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  1. I remember, years ago, someone posted their Antartic fleet painted in a "molten/hot" metal scheme. I particularly remember their Time/Battle Orb looked particularly epic. (Maybe it was just the orb that was painted as if it had just activated?) Do any of the forum Veterans remember, or have a link to share? I've recently been struck with a particularly interesting idea for an army of mine, but wanted to cast a "painters-eye" on my original inspiration before I started!
  2. I like "Storm Zone" of "Fathoms Reach." Preferably "Fathoms Reach" 'cuz it sounds "spacey." "It's mysterious, has an endless depth to it. Contains an underlying desire to explore, grow, and learn. It sounds like there is a yearning to extend one's life to reach farther than it currently does." *Continue long, poetic, transcendental sentences that contain big words* *in Hippy voice* It's the bomb, man....
  3. Honestly? Most TV shows have an "expansive universe" that has to be explained... It would only take the average "1 minute" of intro time to get the basic plot of F:A across. Most TV shows from the '90's had that... I guess it's a bit out of style now, though...
  4. Using amazing Skillz, I have found this: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/the-syndicate The idea is a modular space base. You can have a supper-large one for scenarios, or a smaller one that's more practical for regular games.
  5. I'm with Kitty on this one. I prefer the smaller number of ship types that are all modular...
  6. Before they had either Facebook or a Blog, the best place to get "news" was other Wargaming news sites! Even ones that where not Sci-Fi specific! I've always been a little hurt that the OFFICIAL SPARTAN GAMES FORUMS where always behind when it came to new stuff. Back when F:A was first released (before DW was a gleam in Neil's eye) Neil gave all sortsa' goodies away! Granted he got a lot of flak from some people when things got changed postponed... Those were the good days... Anyway, I really like both the new carriers. The Directorate /does/ remind me of the CylonBase Star, and I only saw it from the Battlestar Galactica Xbox game! (Iconic) The Reltholza just look supper cool, eve if it reminds me of the Terran Battleships. Either way, Very Nice!
  7. I don't know. I really like how F:A thread's sorta' naturally wonder a little. It makes it fun to read even the boring threads. Give the "SG Community" the "community" part! Anyway, they usually get back on topic....
  8. I think that's a good sign that they are relatively balanced....
  9. On the contrary, you have to talk to your opponent at least as much! Then again, there /does/ seem to be more "Rules-Lawyering" in Card games. Especially games like Yu-Gi-Oh, which is focused on ability/card linking to a crazy degree! "This comes before that, which goes to that, which is still in play because of this, so you have to do that...." "But to counter that I do this which makes this stop, which triggers this, so I get to play this, which does that." "YOU CAN'T do that! This card says this, so that isn't a valid play." "Oh yeah? This card says this! So /that/ card can't do that." "..." "..." "What where we doing?" "I don't remember..."
  10. Yeah, you F:A guy. *Pokes Pok with a sick, then runs to the UCS forum...*
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