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  1. I know it was announced, that's why I brought this up.
  2. Hey all! I wanted to share an opinion about the 2.0 book and see if others agree with me or what...maybe we can talk Spartan into it... Anyhow, I have a physical copy of the rulebook but I find myself reading the Printer Friendly PDF more often as I find it easier on the eyes. Am I alone in hoping/wishing/begging that the next book will match that style?
  3. Is there any chance we've been given the ability to move the position of Artillery Drop Site Markers a bit? Maybe something like 1 or 2 inches per success on a Nexus Designator?
  4. Nothing wrong with it. The unit has X number of HP, if the enemy want's to stop getting shot at then they should shoot harder.
  5. I dunno, once you're capable of dropping soldiers and bombs from orbit why bother building boats?
  6. My wallet is gonna HATE me when the US gets stocked up...
  7. I'd imagine that the stats for each of the core races helixes are "done", maybe not set in stone but at least close to ball parked. I'd love to see them just release the whole list one one big go and if need be alter them a little bit due to player response. I'd see this being a big boost to the game as you could proxy whatever you want until the official releases but play larger/more varied games.
  8. So, just out of totally curious, will we see alternate versions for Helixes down the line? Were plans ever mentioned for that? Like a heavy helix that has access to multiple squadrons of medium tanks instead of tank destroyers? Or am I just trying to scry too far ahead far ahead?
  9. Interesting. It's not the answer I was expecting, but it's simple and effective. I like it. Makes Breach Teams very useful for holding buildings when you have to get over the hump to do real damage. Storming CQB against squadrons with them just got a bit tougher.
  10. I'm gonna end up picking up one in the near future as The DIrectorate are just too cool looking to pass up as a force, so I might as well add their cool looking allies. If I'm somehow not totally in love with the Arial Helix (which I doubt from the pics of the gunship) I might consider a second one. Unless the Directorate Recon Helix is also super awesome....
  11. I suppose I could settle for renders, so long as it's for at least three helixes per faction.
  12. You know what would be a real nice compensation for no new models in Feb? Updating the ORBATS with the stats for what will be coming out (presumably in March) right now so that we can start to field test it. Wink!
  13. No more metal engine parts for RSN? There is a god!
  14. Deepcutstudio.com has some really nice looking mats too in various sizes. But I believe they're UK based so it would cost about the same if not more once you factor in shipping.
  15. I'd love to see a decent sized text blurb for each model when they're set in stone. I wouldn't expect it until all the models are out though. I. The current ORBATs I could see them adding a page with a visual guide to the models so people could choose to print it or not.
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