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  1. Just as a thought towards new KOB models, what about a naval repair ship with some heavy RB2 (RB3 for torps) weaponry? Thought about this during my last game where a couple merchant repair ships were helping keep the Royals stout. For the other Grand Coalition factions, each has a dedicated model for repair. Why not the KOB? It certainly fits with thier fluff. I could see a squad of two "larger" mediums with repair and troop reinforcement, and of course fore torpedoes and a turret being a solid addition to the fleet. Shields can take you so far, and then in come these vessels to help build on that while providing fire support.
  2. Awesome! Looking forward to the next go!
  3. Only problem I saw in the island bout, was that the center objective on the island was closer to one edge than the other. If it was equal to each side then things would be a bit more balanced.
  4. Thanks for the kind words! Just put primer to the 2nd Boston. Once it dries, I'll work on the water base and take some pics.
  5. Ahh well that changes tactics. Thanks!
  6. I thought you couldn't bomb from obscured or stratospheric. Also I was under the impression CAP could only assist against boarding if they had the MAR allowing this. Yet they were allowed offensive AA against other models and SAS. Could totally be wrong though.
  7. Returning to more domestic roots, Avondale's engineers return to cleaning up designs on their Boston Class Attack Submarine.
  8. What about with the use of a spotter? Don't have the rules on me, so can't tell if they are secondary or if it states no IDF.
  9. Wait, really? I still thought they hit on 5+ as well.
  10. Thanks! I was a bit up in the air on the scheme for the bombers (can't resit a bad pun), but I think they came out well. The hulls on the Dominions are a Bronze Green from Vallejo. Which I also used for the camo. While the other ships are an Ochre Brown on the hull. Standard across the naval ships is Biege Brown for the decking. Then used the metallics fromVallejo for the metal bits. Getting some inspiration from the KOB scheme thread here, I used a Blue Turquoise to get the synery on the piping and canisters.
  11. A few more ships from Sir Rodney Carlton's SIS fleet. Thanks, and opinions welcome!!
  12. Had a very similar experience with mine on Saterday, Watchdog. The two Halifax and Stalwart made a beautiful run at the Chinease! While I did lose a Halifax on the way in, it's CAP and fore guns cut a clean path. With the remaining bomber landing my first actual Area Bombardent attempt, in crushing fashion. A Battlecruiser and bastion were taken off the table, and leaving a Crit on a gunship! The Stalwarts I wish had a tad more movement, but still were able to hold their own. Agreed on need these behind some kind of cover constantly.
  13. Really like the partially submerged one!
  14. 125 - Halifax 125 - Halifax 150 Veng Lsub 180 3x Van Msub 125 5x Val Ssub 240 3x DomCru 150 3x HVY des 160 4x Orion des 100 5x Swift cvt Is the list I have used recently. Sorry for the adhoc notation, easier for list making. Against Russians and Ottomans only so far, with an 0-2 record. Originally the plan was to run them with FSA, but I want to try them on their own first. Not trying to pick up too many KOB models, but need something to help get at least one win! Makes this forum especially interesting to me.
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