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  1. The weapon looks rather, um, puny in comparison to the rest of the beast.
  2. I mounted my sorylian battle station on a flight stand... the top being geometrically shaped made it easy to find the center. Looks way better on the stand "floating" and a mark on the stand denotes the fore arc
  3. It was a tough day for the lizards. In hindsight I would have kept the battleships in reserve in favor of a bum rush with the cruisers. The hammer and anvil strategy failed.... this time
  4. Fire For Effect games. 607 s. Main st Oshkosh Wisconsin Stock level, all 6 core fleets, plus alliance boxes. Rulebooks and fleet books. Events at least once a month
  5. DW is one game that never really caught on. There's a few guys who talk about it but I have yet to see a game. sorry
  6. @TwoTone No, I hadn't considered using the Hastas but no that you mention it, it sounds very appealing. @Andrew I am aware of the Directorate's ability to hit from long range, and am currently tweaking my tactics to compensate for the occasional Cyberwarfare camper. Oh and as an aside, id like my ships to be between all of yours. then i can utilize both broadsides for maximum effect
  7. The Fire for Effect facebook page is the best place to get a game together. There are more than enough players willing to throw down at any given time. I like my avatar... and until i am asked to remove it i will keep it lol
  8. Um... I don't want to rain on your parade, BUT, I believe you forgot to take off the protective wrapping on the acrylic pieces. Unless it was on purpose, then ignore me altogether. Looks great btw. i still have to paint mine... along with around 2k points in V2 Sorylians i just picked up.
  9. So true. My V1 BB is known as "The Invincible" since it has yet to survive a battle lol. The cruisers, on the other hand, are feared throughout my gaming community. So it is kind of a trade off.
  10. Exactly the point of this list. No one expects a Soryilian player to not field a bb. "No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!" cue evil laughter
  11. I averaged out the odds of the shunt table and there is a 60 some odd percent chance of shunting in with no bad things happening, the worst being a hazard marker ( ok I'll take it). The most obvious TAC i would take is +2 fleet tactics, especially later in the game, possibly +3" mv (apologies, I don't have the cards in front of me and the names escape me) to give my cruisers the speed to get around the enemy formations after the carriers have dropped in. Oh and i would totally lower my battle log if I were to roll a 3 on reserves. that one point should come back quite quickly. I haven't had to do that as of yet, since my dice are notorious for rolling low numbers. lol. I just remembered the TAC for re-rolling reserves, that one I would take in place of +3" mv like i said i don't have the cards in front of me at the moment.
  12. Agreed, of all the races I have battled, Directorate are the one that give me the most trouble. But, I may have found a way around this issue. It's deliciously evil, involves two carriers with cruiser attachment and a lot of small and medium ships at 1200 points The plan goes like this: Each carrier comes with: +1" mv - 5pts +1 sh - 10pts Weapon shielding - 10pts 6 bombers - 30pts 1 Cruiser attachment - 60pts +1 sh - 10pts Experiences engineers - 5pts Total points per carrier - 240 both carriers equal 480 points. These carrier groups are held in reserve during deployment. Two identical cruiser groups. 4 cruisers per group +1 sh Experienced engineers. Each cruiser group equals 300 points each. 2 corvette groups. 3 corvettes per group. corvette groups equal 60 points each. The corvettes are there in place of frigates, because in my experience, they are better than frigates. 3 more inches of movement, plus scout MAR, all for the loss of one AD at range 3 and 1 CR. Deployment: As stated above, the carriers are held in reserve. Deploy as far back in your deployment area as possible. Use the corvettes as decoy deployments to figure out where the opposing player is concentrating their firepower. Place the one cruiser group in a semi-awkward position. When deployment is complete, simply move one cruiser group to a more advantageous position, preferably staring down a group of his meduims. This is the tricky part. The entire first turn must be spent getting the Directorate player to advance as far as possible toward you. Don't worry about killing their ships, that will come in turn two. When turn two comes and you roll for reserves, shut the carrier(s) directly behind the enemy formations. You have now put the opposing admiral in a hammer and anvil situation. Two squads of ( hopefully) healthy cruisers in front, and two carrier groups behind. Let me know what you guys think
  13. Oshkosh Wisconsin has a large following. around a dozen players and counting.
  14. Best dice roll, 8ad from a single Sorylian cruiser against a Dindrenzi heavy cruiser double critted the heavy, 2nd crit double ones. proceeded to double crit the two other cruisers in the squad, destroying the whole formation in one attack. it was glorious, but it was bitter sweet, since the Dindrenzi player was playing his first game ever. Worst dice roll, Sorylian Dreadnaught "Harvester of Sorrow" v Terran frigate squadron. 17ad split between three frigates managed a whopping 1 hull point on a single frigate.
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