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  1. Hi Neil, Thanks for posting this, it looks stunning - Dystopian Fort Boyard. Any chance you could let us know the dimensions or add a ship for scale?
  2. For my Prussians, I don't like to include them at anything under 1500 - 2000 points but that's purely for background/fluff reasons. This may change for my Russians though as I see them as having a much more heavy bias in their structure. Dreadnoughts are meant to be Kingships, around which a battlegroup or fleet is assembled. It's a symbol of the nations power and dominance over the seas and would not be deployed frivolously or used for patrols. The monetary expense, to the nation, of building a dreadnought is vast and the psychological impact of losing one, even more so. They are meant to be few and far between (this is reinforced in the Flashpoint Campaign system). I see the fleet deployed with a dreadnought as its' escorting battlegroup - in modern terms, this is the "American-esque" carrier battlegroups that are deployed around the world. These ships don't go anywhere without an escort capable of keeping the "centrepiece" alive. From a gaming standpoint, I only play casual games rather than tournaments, if you're bringing a dreadnought in a smaller game (sub 1250 points), I see it as common courtesy to pre-warn your opponent so they can account for the disparity (same goes for carrier-heavy lists).
  3. Todays game was against yet another different nation. This time, the second outing for my Russians Vs the first outing for a friends Ottomans. 1250 points, King of the Hill. Once again, the scenery was rolled and placed before the scenario was rolled. Lists were: Russians: Borodino with the Commodore Pakhtusov Mk 1 Dudinka with a Fighter Ace Magadan Squadron (Tunguska with Squadron Support and 2 Saransk) Azov (Advanced Deploy) 5x Kazimov 4x Novgorod Ottomans: Sadrazam with the Commodore and 2x Mizrak Hisar (represented by KoB Avenger) 3x Fettah (1x represented by a French Cruiser) 3x Fettah (1x represented by a French Cruiser) 4x Avci (represented by KoB Orions) 4x Mizrak 4x Zuhaf (1x represented by a KoB Merlin) We managed to get three turns in. Most of the game was very one sided, dominated by Russian brutality, while my opponent struggled to get to grips with the Ottoman play style (very, very different from the KoB he's used to). It was looking like a solid, decisive, Russian victory until the final shot of the game. The last 2 Fettahs moved to finish off my Dudinka which was down to 1HP. A Magazine Explosion later, my undamaged Borodino plus Commodore was Sturginium Flared onto rocks, scrapping it instantly. The resultant disorder tests saw the final Kazimov being lost to a mutiny while one of the Saransk succumbed to its' 3 corrosion markers. Final result was the Russians scraping a win by only 60 VP due to holding the objective! All in all, a really good game. Ottomans look like they can really hold their own with some surprisingly large dice pools. My opponent needs to get in some more games to get comfortable with the Storm Generators and skimmers in general. Apologies, as Photobucket wants £400 per year to allow 3rd Party Hosting, the photos for my reports are on Facebook for the time being: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dystopian.wars.and.legions/permalink/1403757293044452/
  4. It's missing from the 2.5 book. We stepped back to the v2.0 rule - one die, black 4+ to pass.
  5. Hi @Spartan Mike, I'd be interested to hear your current vision for the Danish fleet following the new Orbat release. In a fleet with such good boarding pedigree, what was the reason for the switch to the generic entropy generators? Or are you saving the unveiling of "proper" calcification generators for the Prussian revision, which will then be retroactively applied to the Danes?
  6. Merlins are certainly up there with the top contenders - my zeppelins and heavy bombers have been on the receiving end of those damnded things far too often.
  7. Depends on which superglue you used. If it was Loctite, try soaking it in warm water for a while.
  8. So how would the interaction of combined and linked stack up? Assuming: CAP linking with parent acting as lead would be combined within the CAP (i.e. 10 dice) then half the combined pool in order to link? CAP acting as lead AA with parent linking would combine for 10 dice plus half the parent AA?
  9. Yes, deployed as trays of 5. Your 20 (4 wings) is at 1501+
  10. The Dawn of Souls is stunning.
  11. If you're not happy with the Corinthian deal then simply don't renew it. Personally, I only signed up for the discount, the freebies are a bonus. Between myself and club orders, it's saved hundreds of pounds.
  12. Todays game was back to Naval for the first outing of my Russians, Vs Chinese, at 1250 points, playing The Long War. I know the red on the Russians isn't everyone's cup of tea however, I love it and it's exactly how I asked for them to be painted. So, to coin a phrase from a Facebook comment, the Royal Mail, under Admiral Pat, goes to war! The scenery was setup before we rolled the mission and proved to be quite challenging. Lists were: Russians: Borodino with the Commodore Pakhtusov Mk 1 Dudinka with a Fighter Ace Magadan Squadron (Tunguska with Squadron Support and 2 Saransk) Azov (Advanced Deploy) 5x Kazimov 4x Novgorod Commodore abilities gave me 1 extra LAS Chinese: Jian with Rockets Zahnmadao (no upgrades) Tian Long Dragon 3 Gunships 3 Chui Light Carriers 4 Nu Frigates This was a semi-teaching game, introducing one of our resident Chinese players to some units she had never used (the Zhanmadao and Tian Long Dragon). We only managed to play 2 turns in the time available so neither fleet was really at optimum range. The game ended with a minor Chinese victory - they killed a Saransk and Novgorod for the loss of 3 Nu frigates. By the end of the second turn, the Tunguska was looking very much the worse for wear having drawn almost all of the Chinese long range firepower during both turns, although the mimic'd Jammer certainly extended its' life (the old sonar marker was being used to identify the mimic'd jammers). The Jian and Chui Carriers had taken the brunt of the Russian fire and were also starting to suffer. Unfortunately we didn't manage to get the Dragon into boarding range so we never got to see its' full capability although I suspect if we'd played another turn the Tunguska would've been munched by it. Stand-out unit was the Zhanmadao simply because nothing else really got into effective range. If we'd had time for turn 3, a lot of ships would have died as both fleets would've hit RB1 & 2. All-in-all a fun game, although the Chinese traffic jam was, I suspect, quite frustrating for my opponent. I'm really looking forward to the next outing for my Russians. Edit - Photos have moved: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dystopian.wars.and.legions/permalink/1390059374414244/
  13. Thank you @Spartan Mike for getting the message across to make the Schloss available separately. My wallet is now crying again from the addition of the Schloss and an additional 2 Sibrand Metzgers to get the Metzger Bunker.
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