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  1. Appreciate the work about the models, but I'm just interested in the manual. I have my fleet, I do not need another. I already did the mistake of having three fleets in DW. And as Venter (and lot of other good people) I'm still waiting for the ks. Still waiting for my bloody Ice Maiden and all other prussian stuff. So, if I commit, I just commit for the manual.
  2. A great advice. I was wondering if the guys could be effective against Weydreth recce too, those things are quite annoyng.
  3. I agree. And I do not see such reason for not having sky drop, since it's the main feature of Dindrenzi forces.
  4. Model : Prussian submarines. Give them Torpedoes. Please.
  5. Just magnetize them. I did with 5x1mm magnets, worked like a charm
  6. Very interesting reading, about performances. I'm somehow disappointed about the lack of sky drop.
  7. Here in Milano we had a mega-battle, seven players and 1200 (more or less) points each. We had a beach assault, with every kind of asset playable. Took us some seven hours (with pause ) but we had tons of fun!
  8. Maybe they'll have also S500 missiles
  9. Hell, first time I saw the Sekhmet I thoght "But It's a russian hovercraft" if all the Navy has this theme. they should look great. I was already enthusiast for my new PE models, but, well Spartan, you did it again!
  10. A question : I do not understand how many AD the maces or the Zweihander generates.
  11. I'm amazed...Ok spartan I forgive you for the command section, everything is ok again! Iapetus...YES YES YES!
  12. I was thinking about using them to guard my primary, freeing all the other units
  13. I have a couple of Cataphract cruiser as a boost to my RSN fleet, they are very effective.
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