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  1. Here are some pictures of my RC Fleet. This is my grittier homage to Karun's RC Fleet Color Scheme. http://i1204.photobucket.com/albums/bb418/Bolstrood/RC/IMAG4162_zps20sjfzvc.jpg http://i1204.photobucket.com/albums/bb418/Bolstrood/RC/IMAG4167_zpsxxgxyylf.jpg http://i1204.photobucket.com/albums/bb418/Bolstrood/RC/IMAG4169_zpsarsq0mxt.jpg http://i1204.photobucket.com/albums/bb418/Bolstrood/RC/IMAG4172_zpspxhmdemd.jpg http://i1204.photobucket.com/albums/bb418/Bolstrood/RC/IMAG4171_zpszonn6kcd.jpg
  2. [/url] hopefully this comes through. this is the first time that I attempt to link a photo.
  3. Love your fleet, looks great. I agree with how deceptively simple the Russian fleets appears. There is a tremendous amount of detail for the most persnickety of painters. I had such a difficult time choosing my Russian colors. I ensured that my Russian colors looked nothing like BigMac's color scheme because my Prussian fleet scheme is so much like his. And though imitation is supposed to be a high form of flattery, I still wanted to steer clear of his well painted fleet's scheme. I will post a few shots of my fleet in a bit.
  4. It is kind of like when a person or group(nation) hits their high water mark. It is something that you can look back upon and remember when you were....great. Kind of like guys who still wear denim jackets or why guys like me still sport ponytails. It is good to go back to something that makes you feel good, it is even better when you have someone willing to match you in your reverie. Cut in Clarence Boddicker from Robocop saying "Ooh, Drones, Drones, Drones!!! Come on Sal, the Tigers are playing.....tonight!!! I never miss a game.". Hopefully all parties involved see the humor in my post. The bad lines, they mostly come at night, mostly.
  5. Thanks for getting us back on topic Deco. I once played the Yurei against my friend with the Australian Fleet. I no longer recall the exact means of how it happened, though I am quite sure it involved his thrice-cursed propensity for rolling a string of sixes, but he ended up boarding and capturing my Yurei using his commodore ability, something along the names of forced compliance. After the ensuing gusts of laughter I was left with the realization the I now had to face my ex-ship with only minor hp damage! It was definitely a demoralizing blow and affected my immediate gameplay by inspiring a burning desire to either retake or destroy the Yurei. Fortunately I regained my head after only a couple activations, recalled the main objective, the mission, and ended up winning the game. Though my friend still claimed psychological victory because the game ended with him still in possession of the Yurei. I brought up this story to tell of my only experience against the Yurei and how I dealt with it. If I had continued chasing after my lost craft, I am sure that not enough resources would have been aimed towards the objective, thus costing me the match. P.S. @Deco To once again stray off topic, at what ages did your boys begin playing?
  6. Though I find Lerriano's house rule on game cards intriguing (and look forward to personally testing), I have always seen the cards as a win-win. If your opponent cancels your card, you get a (usually) substantial amount of VP's, if the card goes through.........Mwa ha ha haha ha haha ha ha. Either way it is a win-win;)!
  7. Thank you kindly. I will indeed go through your file. Adding scenarios will spice up the standard engagements.
  8. Is this a scenario of your own devising, or is there a spot to look up the particulars? We have yet to throw in a third party in our battles, this looks like something that I would like to tryout. Thanks for the report and the inspiration.
  9. I thank you kindly, this will settle all doubts.
  10. During my last game a similar situation came up concerning lines of sight. We decided to roll off concerning the decision and then consult the rules forum. In our game my massive model wanted to target the second medium model in his squadron, the first medium model running abreast the second medium. My opponent insisted that the massive could not target the second medium since the first medium was the same size and less than an inch from his perceived first blocking medium model. We failed to come to an agreement despite going over the LOS section in C3, so we opted to roll off to save time. So that leads us needing third party arbitration. Thanks in advance.
  11. I am a bit surprised to see the willing sacrifice of a model as a sanctioned tactic, not only has it always seemed underhanded but also as something that a captain would not put his ship or crew through. Please do not see this as disapproval, for that is exactly what I did to LoIS the only time that I faced them. I am just pleased to see this stance because my opponent definitely frowned upon that tactic. That is why I initially described the tactic as underhanded and unrealistic to a captain's character.
  12. Would not any HP damage done by the Ika's fore guns also degrade the target's AA prior to the target model being able to use it's AA defensively? In other words, is robot assault worked out after all direct firing of P/S/T weapons has been resolved?
  13. In regards to question five: Non-SAS models targeting SAS squadrons always hit with AA on a to hit number of 4,5, or (blue)6. During dogfight attacks between squadrons of SAS, AA has a starting to hit value of 5 or (blue)6.
  14. Just to clear any misconceptions, the Ika is not able to launch a boarding action from the submerged height level. Only models with the aquatic assault MAR may do so. Go to sub forum rules questions, V2 rules questions page 30.
  15. Thanks for the reply. That is what I had gathered since the Ika did not have the Aquatic Assault MAR. The water on this subject only became muddied because in another thread some of the members were asserting that the Ika could in actuality initiate a boarding action from the submerged height level.
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