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  1. Seems like the new DW rulebook (or minibook?) doesn't have much info online other than a couple broad blog posts. I don't see anything on here about it either. What's the haps with it? Is it another edition or an alternative way to play Admiral's edition? I saw something about a living rulebook, stats being worked on by the community...etc. Very confused. I ordered one blind and it's on the way, but wanted to plug in now and start learning about it. Play group's already asking me questions.
  2. You know what, that makes perfect sense now that you've said it.
  3. Bought a set of the Spartan DW templates, and am quite pleased with the quality. The only head-scratcher is what the heck the little divot/cutout is for at the end of the 8" ruler...anyone know?
  4. Alternate question...which is the best Campaign book if you take out the fluff? Like which has the best scenarios/new rules/etc?
  5. Is anyone else having trouble accessing the page? I remember these looking great, but hadn't downloaded them when they first appeared. Of course, now I can't access them at all.
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