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  1. zelord

    WAR LOG 3726

    Players: Zelord vs Sylvain Points Value: 1000 Factions and Allies: Aquan vs Relthoza Scenario: 4 waypoints Battle Log Score: 15 / 7
  2. As i said in my previous posts, i play on the afternoon, around 4 hours. I've never speak about 30 min games. I want to play more models on the same time. A lot of people play low points games because they haven't time to play bigger battle. Here are the stats from the warlog : Patrol Fleet Games 207 46% Battle Fleet Games 204 46% Grand Fleet Games 32 7% Mighty Armada Games 3 1% If i were Spartan i would think how to make people play bigger battle than smaller. Half games are patrol game, with low numbers of escadrons you lower the possibilities and tactical depth. If nothing is done and people who demo the game don't manage to bring new players in, it could be the death of the game... And Taskforce will suit me better if i have stats for all models (but i don't think spartan will do it).
  3. That's why FSA is a bad spaceship simulator. Here i speak about game design. I don't understand why rules should be simple when you play a little force and more complexe for a big armada, the playing time grew exponentialy.
  4. first : right, i don't compare them, it was just an indication. (if i would say i could run a 40k game in time someone could ask me what game size...) Second : i agree with you for a fighters combat like Xwing, in firestorm Armada i want to focus on the armada wich is in the name... and i still want movement phase and terrain. last : the simplification i suggest still have a turn limit, so the momentum is not ignored. I'm sorry my english is so bad because people seem to understand what i haven't say...
  5. You're pushing things too far, i've never said take off the movement phase or the movement phase isn't strategy. Here is your exemple, warhammer 40k, where movement is easy, just mesure and move, no turning etc... So it's possible to have a game with simple movement and strategy. I don't say you have to take off turning, but you could find a way more easy and less time consuming. Strategy for me is what ship go where, to do something, how they will survive and destroy ennemies in the process. So the strategy is to bring the good escadron against the good ennemy escadron, to use terrain at advantage. And you can do that without a system that make you mesure every inch of movement. And the shooting phase, priority target, deployment etc.... So if for you FSA is only a movement game, you're missing something and should play a racing game. The mechanic is the heritage of Distopian wars, it could be rethink. Fore me, the core mecanic that bring fun is the exploding 6.
  6. I probably was over reacting... My point was that a game could be simplified and still strategic. Why making simple rules for little game and more complex for bigger ones. It could be simple rules for massive games ^^
  7. Imagine in my system dindrenzi would have 6 MV and 1 TL, they could only turn 45° per turn... not so easy to get a good shoot every turn. Who talk about fixed dice? combine is different but you still loose firepower from HP. And no one want to put more models on the table ? I think spartan would like everybody to buy more models to play bigger games... Yes Taskforce will be good for me, only if they do stats for all models.
  8. Oh you're right, you opened my mind! Why everybody doesn't see that my comparison to chess was caricatural and that i know the differences with FSA????
  9. Good question My last 40k game was a tournament scenario, mixing Kill points, fixed objectives (classic missions) and random objectives (maelstrom). So there were many options to play and win the game, it was interesting. You have the two first thing in FA, kill points and classic objectives, so as i say maybe something could be done with scenarios. But i don't want strategy only, i also want fun. So making the game more quick will allow to play bigger game with bigger ships (bigger fun!) and spend more time thinking how to achieve objective. And i don't want to be rude, but you say all fleets are balanced around fixed fore weapons. But the stats of the warlog show that the game isn't balanced and you should apologie to Sorylians players (kidding)
  10. Yes the afternoon is around 4 hours of play. But you're missing the point, stop arguing about chess, and my time of play etc... Focus on that, I would like the game to be more about the strategy of my armada to achieve my objectives than time consuming movement and calculations. This is my point of view. love.
  11. And chess? less than a page of rule and more tactical and complicated. For movement, going straight forward but turning on axe is more how i see space vessels movement (think about battlestar gallactica). Here it's more like a naval game. The game could bring the strategy somewhere else than how each of my ship move. Making the game strategy more important than the movement phase. But here i'm quit rude with the game, sure it could be played and it's still fun, but i must confess that i came back to 40k since some weeks... I really hope they will release stats for all models in the taskforce system.
  12. Hi guys. Let me share my feelings about the game. It's too long. I'm a member of a club, playing warhammer 40k in tournaments. We make 1800pts of 40k in 3 hours but can't finish a 1200 FSA game in an afternoon. Movement is a problem. Pre movement to check line of sight, come back etc... And then calculating differents attacks at different arcs, range band, damaged ships.... That make me sad because i can rarely play my big ships (dread) and i never tested my battle station yet. Come back the armada game, not the patrol little fight. Look at warhammer Age of Sigmar, 4 pages of rules. I've tested it and we could finish 2 games of 1000 points in an afternoon, it was very fun. So what is FA? A fun game or a simulation game? I'd prefer it to be fun. I wish it to be more simple like chess. Chess are simple, each model have his rule and it give you a ton of possibility. Also scenarios could be improved, like the 40k maelstrom that are dynamic and game changing. Make it simpler and you could really give the feeling to bring an armada to the fight. I'm waiting for the Taskforce rule and hope that i could use it for my regular FSA games. Please do stat for every models existing in the two systems. So you're already thinking about how to streamline your system and here are my 2 cents : It will surely need to rethink all stats but it could be great... instead of fixing things. Movement, make turn limit the number of 45° turn you can take at any point during your movment. So 10 MV and Turn limit 2 give you : - move 10 then turn 90° - move 7 turn 45° move 3 turn 45° - turn 90° move 10 No more template Combine all dice would be great, and harmonise range band (all to 12"). You already limit range by giving low AD at RB3 or RB4... Fusion CP and AP. Less tokens. Improve scenarios. Make it all more simple, so i could bring my big ships, play an entire armada, have everything to explose and play strategically by sacrificing an escadron to achieve an objectif instead of loosing time to move to improve linking of 4 cruisers. Hope you understand the spirit of it, because i'd like to speak more about it but it's hard for a french guy hardly thinking to write in english....
  13. zelord

    WAR LOG 3726

    Be careful that the max battle log for a 1200 point game is +15 / -15. So your game score should be 15 / 15.
  14. They can shoot, but they can't link or combine.
  15. I like them more. And the dread look a little bit like my home made one...
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