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  1. I use several Star Wars starship battles ships. But also have more than my share of fsa ships.
  2. Earth alliance battleship Agamemnon (b5) Broadsword (fsa) Yamato (sb) Enterprise ncc 1701 (star trek) White star (b5) Melinium falcon (Star Wars) Batlestar (bsg) Xwing (Star Wars) Star destroyer (star wars) Discovery (2001)
  3. If you know that it a possibility when you started playing the game than it should been calculated in your strategy. I lost my first real game too a freak role. Thought it was awesome out come to game, v1.5 failed nave role with dreadnought toolkit out game just as it pooled into firing position two remaining enamy ships. Had them dead to rights. But did not happen. And I lost and I new losing was a possibility when started the game. It has made for a great story though. Best part is the opponent made three successful nave roles through the distortion field before me and had he failed I could have one two and he have a story to tell. I don't play these games to win I play to have the experience and enjoy the outcome win our lose. Random stuff happens that why we play these games with dice.
  4. I agree that they should move at speeds closer to frigates than cap ships. When realistically the big ship would maneuver about ignoring the smaller ships knowing that their superior speed and maneuverability would keep them clear. Escorts need to be able to clear the battle field quickly in the event that the mother ship is lost. And they'd need to be able to reposition them selves to protect larger ship from dangers. I would think.
  5. Dindrenzi Federation Conqueror Class Battleship Claymore Class Carrier Fury Class Cruiser x3 Hammer Class Frigate x6 two Squadrins Terran Alliance Razorthorn Class Battleship Zenith Class Carrier Sentinel Class Cruiser x3 Pilgrim Class Frigate x5 two squadrins plus one missing engiens section. Aquan Prime Gold Fleet Poseidon Class Battleship Triton Class Carrier Tsunami Class Heavy Cruiser Storm Class Cruiser x3 (one squadrin including the Heavy Cruiser) Pirahna Class Frigate x8 (two squadrins) Purple Fleet Poseidon Class Battleship Storm Class Cruiser x3 Pirahna Class Frigate x4 (unpainted) Sorylian Collective Blue Battle Group Broadsword Class Dreadnought Halberd Class Heavy Cruiser Skyhammer Class Cruiser x2 (one squadrin with heavry crusier) Scythe Class Frigate x3 Red Battle Group Swordbreaker Class Battleship Skyhammer Class Cruiser x3 Scythe Class Frigate x3 Gray Carrier Group Morning Star Class Carrier Gold Carrier Goup Morning Star Class Carrier (six escorts) on order for Sorylians
  6. 2260. pt game this friday. we did not have time to finish it but was fun and action packed just took time to complet all moves in a turn.
  7. Exploding sixes is what sank took down the Bismarck lucky shot hit the rudder
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