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  1. This forum or a discord server would be fine, but I have no intention of signing up for Facebook. As long as announcements are made on this forum though, I have zero issues
  2. Facebook will never be my friend
  3. varnos

    Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    Sure! I tend to look for small changes to the existing ruleset rather than entire new features, but there are a couple that would be cool to see: An expansion of the card element in the game would be nice. I am a boardgamer more than a wargamer (really, Dystopian Wars is the only thing that has held my interest before a brief stint with the old Warhammer Fantasy). The way I see it, a battlefield might become more interesting if weather had a card deck that modifies each round, and a deck that is a bit more substantial than the current iteration of TAC cards might do wonders for general strategy. Once I've deployed my fleet, I feel like most of the game plays itself -- generally there are not that many moves I'd make and be sensible about it... But if I could, say, play a card that gives my smalls +1DR for a turn, or adds the terrifying property to a class of weaponry rather than a single attack, the game would have a lot more in terms of general strategy, provided there's options for customizing your decks. Mind you, I'm a great fan of deckbuilders, so I'm a bit biased towards card based solutions to add strategy to any given game I was also very excited for the campaign system that 2.5 added, but I'd love to see it expanded more from the bare-bones framework to something more akin to a game mode, where I'd have to look for ways to strategically move resources and troops around a world map rather than just play the tactical skirmishes. I realize that this could be construed as being outside the scope of a wargame, but boy that would make for an interesting sort of game. Finally, I'd like to see more done with fortifications in the new ruleset. I love my Honourable Eclipse Company also because it offers these interesting hardpoints in the deployment of your troops. Fortifications are cool, give me more of em! Thoughts, wishes, anyone else?
  4. varnos

    Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    I'm just going to assume that @Warcradle Richard and @Warcradle Stuart at least read these discussions and take them into account when brainstorming about a new ruleset though... It's what I would do if I had to design a new version of the game system! Regarding tiny flyers: I don't know about you folks, but my games rarely last past turn 3, turn 4 at the latest. I'd like to see tiny flyers be interesting at least from turn 2 onward, and preferably every turn from then on. I'd even consider dropping the amount of AD bombers use and then removing the limited ammunition rule. That way TF tokens don't become paperweights for the rest of a match if they bomb something outside of a carrier's range, and enemies have to actually shoot down the little bassids.
  5. varnos

    Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    Man, if there is anything I do not miss about first edition, it's the fuel consumption you had to add to your in-game accounting... Talk about fiddly!
  6. varnos

    Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    Radical idea, related to the TFT discussion: what if you had to activate squadrons based on size to simulate smaller ships being more agile? It would encourage entirely different list building strategies.
  7. varnos

    So, where are we?

    I wonder if it would be too much of a hassle to say that TF Wings activate just before their carrier (and, building on the idea by @Jsiegel1983, others after the carrier) ? Not entire sure of the most "graceful" fix of how to handle local air support, but it would solve the activation spam issue.
  8. varnos

    Movement Changes?

    Another dumb question: Does FSA have the hit and run MAR that dystopian wars has? In that case, the waypoint system is also needed, as you move half your movement, fire, and then move again.
  9. varnos

    3rd IronWatch Expeditionary Strike Force [RSN]

    I swear by vallejo myself, they have a great range with good metallics. They also allow you to use kolinsky sable hair brushes, which let paint flow really nicely. I started painting a *lot* neater after I got good brushes.
  10. varnos

    So, where are we?

    I think it was not so much the 2.5 rules that people were Not A Fan of (apart from the covenant, whose Particle Accelerator seems to be very much a hot topic). Rather it was the underwhelming amount of changes to existing ORBATs, where it seems the new rules did nothing but exacerbate existing balance issues. Lets hope 3.0 doesn't rejigger the rules so much as it takes a hard, hard look at all the units available in the DW line. That said, I really hope we get some clarity soon as to whether our old models will still be relevant in the new edition (I see nothing about the submersible fortifications of the Honourable Eclipse Company, for example, which has me a bit antsy as they're some of my favourite units...)
  11. varnos

    So what happens now?

    I sincerely doubt they're throwing away everything, but rather realigning it to their vision of what would be cool and/or popular: if you look at the models that have been previewed on the manbattlestations blog, they're giving the factions their own spin, not deleting them and substituting their own stuff wholesale. I'm not immediately sold on the premise of an entirely new ruleset, but until they give us a beta to look at, there's little point criticising them about it. Let's be honest, a lot of people were unhappy with Dystopian Wars 2.5... Fingers crossed for a new version of the game that plays well and doesn't let most of my existing collection gather dust
  12. varnos

    3rd IronWatch Expeditionary Strike Force [RSN]

    That's really neat! The green and shiney black works really well together, and I love the grey and blue tinting. As for acrylics, I do find they work a lot better for blending and subtle effects. What brushes do you use?
  13. varnos

    'Fleet' boxes or Blisters?

    Neato! Would that be normal fleet boxes, starter sets or both? And would the designs be the old molds, or will the models be in line with what is going to be available to use/field in the new versions of the game? I'm excited!
  14. varnos

    So what happens now?

    I guess it would also depend on the direction the new game takes? The consolidation of the factions and the rejiggering of fluff might mean that the canadians are booted down the line as a "possible, but not very interesting" if there are no interesting narrative conflicts to support their existence. I hope so though, I was drooling at the pictures and I (unfortunately) preordered them the moment that they were up on the original website.
  15. Maybe you could even get a bit creative with greenstuff and put some creative dots in to represent people, with the scale change. We'll have to see. I do hope the whole "infantry" concept stays, that was one of the changes I really thought gave some individuality to the armoured part of Dystopian Wars.

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