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  1. I'm with Nazduruk, that's a good looking scheme, and the wash makes them look dirty and used. The brass, also, works well
  2. And to put it in perspective (if you'll forgive the poor photo')
  3. Looking good, from what I can see. Do you have any bigger piccies?
  4. Surely the idea is that if the Aussies want a decent scrap they can just fight each other
  5. Bugger. I'd just packed away my DW stuff, but those Aussies (and by extension Kiwis) look cool
  6. Very nice, love the Illustrious
  7. The thing with KR is that it's not the bag's job to protect the model. The foam is encased in a sturdy card box. The foam is much softer than FIguresInComfort's, which relies on the foam to provide support. I have both KR Multicase and Figures In Comfort. I really like KR's policy of soft foam in a hard case, but I also like FIC's pick and pluck tray's (a 20 mm foam border around the outside and then the rest of the tray is 5mm square foam) 2 Figures in Comfort trays: Tray 1 Tray 2
  8. Thanks for doing this, I'll have to get Battlescribe and have a look. I notice that as just as you posted this Spartan announced another round of new DW toys.
  9. gb030104

    Youenn's Rof Fleet

    Having tried to do dazzle camo (and failing dismally) I have to tip my hat to you for a fantastic job with these
  10. It's a standard sci-fi end-of-the-world flick. The type with no attempt at scientific accuracy. Check your brain at the door and it's an OK film of it's type
  11. Lord Lucan, for those not planing on coming back Toucan for those who like a certain brand of Irish Stout (old advertising campaign) FakeTan with plenty of sun beds Just need to get Herr von Klinkerhoffen involved for some world class puns
  12. The shields are indeed optional (but at 20 pts each, they're a steal) The ship always has 6 turrets, though
  13. You might find your mate wants the two missing turrets though - he might suspect you're trying to sabotage his fleet
  14. I've gone for CAS, Oh, and I've gone for FSS for the FSA ships
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