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  1. Nooooo! I just finished planning out my gaming budget for the next few months and it did not include DW... that was until I saw the Chinese Federation fleet. Those are really good looking minis and I'm going to have second fleet now.
  2. Is it just me or is anyone else worried that when the rules for these guys finally come out we'll be unimpressed and just use Naz's anyway? Speaking of which, did you get your game in Naz? How'd it go?
  3. Chuds! Good lord, now there's a bad '80s horror movie for ya.
  4. Never tell me the odds! Really though, nice work.
  5. The back of 1.1 says it's 1/1200th scale. Beyond that, ya got me.
  6. I can't wait to see how infantry work in this game. My one worry is that it'll slow down the faster paced land game. As a board gamer also, the tokens aren't a problem for me personally, but I play *cough*epic*cough* as well and can see the appeal of those little guys on a token. Either way, looks like October is going to be an expensive month between this and DL.
  7. Very nice work. I've been trying to decide what colors to go with while I put them together. The only thing I'm sure of so far is that they'll be based white.
  8. Got mine today. Not a bad turn around, now to glue and paint. How much of a pig are these to glue, they look like a lot of work.
  9. I've just ordered mine. Now to hope that all the problems you guys are talking about are ironed out before I get mine.
  10. 'Nazduruk_Bugzappa' he might be sorting out something. we had a FLGS that used to order stuff from forgeworld every three months for their regular customers. your local distributor might've had enough requests for invaders/firestorm:invasion to just do a bulk order. Looks like I do have to order them after all. My local guy thought I was talking about DL. How I don't know. Hope they get turned around to me quickly.
  11. Blast! I'll have to have a word w/ my local distribution/hobby shop guy who said he'll get it.
  12. Are these things still only available though Spatian Studio or are the distributors getting them also?
  13. That is just what I was thinking. JH above and Steele on the ground, nice.
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