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  1. Anybody else see something 'federation-y' in the directorate's ships?
  2. Four gifts so far, no idea about renewal but my discount still applies
  3. Yuss, lucky the allies rules are super lenient. 50% of fleet cost!
  4. Actually I've got a dread and then the directorate fleet box, so it's what best complements that! More and more tempted by the cruisers, though, nice weapon options!
  5. Sup firestorm peeps I'm new to the OSO, would you recommend the support or reinforcement box as a second buy?
  6. But you would need to get the codes from the old emails.
  7. I've often wondered where my historical accuracy went... as I fly a mosque the size of a hamlet overhead dishing out acid bombs. Or when my jetpack marines fail to harm a mile high samurai robot welding a glaive. That's always my first thought: whatever happened to the historical accuracy of this setting!?!
  8. It's a categorically better ship in every avenue, not to mention prettier and more imposing.
  9. Well I just had a sturginium leak in my deep diving level
  10. This is sort of the trouble with having so many ships occupying the same slot in the force. Too many battleships and you're going to have a redundancy eventually. Just a shame that it's the models we've already bought that are the redundant ones... way to reward customers
  11. So the emperor is totally worthless now then?
  12. I look forward to it. But maybe... just maybe... a little notice on what the model is would be nice.
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