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  1. The Dindrenzi players didn't fare well, although one was very new. I lost to the terrans partly due to an escalation scenario that kept 2/3 of my points off the table and the rest at the mercy (or lack of it) of terran nukes. Tony, if you're going to run a swarm list, why hold so much in reserve?? I think you could have had a shot if you came at me all at once...
  2. Yeah it is actually. 50% of not doing anything at all AND more to buy back. It's funny because I don't think it's as devastating as it first appeared (due to not fully understanding the new SRS rules) and others, like the Ralthoza shunt card, have a far bigger impact on the game. I think if you approach FA from a super-competitive mindset you will be frustrated. Some games do better in a tournament style play and other don't. For me that's a definite plus so I take all the Aquan nerfs in stride. If it isn't fun for everyone, then it isn't fun for me anyway.
  3. Was there a published change to the Aquan TAC of deal-with-it?
  4. I play something similar to the first list (except the extra frigates) and happy with it, although it might not fare well in an Escalating Engagement. And you will probably see one in the tourney. Not so many Soryllians but the Ralthoza have been seen taking up with those nasty Ba'Kash. I played last night against a (proxied) Ba'Kash Battle Carrier and it ate my cruisers for breakfast.
  5. This made the whole shitty thread totally worth it. Thank you!
  6. tl;dr let me guess, "something something V2 sucks something something..."
  7. One good mine or nuke and may feel differently. You can kill most smalls on 4 or 5 hits and thus reduce the AD significantly. If I could take fewer Tier 3s I would.
  8. If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.
  9. If anyone ever wonders why there aren't more women who play this game....
  10. drew01833


    Well, take a look at your current fleet lists, 800pts, 1000pts, and ask yourself what are you going to leave off to include them?
  11. And that's exactly what you did last night I believe! That split birth with an 8" command, that, that sucks...
  12. Yep, that's how we play it. A normal FSD escape is done at Full Stop so why not?
  13. Thanks for the thoughtful replies. I would definitely swap out my bombers for interceptors next time. Smalls in reserve and PD death ball up the middle for the rest. I like it. What do folks think of the Pack Hunter MAR for the Snappers? It's 30pts for 2AD if they are all linked or 2x2AD with six firing in two salvos, worth it?
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