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  1. My arguement against Escorts defending the dreadnought is that they are there to protect the dreadnought once the enemy gets to it. I would rather spend those points on other items so that the enemy never does get to it, or at least don't get there with enough power to really hurt you. I don't know which tactic is better, I just know what I do.
  2. I would agree with Lord Nat in that you don't want to play open waters. That's going to be no good for you and will see a lot of your ships damaged before they get to where they want to be. I would not do that advance line wall. Firstly, it blocks whatever torpedo shots you might be able to get with your larges, and while they might not normally do damage, you still want to give them the chance. Also, that's playing into the French's hands. French heat lances are pretty much useless against a lot of targets at RB3 and 4, but once they get to RB1+2 they are massively powerful. Don't start off closer to them. KoB is a mid-range fleet, which makes it tricky. There are some opponents that want to be close to you, so you want to stay away, and some that want to be far, so you want to be close. For example, against Prussians, stay in RB2-3, against FSA, stay in RB 1-2. The French will outgun you at RB1, and have a good shot at it at RB2, so I would try to stay in RB4 as long as you can, then go to RB3 and do as much damage as you can there. Yes, your guns aren't that great at RB3, and really aren't that great at RB4, but they are better than the French. If you bring SAS, bring fighters and dive bombers. Mainly fighters though. I know you don't want to hear this, but 3 Merlins won't get you anywhere. You need 5. Therefore, I would advise to bring stuff that is good against aerial from the water, and also to bring fighter SAS. Stuff that is good against the air is stuff like the Hood. All of the Hood's firepower is in the turrets, so it is not hamstrung by having torpedoes that cannot shoot the sky. Agincourts are excellent. If he out-activates you, that's okay. Strip 1-2 smalls from his frigate squadrons, and then start killing the big stuff. 4 frigates will kill you, 2 will probably not. Fire the occasional broadside or torpedo volley at them every now and then to continue to kill them, but don't try and kill the whole squadron first. Against his Heat Lance equipped ships, sink them! Do not just damage them! Heat Lances are redoubtable just like your guns, but they start off with more AD, so they will be firing powerful shots even when the ship is next to dead. TAC cards are good. Use them. The Vengeance is also good. Remember, most of his ships only get half AD and at a -1 to hit against the Vengeance. I advise using the Vengeance to hunt damaged mediums. If he has a medium that has lost 1-2 HP, a Vengeance ram has a good chance of sinking it. Then play the TAC card that gives you a 2+ Swift Maneuvre test and watch him rage as he cannot avenge the loss. So you play 1000 point games? I would bring the Majesty, a squad of Attackers, 3 Agincourts, a Lord Hood, and the Vengeance. You only have 7 Activations, yes, but they are good. Hold your Attackers back under the shield of the Majesty, use the other ships to blast him as he comes forward. Knock off some of the smalls in each squadron, then focus fire on anything with a heat lance. Don't let those get too close. Corrosive guns aren't as big of a worry, because we have Expert Engineers, so we can repair them. Keep the Vengeance as a warning to not allow any of those mediums to get close to you. I wouldn't ram anything bigger than a battleship by the way, and that's risky too. Good luck, and don't give up!
  3. In Armored Clash you do shoot at units. Which version are you playing? The most recent one, in Operation Sirocco, has you target units.
  4. Well, I have six Lord Hoods, but I have never fielded more than 1-2 per game. Please tell me how this goes!
  5. Agincourts definitely. Tribals are fine ships, but if you have the points always go Agincourt. A full squadron of Dominions is something I've never tried and have no interest in trying. Dominions are wonderful when attached to a battleship or to a squadron of Agincourts so that's the only way I ever field them. If at all possible keep the Dominion in the Guardian bubble from your Majesty, it makes it a much better ship.
  6. 9 dice will only reliably crit a cruiser if you are hitting on 4+ and the cruiser has no defenses. In RB1 a Hood is hitting on 5+, and almost every cruiser in the game has a defense of some sort, like Rugged Contstruction or Shields. The distance needing more than one salvo is what I have experienced. My Hoods don't usually make it to RB1, so in RB3-4 it generally takes multiple shots to sink a single cruiser. In my opinion it's just not cost effective.
  7. If I may ask, how do you target with them? Whenever I fire at cruisers I fire all three turrets at the same cruiser and get 1, maybe 2 crits if I'm lucky, and then the two remaining cruisers and possibly the damaged one too just rip my Hood apart.
  8. I must agree with others who have said that they feel mildly insulted by being told that they have no tactical ability and that is why they cannot get the Hood to work. There is not an opponent or an enemy nation that I have not been able to defeat with my Britannians, but simultaneously there has not been a game where I had a Hood to start out with that I had a Hood at the end. I have tried all of the tactics mentioned, except for the one where the Hood is in reserve. My Hood has been in the battle line, been on the side line, targeted battleships and dreadnoughts, fired at cruisers, and fired at small ships. I have shielded my Hood with islands when present, I have sent my Hood in a flanking force with Orions, Swifts, and Attackers, and done everything in between. The ship never performs for me. It is supposed to have a firepower comparable to the battleship, but be less durable, but also faster. It does not fulfil the first of these requirements. With 1 less turret, no torpedoes, less AA, less CC, and no broadside, and no piercing, I will always pay the extra 65 points or so to get a Ruler, or buy Agincourts instead. Whether it is because the ship is weak now, or because of residual 1.1 feelings, my opponents all see the Hood as an easy-to-sink target that must be sunk early, and they always do it. Most times, the Hood doesn't make it half way through the second turn. To fix it, I would give it a slight points increase, along with Piercing and Dreadnough Turrets. Better firepower at long range would allow me to keep it back farther, where it won't get destroyed so easily by concentrated firepower.
  9. I don't know. I've tried using the Hood on multiple occasions, and well, it just never works. If I put it in the gun line, it dies. If I flank with it, it dies, and if I use it on the flank, it dies. Hoods are frail, and my opponents know that, so they fire everything at my Hood early on because they know they can destroy it as opposed to some of my tougher units. It might just be a residual fear of Hoods from 1.1, but whenever I bring a Hood, it is always one of the first ships to go down. I usually just take an extra Attacker unit or a few more Merlins instead of the Hood. I would always take 3 Agincourts above 2 Hoods. 3 Agincourts feel the damage less than Hoods, and Hoods already don't feel much damage, so Agincourts pretty much laugh at the enemy's attempts to lessen their firepower.
  10. I play KoB a lot and there are some ships and weapons that I just do not ever find myself using. I'm not saying they are bad ships, I just have never been able to justify the points when I have so few points to begin with. Tribals. Do I sometimes use them, yes, but only when I cannot afford the 30 points for more Agincourts, or when I'm playing a big game and run out of Agincourts. Lord Hood BCs. I try to like these, I really do, but they always get torn apart very quickly no matter how I use them, and their firepower is always underwhelming. They cannot fight battleships because their AD is too low, and a cruiser squadron will always beat them, so I have trouble buying the Lord Hood. Monarch Heavy Battleships. Playing Britannia, I like to show my broadside to the enemy, so the superior fore torps never get used, and with Britannia I never want to be in RB1, so I always choose the Ruler's superior RB4 firepower over the Monarch. Regent Assault Carrier. How does this work? When I hold it back and take advantage of the torpedoes, the fore guns never do anything, and every game where I push it forward, it dies in seconds. The forward guns never have been used to good effect, and the ship just sinks all the time. Eagle War Rotor. What can I say? For the firepower it has, it is too many points. I haven't even taken one of these yet, because with only two turrets, everything will outgun it, and the bombs take too long to come into play. By the time they would, just based on movement, my fleet would either be destroyed, or winning, and I cannot wait that long for those points. All of that being said, I love 2.0, and think the Britannians have gotten a major boost through it. They can stand up to pretty much any fleet I encounter quite well, and I always wish I had more points to buy more stuff. I do not at all think the Britannians are an inferior fleet, and maybe I just don't know how to use some of the aforementioned ships, or maybe they just aren't my play style.
  11. I would strongly recommend against advance deploying much of anything against Prussians. I have played a ton of games against PE with my KoB in 2.0, my most frequent opponent, and if you advance deploy all that stuff you will not win. The Prussian Empire will outgun you in RB1, and often in RB2 as well. I learned, after many defeats, that you need to hang back. Do not advance your fleet forward. You will get better as you get closer to them, but they will get better faster At longer ranges, focus fire on those small squadrons and things like the Uhlans and destroy 1-2 out of each squadron. Once you have done this, switch your firepower from the big guns towards the Prussian larges and their more gunnery oriented mediums. A squadron of corvettes at full strength is formidable, a squadron of 3-4 corvettes, is not. Remember to not focus everything on those smalls and mediums though. If you let Kaiser Karls and Bluchers and Hussars get to RB1, and even 2, undamaged and unchallenged, you will die just as horribly. Do not charge forward! Make your Line of Battle with those Rules, Monarchs, Hoods, and Majesties and run parallel to the board edge, or at a slight angle. Here is a small thing I wrote up for my group to use about how to fight the Prussian Empire. Admittedly it is not KoB specific, but it might help. It is based on experience and unit analysis, specific battles and situations might extremely contradict this, but if it helps, that's good. Fighting the Prussian Empire: In facing the Prussian Empire, there is essentially one thing that must be done. They cannot be allowed to board your ships. Of all the nations, the Prussian Empire is the best at boarding. This means that if the Prussians are allowed to close in, even heavily damaged ships, as long as they have not had their AP numbers reduced and take out dreadnoughts and the like. All of their boarding is greatly facilitated by their tesla attacks and their speerschleuders, which kill AP every time they damage an enemy ship. The simplest way to defeat the Prussian Empire is to stay at range. PE gunnery does not get good until RB2, and is best in RB1. One thing to be aware of is that many Prussian ships have Close Quarters Gunnery, meaning that they will not be suffering a minus to shoot their Primary weapons at RB1, giving them total control of the field if they get that close. Prussian ships are also surprisingly fast, and generally faster than their opponent's ships. This means that rapid firepower must be laid down immediately, and not waiting a turn, because otherwise too many Prussian ships will arrive at close range. To ensure wide fields of fire, avoid terrain when deploying. While it might shield your ships, at long range there is virtually nothing to shield them from. Prussian ships are also surprisingly tough. Once they take damage, they do not stand up to it better than anyone else, except with their tesla weapons, but in many cases it takes an inordinate amount of firepower to inflict heavy damage. An example of this is that the Prussian Heavy Battleship has Rugged Construction (2), a Shield Generator (2), and CR 11, meaning that an attack generally has to be very powerful to get a critical hit. Rugged Construction must always be taken into account, because every attack rolled against the PE will be weaker than expected. Any critical hit result or effect or MAR that can kill AP is one of the best results that can be achieved, because then the primary Prussian weapon is neutralized. Aerial units of the PE must also be considered. Generally they are armed with tesla weapons, including several that are armed with tertiary tesla weapons, meaning they do not suffer from damage at all. Several of the Prussian aerial units are also some of the best boarding units that they have, so at least one anti-air unit should be taken to reduce the firepower and capability of the Prussian air force. Another critical component of the Prussian air force is their SAS squadrons. These are extremely difficult to defeat. Prussian fighters had DR3 when engaged against other SAS, which gives them greater survivability. If possible, bring down their fighters with ships, where their DR is 2 again. As for divebombers, they must be intercepted before they launch their attack. They also have DR 3 when doing a dive bombing run, and therefore will likely get most or all of their planes through the AA defense, which will severely harm your ships. The best defense against PE divebombers is fighters that engage them before their attack run. Hope that helps!
  12. likeAsir, while your data is true, I believe it is slightly deceptive. A squadron of Agincourts or Tribals does have 15HP, and a single Hood has 6, but he will have two Hoods, so he will have 12HP compared to 15HP, and it is cheaper in points. Also, each Hood has the same turret firepower as an entire Agincourt squadron or Tribal squadron. Each Hood is also significantly more durable than each Agincourt and each Tribal. So I would not say that the mediums will die quickly. The biggest problem/weakness is definitely the AA and CC defenses. I prefer List 2. List 3 has a lot of activations, but I don't think each activation is going to be that good. Swifts have very little firepower, and if one or two die, their boarding potential is so much less. A Regent also just doesn't have that much firepower, and the front guns cannot shoot at the same thing that the P/S torpedoes will be firing at, and taking a carrier into brawling range to get everything firing is asking to lose a carrier, so I don't really like List 3. I think two Lord Hoods and 3 Tribals is better than 1 Regent and 3 Agincourts. The revised list 1 has the weakest medium component out of them all, and I really like KoB mediums, so I don't particularly like that list. If you really want the Dominion, which I perfectly see why, might I suggest swapping the Orions for Attackers, and then losing the Bastions for a Dominion? Just an idea.
  13. Are you going to be facing aerial? Is it possible that the enemy is entirely aerial? If so, lose the Vengeance. At 500 points you cannot have more than 20% of your fleet doing absolutely nothing. If you will be facing only naval, Vengeance is a good option. I think two Hoods are going to be a better choice than 2 Agincourts. In that list you cannot get 3 Agincourts, so I would go the 2 Hoods. The Attackers are very good, and they are extremely ferocious at RB2. The Hoods are going to be long range gunnery guys to mid ranged guys. They have pretty good firepower, and at 500 points they should be able to reliably engage anything that you encounter at that points range. The only things that will give you trouble are Heavy Battleships, and those can be engaged by a pair of Hoods quite effectively. Are your companions nice people? If they aren't, they might bring a dreadnought. A 300 point dreadnought isn't that easy to get, but can be done for some factions. If your opponent does this, and you are playing deathmatch, your list is doomed. If you are playing mission and you get 70%, Commodore, or Larges, you are doomed if you face a dreadnought, or at least in serious trouble and facing an uphill battle because your list has very little that would be able to sink a dreadnought, or successfully capture a dreadnought. I would recommend your league says no dreadnoughts at 500 points. Your list does not have any Guardian Generators in it. Be aware of this, as generally Britannian lists rely on Guardians anywhere from a medium to large degree, so you might want to consider replacing the Vengeance with a Guardian Generator equipped Regent and replacing the Attackers with Swifts. This would give you more activations, increase the chance of your smalls living, and give you better odds against air. Just a thought.
  14. Well, for torpedoes to hit surface skimmers there isn't too much difficulty. If you look at the pictures from the cover of the first little French booklet, the bottom of the ship is still below the surface of the water, so if the torpedo is travelling at the surface, they would still hit the ship. I would guess that most torpedoes in Dystopian Wars are magnetically guided towards enemy ships, rather than just point and hope. Also, why are people concerned about a 3% hit rate? Assuming a squadron of Agincourts fires a full salvo at an enemy battleship, it wouldn't be impossible to imagine that they fired maybe 50 torpedoes from the salvo. Of course this is if you imagine that the torpedo tubes are spring loaded something like the FSA turrets, and then if just one torpedo hit the enemy ship, a 2% accuracy rating, that torpedo could cause horrible damage to a ship, making the critical hit you just got on that Emperor suddenly realistic. @Tower75: Britannia seems to be designed kind of as the stoic nation that doesn't use any of this new-fangled tech and sticks to the tried and true methods of victory. Therefore they got guns and torpedoes, and then they got shields because that seems more Britannian than arcing tesla weapons or teleporting things. If we are debating how torpedoes in Dystopian Wars work, how do the shields work? If they stop enemy shells from passing the shield barrier, how do the shells that the ship itself fires pass through the barrier unimpeded?
  15. Does no one remember Sirocco? Everywhere between Egypt and South Africa and probably a ways inland is owned by a nation called the Abyssinian Empire that is powerful enough for the Ottomans to be so scared of making them angry that the Ottomans did not pursue the Britannians. That is at least one Empire in Africa that has successfully established itself and is strong enough to resist European attempts at colonization.
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