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  1. I put the admiral on the palisade class station.
  2. HALO doesn't really interest me¹, but a smoother movement system for ships interests me. To those, who have played the new Spartan Halo game: could this new movement system be applied to FSA? How does it work (in general)? What makes it smoother? Edit: Found the writeup in the FB group! _______________________________ ¹at least as of now. Direct your hate here
  3. Recently played a Patrol Fleet against Directorate with three Templars, that shunted in and demolished a BB and two gunships. To be fair, I got them into a really nice position, didn't have any bad luck with shunt (plus Legacy Of The Charter TAC as backup) and had initiative. Their nuclear salvo devastated a gunship and severely damaged another, softening up the squadron for long-range nuke-torps. The broadside unfortunately did little damage to the BB, but in the following turns they slowed it down and destroyed it. Of course this is only one isolated success story. They had an opening, shunted without problem and nuke-critted a medium capital target in close formation.
  4. Players: Dorian (not on forum) vs Knautscher Factions: Directorate vs. Terran Alliance Points: 750 Scenario: Recover Resources Battlelog: -6 (Directorate) 10¹ (Terran Alliance) Didn't lose a single Terran ship and wiped out his entire fleet. He's new to the game though, and superior luck tactics on my part decided the game. __________________ ¹actually 22, but since it was only a Patrol level battle, it only goes up to 10.
  5. I had a similar idea, but didn't go all the way (I just added a tiny bridge). I love your Titan "Mk. II", with its proper "gun deck" and bridge!
  6. Zerknautscher vs. Greystar Terran vs. Dindies Borderclash 800 P. 12 / 3
  7. Not yet. It's on my desk right here, but I haven't even started it yet! :/ Been a bit busy lately, but I'll paint the Carrier Group ASAP!
  8. Well, in our campaign we play it just the way you suggested. For example in the last game it was like this: 800 P. Sorylians 800 P. Sorylians 800 P. Hawker/Xelocians vs. 800 P. Dindrenzi 800 P. Dindrenzi 800 P. Relthoza per side: ONE Battlelog THREE TACs Worked out okay. The only thing that was truly ridiculous was the table setup (basically a giant shooting range for the dindies, with cloaked spiders to kill off anything that came to close). I didn't play (had a FOW game on the table next to it), but I would NOT have played with that ridiculous set up.
  9. Nur für's Protokoll: In Flensburg gibt es auch einige Spieler.
  10. I want to take it apart and use it as part of a debris field. Just kidding, I make debris fields out of Dindies! *mwahahahaha* No need for your ship, but the offer is much appreciated!
  11. I used one today: + 1 SH + Shield Projector + Nuclear Torpedoes I placed it next to an objective, one flank covered by a cruiser squadron and an asteroid field, board edge close to the other flank, front towards the enemy, sector shielding to the front. Throughout the game it bound the fire of 1 Praetorian, 5 Gladiuses, a Falchion and 3 Tridents without breaking. The funny thing is: I lost my PD early in Turn one and only got it repaired in turn three. No matter. FIVE shields, working on THREEs. The amount of incoming fire that was vaporized by my shields was ungodly. I'm happy I painted the "reactor" as powerful as I did. And of course the Cruiser SQN sitting back with the station nuke-torping the smalls across the map sector shielded as well and had 3 shields on 3+. In the end it was badly battered: With a row of 8 sixes or something my opponents got a crit through and wouldn't you know it: 9 - shield overload. That was in turn 4 or 5, way too late for them. When the game ended the station had 3 HP left. When placed in a corner, this thing is the mother of all bunkers. It will hold your objective until the very end and with the Shield Projector it will protect a decent part of other ships as well. Nuke Torps give it the potential to finish off damaged ships and entire squadrons of smalls - if the dice are with you. I know it was situational, and my opponents made some mistakes, but this... thing... is incredible.
  12. First, I'll lower my battle log: I didn't really play or care about the Mass Effect series and I very passionately hate everything MLP. However the Normandy has the "Sexy Ship" MAR ("Ignorance of the Mass Effect series is ignored when judging the design of the hull") and I believe you have installed the "Haters Gonna Hate" MAR for your Razorthorne, so that equals out that. I like your clean, simple paint job. It's basically justy white, dark grey and a color but it works out perfectly, especially with the older ships. Regarding freehand: the marks on the Razorthorn look good, as do the letters on your "Foo Foo Frigates". Use a 4/0 or 5/0 brush, thin down the paint a tiny bit and practice on a piece of paper or an old model, then try with larger markings (triangles, polygons, circles - check british WW2 tanks for references ) and after that works out go for numbers and letters. At least that's how I would do it. Don't worry, your painting will improve with every ship. I periodically revise my painted models to let them benefit of the stuff I learned between painting them and my newest additions. Some criticism: You might wanna give the Normandy (or SR2 or whatever that Tyrant-stand-in is called) a few more coloured panels as well, to make it fit in a little better. Right now the white-grey-to-color-ratio is a bit off. Just my humble opinion though. Keep it up! PS: I rather would have used the SR2 Model as some sort of Xelocian BB - it looks more birdy than bulky in my eyes.
  13. Players: Zerknautscher vs. Elias + greystar Points Value: 2x 800 per side Scenario: 4 - Hold the waypoints Factions & Allies: Terran Alliance vs. Dindrenzi Battle Log Scores: +15/ -7 Detailed AAR (without pics, because I'm stupid) to follow!
  14. Thanks! Yes. Yes we do indeed! I'm doing my part! So here are some more: Above: Cruisers of a front line SQN (gold markings) ready for battle. Below: A SQN that's mainly reserved for policing duties (blue markings), stopping smugglers, escorting refugees etc. keeping everything directly behind the front in order. However they are always ready to engage in a real battle as a QRF. I've also started the bellies of these, but so far have only painted the muzzles of their broadside armament - because that is the only thing you'll likely every see of the belly (and the last thing you'll ever see...). In general I don't care much for the underside of the ships, because, well I only have so much time to paint and I don't want to waste that on a place nobody notices anyway. So painting the underside is way down on the priority chart...
  15. Thanks! To answer your question: Nope, it's not made from parts (as was >this< >one<). This station is the official "Palisade Class Battle Station" by Spartan Games. It was available in a limitied quantity for those who pre-ordered the rulebook 2.0. However all the battle stations are going to become available later in the year, so you didn't "miss out" - you can still get one later. Thanks once more! Well I wish I hadn't pre-ordered. Yeah the station is nice, but I waited one month and a half for the rulebook to arrive - while everyone else was already reading their copies form the LGS. Then again: it IS nice to have a battle station. Pew pew. Thank you! I don't use airbrush, no. It's just too expensive for me. I just use a 4/0 Reinmarder brush and then work with the three colors mentioned, some water and layers. However It's a rather crude job if you look at it closely (so don't!), because I don't actually make the colors blend into each other but rather just layers on top of each other. Glad you all like it though. I'm pretty happy with it as well. As I said before I try to paint somewhere between "looks good" and "doesn't take ages".
  16. Thank you, glad you like it! I used: Vallejo Colors: 021 Magic Blue 095 Glacier Blue 143 Heavy Blue
  17. That's no moon... it's a space station! and it's all powered up, to keep those nasty Dindies off my god damn lawn! And here's a new SQN of Missionary Class FF, always near by to help out or simply bask in the shield projector of the station: That's it for now, still working on finishing Valhalla, 6 Teutons, 3 Templars and 8 Armsmen. The second Tyrant isn't quite as urgent. 'til next time!
  18. Nuke-It's on the block My first Templar. WIP, of course, because I take ages to finish anything. Obviously this model won't be able to enter the contest, because I started painting it, way before the contest started. However I have two unpainted Templars left, that I will paint for Painting Competition #5. As I said earlier: Windows. Ships need windows. And bridges. So my Templars will have a bridge where there is none (modeled). It's only painted on, but It does the trick, especially from your default gaming-distance. I thought about making the broadside cannons glow blue as well, but with the shield generators (which I have decided are these glowing "rods") it would have been too much blue for my taste, so they're plain light grey with dark grey surroundings. Next up is N.T.S.C. "Veltenhof", Titan Class Dreadnought. Had to have a bridge. Of course. As you might notice this bridge has two levels of windows and - in my blooming imagination - is divided on the inside into several levels as well (2-3 behind every window). As you can see, there's still lots of stuff unfinished/missing: the weapons are going to be light grey, with their surrounding areas once more in a dark grey. There's also some blue-glowing lights to be painted on the lower parts of the engines as well, maybe on the larger weapon turrets as well. Then there are going to be positioning lights as well of course... some day! However at least I can field it without blinding my opponents with white resin. The only thing they'll be blinded by are the weapons, oh and of course the engines, when I pass the smoldering wrecks of those Zenian Dindy-Spider-Manager agressors. Went a bit overboard with the glow at some places, but I figured "meh". That's it for now. I have an Armsmen FF painted up, but haven't made any pictures yet. Safe to say it looks like a miniature teuton - as with the model itself. A Palisade Battle Station is WIP as well, maybe I'll take some pictures tomorrow! Thanks to all of you, for your interest and kind words! I've had a rather exhausting week and reading your comments has been rather nice.
  19. Time for an update! Upfront a justification, because I still haven't painted any underbellies or finished any ship yet. My MO is, that I usually start painting one ship, stop at some point, start another model, then start another one, then go back to model #1 etc. until I'm done at some undefined point in the future. Here's some (older) pictures of my first Tyrant. The second Tyrant has arrived as well, but is only primed and trimmed yet. It's going to fly a little lower than it's older sibling, so they'll fit into a formation. Thanks for your interest! Here's a shot of my older ships. Interestingly I also used a different, slightly less vibrant yellow for them, so they actually look like an older part of the same fleet... or are meant to, anyway:
  20. For three players I'd also recommend 2 vs 1 - because that will happen eventually anyway, so why not plan with it in the first place? I recently witnessed a 2 vs 3 players game. Both teams had three 800 point fleets, each with their own battle log with one set of TACs per fleet, but only one TAC to be played per team per turn. Each team had three activations simultaneously, then the other team would do three, etc. (one per fleet) so they alternated between teams instead of individual players, which sped up things a little and made the battle even bloodier at times (hello, three lizard broadsides in a row!). However since they were still multiple players per team and they had different ideas of how the battle was to be won, they barely ever attacked the same target and pretty much did their own "thing". They had lots of fun though and it was fun to watch, although it was quite loud. "We should shoot that ship" - "Nah, man, I'm gonna shoot those Karn frigates" - "But-" "Don't tell me what to do, you got your own ships!" Needless to say the Kurak players had better coordination than those distrusting, self-absorbed Zenians! Use lots of terrain and maybe use deployment rules e.g. larges have to be deployed in a certain distance to one another and shunt in if the place is used up by allies, just to avoid having to kill 3 Dreadnoughts covering each other. Something like that.
  21. I was merely watching, but I think you should have the data nonetheless Players: Zottel, Xanto vs. greystar, DerKönig, Elias Factions: Kurak Alliance vs. Zenian League Points: 2400 Mission: Ambush Score: +8 / +10
  22. These are perfect, thanks! Edit: I spoke too soon, I'm afraid; while your quality is superb, in my test print the counters did not align perfectly. However it seems the fault lies with the printer, which made the right margin larger than the left margin for some reason. I checked the .pdf and it doesn't seem to be off there. Edit2: Well, I'm just gonna use them the way they are, but will try to find out what caused the problem. I only meant this to be a way to speed up my counter-search and that it does, even if one side is alignmentally challenged.
  23. Just got back from the copy shop. I need to readjust the sheets - they don't align perfectly yet, resulting in one pretty and one sh*tty side, once you cut them out. I'll pm Spartan Games and/or Neil to ask if it's okay to put them up here, then.
  24. Because if you lay three mines, you'd have no "disordered" marker left, etc. And as I said I mainly intended this to speed up the search. If I have two different icons on the same marker I still have to flip them every time I'm looking for a specific one. I also don't see the harm in using two sheets of paper instead of just one. But you made a fair point, it harms the environment more and definitely costs more. I was just curious if anyone was interested in this.
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