerf, but still solid AA. *Varic - Support Tank Nexus from 20" to 30". -Quite often taken for ablative wounds. Will it be worth not sending in first now? *Jakariss - Light Tank Get a 5"/2AD range band but also gets a new 25"/2AD range band. Weapons also gain corrosive. *Jamriss - Light infantry Lose Recon. *Vaxiss - Ground attack Leviathan Melee gets pin(3) CQB from 4 to 6. Shard Cannons from 10"/15AD to 10"/12AD -This unit was iffy before in my book, new flyer rules don't seem to help. *Savimasc - Heavy Battle Suit. Cost up from 250 to 260 Get a 12"/12AD nerf so don't get too close. *Halamasc - Medium Flyer. Only DR change from DR6 to DR 4+3. (I guess that is a nerf unless you get hit with 6 hits.) Gains Pin2. Ba'Kash Review... *Nubaro - Massive tank. -a massive tank with hard target(-1), solid AD range bands and take and hold? Quite the beast. *Marku - med tank Another hard target with high DR. These things will want to get close so it will need it. *Hulash - Light tank. Priced right, hard target-2, 4AD AP and Scatter guns, and fearless. Not bad. *Karal Infantry Pack - Heavy Infantry. Not sure on these guys. A bit pricey and you can only take 4. Lots of good stuff but you pay for it. Will need some testing to see if burning a command point to jump them 12" is a good deal. *Novian - Heavy Ground Attack Gunship. Slightly slower, A bit cheaper, a bit better guns, DR from 7+6+5 to 8+6+5. solid boost. *Varuko - Heavy Ground attack flyer. DR from 7 to 6+3. guns from 16"/5AD to 10"/5AD and 15"/3AD. Overall some solid stuff. Can't wait to try it out.
  24. Ya know I wanted to spend some time going over all this but then at work everything fell apart, exploded, caught fire and imploded at the same time... ahh well I know what I am doing tonight at least. I only got time for a quick look at the Relthoza and happily see some units got their fangs back.
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