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  1. There is also an Uncharted Seas gaming group at Lyon, France.
  2. At last ! Escape from Ulthuan : Chapter III PART 2 At Mustaemara Island, High Elves are Under the blockade of an Undead fleet. The slaves of Nagash are searching something but they can't directly attack the fortified port. Admiral Elianor of the High Elves can't wait, he knows that Dark Elves will come soon. The blockade must be broken ! And while the fleet fights the Undeads, he must discover what Nagash is searching in the region... The battle report (in French) and the pictures of the game can be found on La Tribune de la Baie des Crocs. Enjoy !
  3. You're all welcome. UCS will survive !
  4. I know I'm late... The battle report will be updated this week I hope. This is some pictures :
  5. Thank you all for your comments. A short battle report and pictures of the battle between High Elves and Undeads should come this week-end...
  6. Escape from Ulthuan : Chapter III Last saturday we were four The Uncharted Seas players at the club of the Crazy Orc (Lyon, France). Two games have been played : High Elves (Thaniras) vs Undead (Bone Griffons) and Dark Elves (Dragon Lords) vs Chaos Dwarves (Shroud Mages). PART 1 While the High Elf fleet is blocked at Mustaemara, Dark Elves have decided to hunt down the Chaos Dwarves who ambushed and destroyed their avant-garde (see Chapter 1). They want their revenge but they also want some precious information about a mysterious maelstrom which can help them to destroy the High Elves... The battle report (in French) and the pictures of the game can be found on La Tribune de la Baie des Crocs. Report and pictures of the Part 2 (High Elves vs Undead) soon...
  7. As an active UCS player, I've experienced many Spartan Games faults (I don't speak about mistakes anymore) : Many mistakes about the game (too many delay, too many unnecessary versions of the rulebook, a brutal way to update the miniature range, no regular support to the game - scenarios, background, campaigns) Many promises without any action behind (a campaign book, a new version, etc.). Beta test groups that have been gathered and then forsaken without any explanation Too many questions from the clients on this forum without any answer (when there was a strong activity of the Spartan team on the other sections of the forum) etc. I'm factual. Spartan Games doesn't deserve my respect anymore and I can't believe any Spartan guy. Note that I'm the admin of the unofficial French speaking Spartan Games forum, I was a true fan of Spartan Games. This is really very sad.
  8. Chapter II of our narrative campaign, Escape from Ulthuan, has been played at Lyon, France. We've decided to play a Warmaster battle as the High Elves try to conquer an Arabian island in order to repair their ships after the Chaos Dwarf ambush... The battle report can be found here. Don't worry, next chapter will be a The Uncharted Seas naval battle.
  9. Nurgle was against us as Prince Philippe and his lovely High Elf (Thaniras) fleet was missing. Fortunately this is only the beginning of our campaign. For chapter II,There will be not only High Elves but also Undeads !
  10. At Lyon, France, we don't mind if The Uncharted Seas had been scuttled by Spartan Games. We still play the game and we have choosen to play our battles in the Warhammer universe. So we began a campaign called Escape from Ulthuan (End Times : Kaine). Chapter I has been played on saturday at the Crazy Orc club : a mighty fleet of Dark Elves (Dragon Lords) has been trapped by a fleet of Chaos Dwarves (Shroud Mages)... The full report is in French here but there are many pictures and Google Translate. So much the worse for Spartan Games, long live The Uncharted Seas !
  11. This is not clear : is the project Dystopian Empires frozen or not ?
  12. Thanks for your answer. I guess that we'll never see this "gift" as SG has already big problems to support its living games. Not a big surprise and you had already lost me as a client. My last advice is to improve your communication : the lack of information has been logically lived as disdain by the last fans of UCS. UCS is a terrible Spartan Games's failure. SG had gold in its hands and this is the result ! this is very sad.
  13. Thank you for your answer which is clear : there is no plan to bring back USC... But I do not understand that message. Do you mean that in February you planned to release some PDF rules and that you finally have dropped this idea without communicating about the new situation ?
  14. This is what Spartan Nei has posted in the Planetfall section (here). Ok, big things have been told : new rules but also new miniatures and new background. Nice but there is ONE BIG QUESTION : is there any plan to release them ? Please answer Spartan Games !
  15. So this is not the first part of 2016 any more ? What a surprise.
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