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  1. CoA: Line Infantry Entry is missing .
  2. The first and most important thing to remember is that We are right! While the other factions are warmongering fools leading the world to destruction, we keep the flame of enlightenment bright. In General out units tend to be fairly focused and your battle-group needs a solid plan to follow. At least I tend to loose badly, if I try to pursuit several strategies at the same time. We are very good in the medium section, but tend to have problems with enemy dreadnoughts or other very well armored units. Please have a look at similar other threads: http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/17179-state-of-the-covenant-2016/ http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/16396-first-day-on-the-job/
  3. The CoA has it particularly hard against the dreadbots, as they have a hard time getting the high number of AD together to hurt the bots. Most other nations are either able to throw the necessary number of dice at them to get a crit or are able to subject them to enough conditions by piercing ammo, incendiary, tesla, etc. I'd say EotB Dreadbot vs CoA is one of the worst matchups. The EotB can very well protect the bot by giving it escorts and the CoA has very low AA numbers which make them vulnerable against rockets.
  4. I really like the use of existing rule mechanics for new effect in the drone robot. Aesop-Class Mechanical Flyer Small Flying Robot 20 Points (?) Squadron Size: 5 (very much open to debate) DR 3 CR 4 MV 12" HP 2 AP 2 AA 2 CC 1 IR 1 Minimum Move 0" Turning Template 360-degree Turn Limit 0" Model Assigned Rules: Crushing Impact (Boarding Only), Directed Fire (AA), Elusive target, Difficult target. The visual idea is something insect / praying mantis like. Think flying bugs from starship troopers. Basically the evil psycho cousin of the drones. Small enough to envision it being launched by done launchers. The Aesop fulfils the interceptor role for smalls and adds a bit of scariness to our aerial fleets. There is a lot of wiggle room in the points, squadron size, AP and AA to properly balance it. Maybe even make it tiny. Combine it with the option to exchange carrier(x) for squadron support (Aesop (y) ) for some of our drone launchers. edit. corrected mar as per comment below.
  5. @typhs That is exactly what this idea is about. It allows the rules team to make these amendments without the need to make a full fledged rules update. I wholeheartedly agree. In my dreams, the Orbats are maintained as xml or json files in git and the orbat pdfs are generated automatically as soon as a new revision is pushed. The xml or json files could then be used by the army builder and other tools, which would then be up to date automatically and relieve nucreum of the annoying task to update his files by hand.
  6. A recurring theme in discussions in these forums is the matter of small fixes of rules and typos in the orbat documents. James mentioned the problem of finding a good pace to change the orbats without irritating or confusing the players. This problem is very similar to the problem software developers face when developing and releasing updates and patches. One has to be able to fix problems quickly but still keep an overview of the changes and make them transparent to users and other developers. One way to do this is through a version scheme I am fond of using in software development. Its called semver (http://semver.org). It divides the version into three numbers: xx.yy.zz xx marks so called breaking changes. In DW this means large rule changes that "break" old fleets in the sense that their statistics are simply not valid anymore. The change from DW 1.1 to 2.0 is such a breaking change. yy marks non-breaking changes. These changes change a particular artefact (one orbat file in DW) but leave the other statistics valid. The new orbat documents for the larger factions have increased this number, while the minor factions are still at a lower version number but they can be used together. zz marks bug fixes. These changes are just there to fix minor issues which where not meant to in version before. These are fixing of typos, adding "attachment 1-3 naval" to escorts, when it was lost etc. These changes should never change actual values of the orbats in play. Using this version scheme, we currently have the CoA Orbat 2.03.0 (DW major Version 2, 3 minor changes to the orbat so far, no bugfixes since the last minor version change) Using semver versioning would allow the developers to quickly fix small issues in the orbats without confusing the playerbase. If I have a orbat 2.03.0 and a new file 2.03.01 is released, I immediately know that there will be no rule changes and only small fixes. If this is the orbat of a faction I don't play, I don't need to check the new file even if I face the faction in play, as their statistics will still be the same. Comparing two version numbers immediately tells what differences between one can expect. If the orbat files are managed in a version management system (cvs, svn, git, choose your poison here) these numbers can even be managed automatically. I believe this will make work easier for the developers and create a better experience for the players.
  7. Xi Ground Assault Squadon 1 Archimedes Command Robot 2 Colossus small robots Adds a bit of beef to the close combat abilities of the Archimedes. Buffs AP to 10 (if none of the Colossi is lost to defensive AA) Claw Guns can link to 13 in RB 1 which still seems reasonable. All in all this is a squadron which can threaten larges in RB1 but requires very careful maneuvering as all of the units have mv 6''. Bonus points because the Colossi where sold in packets of 4. Psi Squadron 1 Hipassus Battlecruiser 2 Diogenes Frigates Bonus effect: the Hipassis gets the Hit and Run mar. Together they have 9 AD Torpedos and a broadside of 11. This should allow the squadron to swap between the role of long range sniper and close combat, but require careful positioning since both of these weapon system have restricted arcs.
  8. I think that much of the frustration here comes from the justifiable view, that while the CoA Orbat is subjected to a lot of changes to reign in the balancing problems, throughout most of the updates so far there has been very little done to fix some of the other problems we have. While these problems never change the fact that the CoA can pretty much always field a list, that has a fighting chance, it often leaves the nagging feeling that it could be more fun. The non-large options of our armored core. Pretty much all of our land smalls and mediums are pretty vanilla stuff or just plain suck (colossus I'm looking at you). None of them add to the elite and mad scientist feel of the CoA. The Aristotle as a brawler. Since DW 2.0 was released, there where complaints, that the Aristotle with primary turrets becomes completely harmless as soon es it has taken a little damage and cannot pull its weight in close combat. Frustratingly, this never changes. While the Energy Turret option seems usefull now, it really feels like the team has just given up on the Aristotle with primary turrets. Fielding an Aristotle against the PE or any other boarding happy faction is just 370 free victory points for the enemy. The Arronax on sea. It dies before it reaches it's target and to add insult to injury, it is listed in the Hunter Flotilla Battle group as a submersible. Some minor issues, that just feel unnecessary. The energy weapons having lost pinpoint accuracy. It gave a nice high-tech touch to otherwise useful but boring long range gunnery. The central turret of the Epicurus. It is a a feature of the model which is really standing out, but has no function what so ever anymore.
  9. I don't get the Theta Squadron. Isn't this the same as two fresnels but more unwieldy and 10pts more expensive? Sigma Squadron looks like a nice brawler.
  10. The new orbat brought specialist group squadrons for all major factions. Especially since they are a new mechanic (they where in the rule book, but nobody had them) I am very unsure what to make of them. I don't get the Theta Squadron. Isn't this the same as two fresnels but more unwieldy and 10pts more expensive? Sigma Squadron looks like a nice brawler. [edit] nothing to see here. Thamoz's thread is superior http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/16033-specialist-group-squadrons/
  11. The Deadalus is worthwhile in your book now because it's shield has been increased by 1? I am not convinced. It still goes under "mostly harmless" as far as I'm concerned. Overall i do not like the update that much. Drones needed to be nerfed sure, but the current rules don't fit what I and my playgroup think of how they should feel. We think they should be basically like tie fighters, all over the place but not particularly strong without good guidance. Now they are still stronger then most other tiny flyers, but considerably rarer now and very inflexible, since they cannot change their role without losing half of them. ps ,the fresnel has been changed again to its old values. It has now been changed forth and back every time for the last four rule edtiions.
  12. Drones also have only mv 12'' instead of the old 14'' now. Euclid: 300 pts instead of 275 Carrier 6 instead of 9 9 costs 35 extra. strategic value 125 instead of 100 most of the options have their price increased by 5. (pretty rough if you ask me) Epicurus price 170 -> 180 strategic value 50 -> 75 Herodotus Turn limit 3'' ! large turning template.
  13. Nucreum, did you ever think about making the stats of the units available as xml, json, (choose your poison here) ? This would allow the community here to create patches for Dwabo for new releases. Although I'm not sure if that would infringe on Spartan Games copyright.
  14. Are you using the current version of the DW Rules Set (2.0) ? Quick Launch and Combat Launch do not exist anymore. The rules for carriers where changed and now work as if all carriers have those mars. In case you only have the old rule book available Spartan Games offers the up to date rules as a PDF: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/wp/wp/wp-content/spartanimg/Dystopian_Wars_DigiAdmiral.pdf
  15. The target painter on the aristotle is only for primary weapons, thus it does not do anything useful in the second list. I'd still say the second list is better, as I don't quite see what the job of the orbs would be in the first list.
  16. I have had a lot of success using dilation fields. In a 1500 Points game I fielded the Prometheus with a dilation field generator as well as the Ol' tilme Orb. The two fields allowed me to block off parts of my fleet from the enemy firing line at will. I think the gunline strategy does not work very well against prussians, as they are just so damn fast.
  17. When some software doesn't work for you, give as much information as possible so that the developer actually has a chance to fix it. For the DWABO this is would always include operating system and browser used.
  18. You've got some rules wrong which might bias your judgment: The Time-Orb and the Battle-Orb are Multi Purpose, so they are fully amphibious even without the old 1/2 movement. The rules for the PA say, that you cannot use generators in the same Activation as the PA. So one can still use shields, as units tend to get shot at during activations of other squadrons. I cannot agree to your opinion, that we lost on the utility side. The Time Orb now can use both Generators not only one of them. Out Dreadnought has received a huge utility boost with the potential Dilation Field Generator. Our Battlecruiser teleports smalls. Our mines have received a huge buff with the High Payload MAR and the ability to link mines. We have definitely lost at the long range firepower side of things. RB 4 Gunnery has been nerfed in general, and that has hit us harder then other factions. I personally am going to shift my playstyle from Long Range Artillery to a more mobile strategie based on targeting key enemy units, using our movement buffs, teleports and hit and run units. I really like the new Particle Accelerator. It got rid of the awkward statistical behavior of the old, where it was really important in what order it shoots at different units. It is a weapon to be used against units, which are harder targets otherwise, Korvettes, Cloud Generators, Strong shields, Ablative Armor, etc. since it ignores all these rules. Still I agree that the new Fresnel is somewhat lame.
  19. 1. Can the roll a unit makes, when entering a teleportation portal be modified by the inventive scientist mar and the "overload the Generator!" Commodore Doctrine? 2. The paragraph describing the energy blast says: "Any Model touched by the Template is hit at fill Attack Dice effect and any Model partially under the Template is hit with half the AD effect." In what scenario is a model partially under the template but not touched by it? Thx, Gasbow
  20. More Pinguin Questions! : What Weapons does the CoA Battlecruiser have? How does the Energy Amplification Generator, if it still has the same name, on the Fresnel work?
  21. Delboy also told us what Piercing Ammunition is: ( http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/?view=findpost&p=168072 )
  22. Hi Delboy, Thank you for your time and answers! 1. When you posted the report on the playtests of the Danish Kingdom you mentioned changes in the mechanics of mines, which limit the spam some fleets could build up. How have mines and minelayers have changed in 2.,0 ? You already mentioned linking of mines. 2. I'm especially interested in support cruisers, escorts and attachments. Is the mechanic of attachments and escorts staying the same? What is the role of Support cruisers now, that for example Battlecruisers are going solo? Will i still be able to attach my beloved Fresnel to a Prometheus to throw enormous buckets of dice at RB 4? Thanks, Gasbow
  23. You have given a lot of information about how medium ships and their impact on the game changes with DW 2.0. Care to elaborate a bit on smalls? Are there going to be more distinctions on the role of the different small vessels (destroyers, frigates, korvettes, small flyers etc. )? It seems like small flyers like the merlin with 1AD Weapons are going to be the only victims of the changes in the linking mechanics.
  24. I've got some questions concerning my beloved penguins. You already said, that the teleportation mechanic will change. What changes will there be at the energy weapon front? In particular, will there be something like the current Fresnel MK I and how will it work? Will there be more Wave lurkers? Thx
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