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  1. I have no idea who to contact with my Vanguard report!! Can anyone help me!!! Thanks!!
  2. The pics do look great! The Australians and the COA Aerial group were painted by professionals. I painted everything else. I did 4 sessions and all 4 were well attended. It is a challenge to run 8 players all at once, basically tried two different ways and both worked out. I will be running big games at Rapier in Jacksonville June 22-25.
  3. I am hosting several Dystopian Wars sessions at Recon. If you are in Central Florida and want to play DW all day, come by!
  4. We are getting close to RECON, the HMGS-South Convention in Orlando, April 24-27. I am hosting several Dystopian Wars sessions, so if you live in the Central Florida are, please come play!
  5. How about a flying carrier along the same lines as the Denmark or Chinese ones? Make it an attachment mar unit. Make it the same size as a Saransk. It could probably look like one from midline down, just have a different superstructure.
  6. So far my current plan is to run DW on 4 sessions with 2 tables going on each on OR 4 sessions with one huge table in each one, depending on the number of players. I have plenty of rule books and templates, and ships, to put up some epic sized battles. On one table will be a Franco-Prussian force versus a Russo-British force. I will use Danish, Prussian, French, British, Russian, and Black Wolf. On the other table will be EOTBS versus a KOB and FSA force. If I have my mercs all done by then I will use them as well. Really want to get some nice pictures of the battles.
  7. Ok. Then crank out a new Raijin which does not clearly have TWO ZARIGANI ON ITS HULL WAITING TO BE DEPLOYED!!!!!!! Best solution: make a beta that either uses them as support or repairs them.
  8. We could run several DW sessions. I want to come up with better quick start rules for newbies.
  9. At the very least come out with a Raijin Beta which allows you to field 6 Zarigani, but minus one or two of the current Raijin mars. Maybe drop the echo generator and something else.
  10. I was at your demo B, and I cleaned the dealers out the next morning. It was fun! I hope you are able to make it. I want to set up a land and sea scenario, have an invasion beach head and a town to destroy.
  11. Any clarifications on Zarigani and Raijin (sic)?? I notice that the Black Wolf support cruiser has no problem carrying its reapers, was wondering if the clearly molded Raijin can now support its Zarigani.
  12. I will be running numerous Dystopian Wars sessions at the HMGS Recon Convention on April 27 to 29, 2014. Anyone planning to attend let me know. I have plenty of fleets but will need help demoing and running the sessions.
  13. The box states there should be 18 tfts in the Armoured Support Group. I got 10 in mine. Is 18 a typo?
  14. Sounds great thematically but explain the Raijin zarigani. I believe its all a matter of "throw it on the wall and see what sticks."
  15. Giving it 3-5 fliers would have little effect accept to protect the blimp. Giving it a spotter would really make it more effective. I find it interesting- and not interesting good- that two of the most recent models have details that serve zero purpose. How does the design prcoess work, do you create the piece then the rules and hope it works or what?
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