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  1. First time in a long time that I have logged on. Through the passage of life and it's many obstacles I somehow forgot about this place.

  2. I think they are a private company that is based within KoB territory. I can see the CoFA acting more like pirates than protectors of cargo though.
  3. Just woke up early to some good news, Are there any pictures or something? Never mind, found them in the shop, Loving that airship!
  4. They could easily make up a steampunk version of a Ekranoplanes. :3
  5. Almost a year since this was posted, what is the number at now? *edit*
  6. Seeing as I'm a noob and don't really know a whole lot about the rules (yet!), you don't need a aircraft carrier for the tiny flyers right?
  7. I am guilty of assuming, ha ha! But wouldn't be surprised about it if they are though. I knew it meant struggle but had heard it used in that way many many times, ha ha Will remember that in the future, .
  8. I have a good one for FUSA Oceania National Anthem. Oceania National Anthem
  9. Yeah I figured since the Imperials get fleets from both the Italians, Ottomans and the Chinese that the Grand coalition would get an ally with a fleet and some air,
  10. I think Romania will be a sea/air more so than land, wonder what they will look like, and how they will play, :3 Also speaking of Balkan nations, is Serbia and Bulgaria *alive* in DW? As in interdependent or are they still trapped by the Ottomans?
  11. Not close enough! I'm also about two or so minutes away from a shop, must check for mead now!!!!
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