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  1. And base colour of naval units (beige grey and marroon camo)…
  2. And the base colour on the naval units : My RAJ colour scheme will be inspired by the Wind Palace in Jaïpur, the pink city.
  3. Now my EiMC is over… It's time to follow development of my "regional" forces… Introducing first Indian RAJ elements !
  4. But at evidence a flying model can… as the first question is about flying Myshkin and not about naval or terrestrial model.
  5. Yes all my KoB flyers use it : merlin, eagle, illustrious and hawk : look for all the other on pages 4,5 and 6 The Spitfire of Battle Of England inspire me !
  6. FSA allied Turtle and Boston submarines :
  7. A little bath of "GLANZER" (15/20 minutes maximum) and washing with a toothbrush with dishwashing liquid under SLIGHTLY hot water (not VERY indeed…)
  8. A friend from my gaming club bought a 3D Printer and offer me the model ! It's unique on a DW table for now !
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