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  1. I just tried to point out how funny the ship and buildings look like. I was not serious
  2. I tried to suggest fixes on all core factions not just mine.
  3. Why Russians build chathedrals in shape of chocolate cakes with ice cream toppings?
  4. Why does the new dome look like ice cream?
  5. Hi There will be tournament in Prague on 20-21. May. Admission 10 Euros, 1500 points. 5 battles, Further details about used rules will be decided according to release of 2.5 ed. Hopefully there will be poster too.
  6. How exactly is Ika too vulnerable to subhunter units? It doesn´t have re-enforced bulkheads MAR like Vengeange, Sturmbringer or Boston but have +1 CR, highest CC (7) and rugged construction 1 so it´s harder to hit her? Also it´s approximatly 40 points cheaper than other large submarines so it should be bit worse. The debate about Nakatsu and other light cruisers depends on local meta. If large heavy lists with SAS activation spam and low terrain are the norm then the whole category of light cruiser is doomed and useless. You should try to balance ships in regard to their category as the meta might change with 2.5 rules. (well sometimes you should to take in account the faction as a whole - for example Marseille is exelent fast short-range hitter / sniper if you build your list on its synergy with GNE generator). Nation: FSA Model: Restitution dreadbot Problem: Gunnery version is too powerfull, hammer version is too weak Suggestions: Colt cannons should be 13/11/9/7, Hammer should have the same or simmilar attack as Nagina version of EoBS dreadbot Nation: RC Model: Svarog dreadbot (axe version only) Problem: Boarding bonus for axes is too weak Suggestions: Change hull breaker on cannon version to +1 and on axes to +2D3 Nation: PE Model: Arminius frigate Problem: underpriced and overpowered ship, Suggestions: the turret should change to 6/4/2/- or to regular turret Nation: Black wolf Model: Death bringer submarine Problem: under priced, over-powered ship, especialy when spamed Suggestions: Increase point cost (+20/+30 points) or make it unique (one per list), or change guns to 13/10/-/- and Torps -/11/10/8 Nation:Black Wolf Model: Fury frigate Problem: too powerfull synergy with the rest of the fleet (fleed wide sustain fire on fore guns) Suggestions: increase point cost to 30 or change the fore guns to 5/3/2/- Nation: LoIS Model: Affondatore Problem: too powerfull ship - basically Mars with activation spam attached Suggestions: Remove SAS activation spam issue, Change main turrets to 10/8/6/4 or reduce CR to 8 Nation: KoD Model: Raggnarok battleship Problem: Too slow to use it mines yet it pays for them in point cost Suggestions: Don´t know Nation: British Raj Model: Indus heavy destroyer Problem: under gunned for its role and category Suggestions: Change pack tactis to: Broadsides and turrets +1, or increase spread on turrets to 5/4/-/- or increase speed to 13"
  7. I must say that Nakatsu with terror tactic 2 is quite brutal light cruiser. So are Sui that have better boarding potential of squadron of corvets plus have good torpedoes and damage exept for AP loss does nothing to them. In our meta Suis are seen quite often. Onoryo and Inari need minor buff (like spees increase or some MAR, and change in generators) Ika is quite powerfull not because it actualy deal great damage but until it surface its almost unkillabe cheap large ship that has great tactial value in deployment (cheap large ship that you can spam and force opponent to deploy his large battleships before you deploy your Kaiju) and in denying opponet fullfiling his mission goal (kill all large? when you do not surface and do not go forward?) Arashi squadron is brutal, ignoring all damage but one crit effect and definetly not overpriced. With 21 AD in RB 4 they statisticaly inflict double crit on cruiser or crit on battleship. Even through AA and defensive MARs. And it´s not so difficult to stay in RB 4 or 3. Kiohime fits well in its category and is very simillar to Saratoga or Regent assault carriers both in damage output, point cost and carrier points and defensive MARs. Also as opponents of EoBS I found any complatint about capabilities of Raijin loughable for its points it´s exelent airship especialy due its node projector. Nation: EoBS Model: Ika Problem: Low damage output in boarding Suggestions: Increase the hull breaker to +2 or + 1D3 Nation: EoBS Model: Tsukuyomi Problem: Short-ranged generators, Area bombardment has low damage output Suggestions: Improve generators, Increase AD on bombs. Nation: EoBS Model: Onryo Problem: Short-ranged generators, low damage output Suggestions: Improve generators, give them range, give them Atachment MAR Nation: EoBS Model: DFA-170 Problem: Overpriced Suggestions: Discount of 5 points or Hunter MAR Bombs Surface + Diving +1
  8. Have fun with such list against all-aerial lists
  9. Nation: FSA Model: Liberty heavy battleship Problem: Rocket option is not worth taking. Suggestions: Specialised squadron with Guilford destroyer (or attachment Guilford 1) Nation: FSA Model: Independence Problem: Missisipy MK I does basicaly the same thing and better for the same points, No distintive role. Suggestions: Specialised squadron with revere corvete (French have simillar squadron) to enhance its boarding role, increase speed to 7" Nation: FSA Model: Lexington Problem: Low damage output compared to other light cruisers (Marseille or Plato), slow Suggestions: Team it with Independence or increase speed to 9" or increase the spread of voley guns to 5/4/-/- Nation: FSA Model: A 17 Bomber Problem: Too slow to actualy bomb anything, Suggestions: Increase speed to 10" or hunter Surface and Diving +1 to the Torps as well as bombs Nation: FSA Model: Avion strike bomber Problem: Too slow to actualy bomb anything - they are the slowest small bombers in game. Suggestions: Increase its speed to 14" or increse its bombs to 4AD, or add pack tactic +1 bombs, AA Nation: FSA Model: Freedom MK 2 robot Problem: useless unless it´s attachment and even then it´s too undergunned for its points Suggestions: Telescopic zoom 16" AA perhaps (to boost its attachment role), or change squadron size 2-5 and make them AP 2 (to make it a boarding threat), or change their gunery spread to 5/4/-/- Nation: FSA Model: Washington Landship Problem: Overpriced, undergunned, overshadowed by Annapolis and Philadelphia Suggestions: Give it a distinct role - Air hunter - Remove bombard from turrets, give air hunter +1 MAR, change turret spread to 12/10/8/6 , Support Landship - node projector with disruption generator, sonic generator or target painter generator rockets/volley guns, or Boarding Landship - remove turn limit, increse movement to 8", change broadsides to volley gun broadsides and add attachment pioneer 1-2
  10. Nation: Covenant of Antarctica Model: Aristotle Battleship (Main Turret version only) Problem: Too vulnerable to boarding for the price, Low damage output for its price. Suggestions: Add Specialised Defences (2) or change the turret spread to 10/8/5/3 Nation: Covenant of Antarctica Model: Pericles Fleet Carrier Problem: Too squishy for a massive model, To expensive compared to other fleet carriers Suggestions: Increase DR/CR by 1 or give it a new support role with combat coordinator rule or new not so often used generator Nation: Covenant of Antarctica Model: Euclid Problem: Low damage output compared to other dreads, slow and very short ranged support MARs Suggestions: Reduce cost of generator and Combat Coordinator options by 5-10 pts each or increase their range. Add third rocket battery and add Hunter aerial +1, Change the particle spread to 12/12/6 as on Diophantus Nation: Covenant of Antarctica Model: Epicurus Sky Fortress Problem: Drone turret does nothing, Suggestions: Allow Epicurus to launch drones without an activation marker or change it to teleporter generator (Small and/or tiny aerial models) or node projector generator - Disruption or time flow generator Nation: Covenant of Antarctica Model: Daedalus-Beta Large Flyer Problem: Overcosted and undergunned, Too slow, Gunnery turrets are much worse than energy. Currently only slightly better shooting than a Hippasus, with none of the cool options or generators. Suggestions: Increase speed to 8" (as Tunguska which is basically the same hull), change spread on gunnery turrets to 10/8/5/3 add Mine Controller generator upgrade option Nation: Covenant of Antarctica Model: Capek Problem: Rockets are unable to pose threat to squadron of medium or large flyers Suggestions: Change squadron size to 2-4, and or make specialised squadron of Hyperbios and 1 or 2 Capek
  11. Nation: RC Model: Myshkin bomber Problem/s: Fragile one trick pony, and the trick is quite weak. Usualy can´t bomb / board anything till turn 3 and the bombing is quite weak, compared to two turns of waiting. Also it´s very fragile Solution/s: Eighter boost its bombing role - increase speed to 12", remove limited amunition MAR and add area bombardment MAR or terryfing MAR or boost its boarding role - change crew to reckless, or add it a new support role - add telescopic zoom AA 12-16" or pack tactics AA +1 (giving it a new role as SAS hunter), Nation: RC Model: Saransk Airship Problem/s: Low damage output (with same boarding threat and toughness) compared to other of its class airships (Pflicht, Hawk, Furieux) Solution/s: Increase damage output - remove mines and add bombs (6-7AD), or add toughness - make the main gun redouptable, or increase ablative to +2 or add support generator like mortar or Primary gunery target painter 16" (or chage generator so it could be used after movement and then range 8") Nation: RC Model: Pesets Submarine Problem/s: Low damage output, need to surface to shoot changing it basicaly to weak cruiser, short range of mandatory generator (I never get close enough to use it) Solution/s: Increase damage output f the guns to 8/8/5/5, or remove need to surface giving it torps instead (as in 1.1.) with the same spread and surface hunter, or increase range of target painter generator to 16" (or chage generator so it could be used after movement) Nation: RC Model: Nikel Heavy frigate Problem/s: Can´t do its supposed main role (submarine hunter) properly Solution/s: Give the mortars sub-killer MAR and/or give it telescopig zoom AA 16" MAR Nation: RC Model: Belgorod Landship Problem/s: Where to start. Slow, can´t link its weapons, short range, low damage output, easy to board / bomb, mimic generator don´t have anything to mimic Solution/s: Change the fore guns to primary, increase speed to 7" and reduce turn limit to 1", change mimic generator to target painter generator 16" primary or mortar gunnery (or chage generator so it could be used after movement and then range 8")
  12. Any experience with the new Russian and CoA ships? How are they doing in actual battle?
  13. Still I hope that most will be changed by changes in rules. Like generators, Changing of height levels, swift maneuvres and so on.
  14. You´re genius - many shelf sitters can be "upgraded" with being paired with another ship in specialised squadron or via attachment - That Lexington - Independence pair could work.
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