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  1. I'm against changing Cloaking. I like the difficulty presented in fielding my relthoza. If people want simpler mechanics they can play Taskforce. @Spartan Derek
  2. Yes unfortunately I still have arcs not showing up in mixed squadrons.
  3. Any idea if you'll port this into IOS or Android?
  4. @steve_990 any word on those bugs?
  5. @Spartan Derek any news on Torpdeo Spook for the Titan?
  6. Seriously, ATX has like seven players; there used to be tournaments here.
  7. Actually I would be down for voluntary self-destruct rule or replacing the ramming rules for version one. But what I really need is for them to put to put Torpedo Spook back on my Titan.
  8. I would support this as well. However, I believe that the Titan Dreadnaught having Torpedo Spook is slightly more important.
  9. Can y'all just consider putting Torpedo Spook back on the Terran Dreadnaught so I have a reason to field it again?
  10. I did a project report on dice statistics in college. The part that applies here is that the number of dice rolled can have an increased chance of favorable result. This is why the game of craps only uses two dice. Example: 1d6 has 3 chances of yielding a 4+ result. 2d6 have 6 chances, however, the physical interaction between dice makes this more like 7 chances. 3 separate rolls of 3d6 would then yield 11 chances each totaling 33 chances. A single 6d6 might also have 33 chances. So at cruiser or frigate values the difference is negligible but for tier 1s with escorts it could make all the difference in the world.
  11. The Resolute's turret is significantly weaker than the Regent's. That said, thanks for your swift response. I eagerly await the next update.
  12. The srs problem only appears in secondary forces like the Terquai dreadnaught. All six primary forces are unaffected.
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