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  1. I am a long time Fitrestorm Armada player and I am interested in getting started with Dystopian wars. I love the CoA units so much it just sucked me in but I am unsure where to start. I am looking for land units as FSA already has a navy feel to it I would add those last. I am not sure what boxes to buy to get going though for land stuff. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the input. I will make the changes and see how it goes.
  3. So a while ago I created my own custom Oroshan ship. I based it some off of High Charity from Halo and Omega Station from Mass Effect. Basically its a hollowed out moon that houses the Oroshan as they no longer have a planet of their own. I wanted some input and help with making stats for the ship. I made some up really quick and am looking for some feedback or suggestions. I based it off of their dreadnought but with a bit stronger armaments along with the addition for a few MAR options. I am going to do a big battle coming up here in the next week or so and want to field this guy as a unit or at least a scenario type thing. Any info would be appreciated. Oroshan Leviathan.pdf
  4. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the input on the stats. I had planned on using the Armageddon as a base but I feel like the ship should have a big boarding focus. The Oroshan do not really have a home planet and have to wonder space so I image it as their main base that tries to capture ships when possible.
  5. I am interested in learning how to create stats for the ship. I figured this would be as good a place as any to discuss such a thing. Should I delete the post and move it somewhere else?
  6. Make sure you have the correct tools to make precise cuts... it was difficult to cut the tail apart and make a nice flat surface that was level. I also would recommend maybe sketching something out or at least layout everything before you assemble to make sure you have the parts you want the concept correct. I used a Styrofoam sphere that I cut and hollowed out some and then covered in tile grout and inserted the pieces. Once it dried it healed together well but it was all very messy.
  7. Had to be this way. It was the only way it would not fall over and sit well. I had it more level at first but it just looked kind of silly that way.
  8. Here is the rest of my fleet also. http://imgur.com/a/QQz9t
  9. So a while ago I purchased the Oroshan Dread and when the new boxed sets came out I decided to purchase a new one along with the patrol fleet. This left me with an obsolete model and so I figured I would try my hand at building a custom model for the Oroshan. What I decided to build was based somewhat on High Charity from Halo which is basically a hollowed out moon if I remember correctly. Using parts from the old dreadnought and one of those scenery kits I created this guy. I want to know what everyone things and I would love help creating some status to use for an upcoming game.
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone! Electric that is the concern I was having. I like the black but lost a lot of the detail... though you can still see it fine in person. These images were my jumping off point for what I wanted as far as colors. I didnt have any trouble with my Sorylian, Hawker, or Ryushi, or Directorate ships but for what ever reason I just cant settle on anything for these guys http://www.iaacblog.com/maa2013-2014-when-energy-becomes-form/files/2013/11/l1.jpg https://helenblackburnart.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/bioluminescent-squid.jpg
  11. jacobthesnakeob


    I have been working a little on the Oroshan and have really been having a hard time coming up with a paint scheme. I don't really like the default box art and felt like their ships felt more of a deep sea creature theme so I went with mostly black and some luminescent glow effects. I am not that happy with it though and want to know what people think. Should I keep working at it and go this direction or maybe head in a a different one? http://imgur.com/a/kJGxm
  12. The stats have been out for a while now on the new Oroshan. Does anyone have any experience fielding them or care to weigh in on the ships? I personally love the models and think they would play pretty well but have not fielded a game with them yet.
  13. Steve even though I set up the battlefield before we start picking out units there is still little option for the Sorylian fleet. Almost all their models play the exact same way except for the gunship so there really is not that much planning for their faction. I find I am almost always stuck with the same groups of models unless the battlefied is really heavy on planets or big asteroid fields. Its rush in and shoot out the broadsides... Some units are faster than others so they can get in but the slower ones its open season or hope for cover and sometimes with a random board set up there just is not a lot of cover.
  14. Your right doomkitten we are drifting some, though I felt it was somewhat relevant since we were talking about hawker some. My main force for sorylian is typically Tier 1 Sorlyian Carrier with two escorts usually gunships. Its kinda pricy but you have wing support which is important in v2 and they can lay down some good long range support. Tier 2 Alsy skyhammers or Falcata cruisers they lay down a ton of dice and are maneuverable and sometimes have the ability to board. Tier 3 I usually field a group of frigates and corvettes if I can. The frigates for sorlyian are pretty deadly and qucik. Pack hunters is a nice MAR. And corvets have scout if I remember correctly which lets you redeploy a squad which can be very useful. Basically if you decide you do want to go with sorylians look for maximizing their mediums and smalls because they are their best units. With their larges the battleshp and dreadnaught are usually not going to be as epic as you hope so look at their other options for tier 1. Also on a side note their ships are just awesome looking.
  15. @doomkitten, Have you ever used the cyberwarfare? I always want to use it on my Hawker BB but my usual opponent has such a high fleet tactic bonus they can easily defend against it until very late in the game so I never bother taking it. What is your experience or thoughts on using it?
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