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  1. Kugne

    Booby Traps

    More clear now! Thank you !
  2. Kugne

    Booby Traps

    Hello ! I can't find on the rulebook how many Booby traps you can take in your list. It seems there's no limit, but in this case how about the 'trapper' skill ? Which enable you to take one more booby trap and pay for it. If there is no limit, I can't understand this. If someone can explain.... Thanks !
  3. Aïe aïe aïe, à peine ouvert le forum a déjà de la pub
  4. Oo ! Bloody covenants !! Thank you for the translation!!
  5. Hi, Regarding the Coa 'overload'. Where do You see "activate in tour own squadron activation"? It says 'during a squadron activation' it doesn't say which activation, or which player... My opponents always use it on a shield roll when I fire at them. It is very very powerfull. But maybe it is my English is not that good as I thought ? :-/
  6. With the update of the towers, ther is a base point of 35 (up corner right) and you must add options, like 50 pts for the mortar. So according to this a morta tower costs 85pts... typo error don't you think ? Edit: after seeing the others orbats it's a typo!
  7. Hi all, Regarding this quote: Correct they follow all the same rules as any other model, including the 'path of least disterbance' (section C2) remeber that the whole SAS is treated as a single model. It means that this is strictly legal to put a SAS of 3 wings or a squad of 2 flying Small just in front of a Massive for completly disturb its movement. It can lead leads to non fair play moves very quickly don't you think ?
  8. Ok. So I have a bomber with Bomb Bays (like a Myshkins or a Zerstörer), I'm in range and non disordered : I can only use Standard or linked. I can combine only if I have a bomber with Directed Fire MAR. The wording could be better.
  9. I though they do also for models.Page 121 : bombs always use the concentrated bombing firing option (see page 117) Page 117-5: concentrated bombing [..] made by models with bomb bays and may use standard, linked, or combined firing option where permitted. So i can combine right?
  10. I though that you should take the center of the spotted model for the first shot of an are a bombardement... Because how to do if the spotter has been destroyed ?
  11. Any information about the availability of new 2.0 units in blisters? It begins to be a long wait... I want my new units !
  12. I made à mistake and asked for a delete of the other thread but no action followed...
  13. Kugne

    Polish Force

    Thank you all ! The Seaboard has been made by one of my club's member here in Toulouse, France. Here's some pics (bad quality, sorry):
  14. Kugne

    Polish Force

    Wow .... I didn't see that... :-(
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