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  1. Great work! I love the Model of the B-72 and your paintjob certainly does it justice. Also great Idea putting the names of your ships on their bases. I might even copy that (if i wasn't to lazy to build bases )
  2. Upon reading the Speerschleuder paragraph again: Yep it says it right there.... *sigh* maybe its time to learn how to read... Thanks nonetheless
  3. Might I add another question which goes in a similar direction. If a model fires both its Speerschleuder and its Teslacoil (An Elbe for instance) at the same target separately and manages to damage it with the Speerschleuder (applying the Lightning rod persistent effect), does the Teslacoil attack become devastating or not? I would say it doesn't since all attacks are simultaneous, but I would like to have another opinion on this.
  4. Looking good from what I can tell. You might want to try to upload your photos via Picasa and then post them here via URL, it works pretty well for me. Are you going to do aerial stuff as well (especially the blimps would interest me)?
  5. Greetings fellow Penguins. I've recently started painting up the ships for my Covenant fleet. I usually like to add some background to my armies so here are some of my ideas for this fleet: The 9th Covenant of Antarctica Warfleet 'Mindful Annihilation' under the command of Castellan-Commander Shao Ying, a former Admiral of the Chinese Federation, is based in the South China Sea, where it has set up a full scale naval operations base on an obscured group of volcanic islands. Its main objective is to inhibit the expansion of both the Empire of the Blazing Sun and their Chinese allies. To that end, the 9th fleet is rarely acting as a single body, but rather as a collective of multiple engagement groups that are well suited to harassing enemy patrols, obstructing military operations and raiding positions of strategic importance. This does not mean however that the 9th fleet cannot engage in open battle. Should the need arise to overcome strong opposition, the individual groups of the fleet will work in unison, each with its designated role on the field of battle. I will go about painting this fleet with that background in mind and split it up into small groups of ships that i will finish before moving on to the next. Here are the beginnings of the first of these groups: The Long Range Engagement Group 'Argent Dawn' at sea. The LREG 'Argent Dawn' is commanded by Sir Arthur Fenn and relies heavily on the use of energy weapons. The Plato cruisers main objective is to hunt and destroy small vessels and flyers. While the Frigates lack energy weaponry, their torpedoes still pose a long range threat to opposing smalls and mediums. I went for a rather classic CoA colour scheme, but i really like how it turned out. I will try and update this thread as soon as i make progress with my fleet. Tell me your thoughts about my ships, I always appreciate constructive criticism .
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