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  1. The Hasta. I'd either be a group commander of a small-ish patrol fleet or lead of a harassing element for a larger force. The ship has huge broadsides that embody the Sorylian way of war, yet has the added elegance of massive **** off rail guns to reach and touch someone. Finally, the fighter complement on board gives the ship versatility in a number of roles. She's quick, tough enough, fills a number of roles in fleets, and puts you in a position of authority to make an impact somewhere, but while still mixing it up on the frontlines and enforcing the borders from the spider filth.
  2. It should be noted that there are two distinct issues when referring to 'toxicity'. The first is game created, and the second is player created. Game created toxicity is a result of imbalances, poor rule writing (vague, ambiguous), and rules and fluff that don't mesh, leading to a confusing 'narrative' (as loath as I am to use that word). Even the nicest, most down to earth, humble gamer can and likely will succumb to some sort of *******-y behaviour in the face of a combination of those factors. I like to think I'm pretty awesome to hang around and game with, but I'm not exempt from getting caught in shitty rules disputes or curb-stomping my opponent due to game imbalances. The second issue is player centric, and exists separately from the game itself. The scientific term for these people is Assholicus Majorus. Regardless of the game, the atmosphere, or how much/little alcohol they've consumed, they will inevitably ruin a game or event due entirely to their lack of social skills. There's a blur in the two issues when people seek out vague or poorly balanced combinations because a number of factors may play into why they're trying to 'break' the game. That all said, there's nothing inherently toxic about tournaments. From all accounts I've read, most tournaments end up being a fantastic way to meet people with your interests and get in a bunch of guaranteed games with some motivated (and hopefully knowledgeable) people. Any toxicity is a result of either a few bad people that you can't fix anyways, or a result of the game, which is easily fixable. With regards to FSA, there's not a lot that jumps out at me that would create a toxic environment; the game is pretty well balanced, the rules are mostly clear and what isn't is either FAQ'd or answered on these forums, and there's nothing hidden behind extra paywalls or hard to find. The size/popularity of a game will also affect its toxicity, as you'll inevitably attract more rotten apples, but hopefully its balanced out by attracting amazingly awesome and handsome people like myself.
  3. Where did I say you have no right to an opinion? You're entitled to any opinion you want, doesn't mean people shouldn't point out flaws in the logic or inconsistencies. You are more than welcome to think what you think, but understand that people can and will disagree with you. In no way does that mean you can't have an opinion though.
  4. Because the entire premise of why you think the Hasta isn't a battlecruiser applies to such a huge swathe of ships that its a patently ridiculous argument to make. Having wings capacity does not a carrier make, unless your willing to claim that well over a dozen other ships are also not what they're currently slotted as and rather pretend carriers in disguise. The majority of the Hasta's strength does not lie in its wings; its still dealing a maximum of 13AD to its fore fixed arc at 24" - more than the majority of the Sorylian fleet at that range, and a rather solid 16AD in its broadsides at RB1 and 2. Its a pretty wild claim to state that the inclusion of wings in its design makes it less a battlecruiser than any other ship that also incorporates wings in its design. You can feel free to dislike the concept, but claiming its not a battlecruiser is pretty ridiculous, unless of course you're willing to be consistent and claim another dozen ships are equally not whatever they're stated to be. Frankly, the Hasta is already a Falx with a bit more speed and even then, a bit more firepower when taken in pairs, and just less when taken solo. I fail to see what your problem is here. The Falx is 7" base, while the Hasta is 8". The Falx can be upgraded to be faster, but other than that, firepower wise, the Hasta is exactly what you'd expect; a bit less firepower in nearly every arc, with the exception being the absence of torps but gaining kinetic FF. Either way, I believe its not a little ridiculous to claim the Hasta is somehow in any way shape or form not a battlecruiser based on the near singular aspect that is has wing capacity built in. In every other way, it is quite literally exactly what you'd like out of a battle cruiser; a cheaper, faster (stock), slightly less gunned tier 1 selection. Only it has wings too. The horror. I find your argument rather weak and nothing more than a very specific set of criteria that you have devised that fails to consider a number of other ships in other categories that also don't adhere to a specific set of qualities one might expect of that type of ship; such as destroyers not having strong fore facing weapons and/or long range weapons, or battleships with strong wing focus, or gunships that deviate significantly from the factions modus operandi, or frigates/tier 3 selections that are something other than cheap, mandatory, small versions of cruisers and battleships. Firestorm is more than a set of rigid ship designs and classifications. This is set in a far future with aliens and divergent humans with radically different doctrines and combat styles. Ships are not, and should not be made to adhere to a rigid classification system such that every ships of a certain class is 99% analogous to one another. All that to say, the wing capacity on the Hasta does not in any way make it less a battlecruiser and more a carrier or any other minute semantic argument you'd make. It is a battlecruiser, it is real, and it functions in 95% of the way you'd even admit to how you'd like it function.
  5. Yeah, not to mention the Praetorian, the RSN Dread and BB, the Relthozan BB and dread, and their shunt cruisers and frigates are also carriers instead of cruisers and frigates, the Directorate BB, the Tyrant can be made into one, a bunch of the marauder and alliance ships I forgot. All of them are apparently carriers and not whatever designation is printed next to their name. Someone has to break the news to all these poor ships that have been lied to. Now they'll have identity issues growing up. So sad.
  6. We have one. Its called the Hasta. Unless of course, you'd like to expound upon this implied notion that the Hasta is not a real battlecruiser, but rather some other ship masquerading as a battlecruiser.
  7. I figure a shorter game would only be seen as a challenge to me to fit in as many beers as possible in a shorter time frame. Interesting discussion though. Of all the aspects of game design that I normally consider, game length is rarely something I spend much time thinking about. I'm more concerned with some sort of nebulous concept of time spent per meaningful decision/action in game, which can go either way in terms of total game length. Oh, that and time spent waiting around doing nothing. Dear Space Lizard does that piss me off about that other game. "Sure I'll wait 30mins while the only thing I get to do is remove models by the handful. While I'm at, I figured I'd drink some bleach and die." Thank the Scaled Ones for alternating activations. Variety is the spice of life though, which is why I always bring a lager, amber, honey brown, and some whiskey to wash it all down.
  8. Just be careful that your pen and paper are from the same company. An Apple pen will not write on Windows paper, or vice versa. Why are you writing in bold?
  9. There are other sections on this website not about Firestorm Armada? Who knew? What do they even talk about? Not spaceship stuff? Because that sounds totally not as cool as spaceship stuff.
  10. Yeah, and the painting/modelling area was merged into a hobby board. All makes sense to me. As cool and large as the RSN model range wise, they are still a minor faction. I was always a little confused why they had their own board. The thread in the allies section plus whatever other threads people want to make should be sufficient for them.
  11. They're still in shock over how amazing my submission was.
  12. I'm a simple lizard. I'm a firm believer in the fine traditions our fore fathers, and their fore fathers set for us. When constructing the great edifices that meticulously sprawl across glorious Kerender, our best engineers did not use chisels and small bricks to create the temples and monuments that still stand millenia later. They used massive ******* hammers. And when those massive ******* hammers didn't work, they got even bigger massive ******* hammers. And it worked. It was also awesome as ****. I say we honour the traditions laid down by our ancestors and use the biggest hammers we can when dealing with those who would seek to destroy us. And when that hammer fails, the only reason is that the hammer wasn't big enough. Your enemy can't fight back when they're a puddle. Bombers, shielding and shields. Honour your past. This message not representative of the High Admiralty Council. Results may vary. Consult your doctor before taking Hammer products. If erection lasts longer than 6 hours, consult a professional.
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