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  1. Thank you Bratr for your work. FSA (me) vs EOBS (non member) - Naval - 1000 points - Crushing victory for EOBS FSA had 2 x 4 Augusta, 1 Annapolis (shield), 3 Lee, 1 Valley and 1 Independance (shield) EOBS had 4 Yurgi, 3 MkI Honshu, 3 Arashi, 1 Raijin and 1 Kaiju (shield) with 2 Kitsune Picture here. Field orders: FSA drew Free to engage (70%). EOBS drew the same. Summary: FSA tryed to get close but suffered a lot from the huge amount of rockets EOBS was able to fire from far away. The Lee airships that flew above islands were perfect targets for the Japanese fleet - one was destroyed during the first turn, and another was sunk every turn after. Augusta frigates rushed forward but did not get through either. At the end of the game, FSA had only managed to sink the Raijin and one Yurgi destroyer.
  2. KOB (me) vs ROF (non member) - Naval - 1000 points - CV for ROF KOB had 1 Monarch, 1 Ruler, 3 Tribal with 1 Dominion, 1 Halifax and 3 Stalwart ROF had 1 Saint-Malo with Ecuyer, 1 Rochelle with Ecuyer, 3 Cherbourg and 2 Requin Field orders: KOB drew Free to engage (70%). ROF drew Thin their ranks (small models). Summary: KOB tried to stay at long range so as to damage the 3 Cherbourg before they get at RB2. But ROF hid all its medium models behind the big Rochelle and Saint-Malo battleships while approaching. All KOB guns firing together were unable to hurt the French cloud-protected battleships but the latter reduced to ashes the Tribal/Dominion squadron. In the last turns, the Halifax successfully damaged both French battleships (2 + 3 HP) but was quickly destroyed after. The 3 Stalwart did not do much before being sunk. Ruler and Monarch were only slightly damaged during this game, as destroying all Britannian medium and small models was enough to achieve the French Field order. Picture here
  3. Thank you for all your kind words. @Tank0625: no, I did not use an airbrush. The only (slightly) unusual thing I did was using wood stain to shade the models.
  4. Here are my freshly painted Halifax and B-72 ! ... still working on the heavy destroyers ...
  5. Very nice, Tank0625. I love your generators and your SAS. Here is my fleet (naval forces).
  6. Thanks for your support Doubleones and Aetius
  7. I played against my friend Lord Belouga last friday. You will find here my report. Lord Belouga and I had decided to change places: I played his COA models: 2 Aristote battleships escorted by 3 Galen, 1 Pericles drone launcher, 3 Plato light cruisers, 3 Plutarch destroyers He played my KOB models: 1 Monarch heavy battleship, 1 Regent battle carrier, 3 Agincourt gunships, 3 Tribal cruisers, 4 Valiants submarines It was a very pleasant game (although we did not apply correctly the rules concerning piercing weapons). I hope you will enjoy reading.
  8. Last saturday, I played FSA and faced a dangerous (and unusual) ROF-COA alliance, including the new Diophantus and a very good Magenta battleship. You will find my report here. The Diophantus (wave lurking, CR11, shield 2, inventive scientist) was very difficult to damage (you need an average of 21 AD to get a critical hit when it is wave-lurking. This model is really a beast!) I was also impressed by the French Magenta battleship. It throws 15 AD at RB3 and has a very good defense (cloud generator). Its performance in this game was better than my Liberty's performance, although the Magenta was 60 points cheaper. I hope you will enjoy reading. Comments (and advice ...) are welcome.
  9. Thank you Thamoz. The truth is that I did not like playing the Guildford before, so ... I am not impressed by the Yale either. Just 5 points cheaper than the Lexington and with those 5 points you lose 1 DR, 1 CR, 1 HP, ... but it is true we should not compare small models with medium models.
  10. Guildford's Volley guns are reduced from 5/4/0/0 to 4/3/0/0 and its AA is increased from 2 to 3. Is it really worth 45 points?!?
  11. Here’s another AAR. This one was written by my friend Lord Belouga. Last saturday, he played COA against the Black Wolf Fleet. After reading both fleet compositions, I confess I did not give the COA a chance against the powerful mercenary ships. Well … http://athenost.blog.free.fr/index.php?post/2015/03/01/Dystopian-Wars-Partie-d-avril-2015 I hope you will enjoy it!
  12. Thank you very much, and thanks to Amiral X and Oml for the wise and helpful advice. I'm not looking forward to fighting Japanese gunships again , but I will feel less helpless next time!
  13. I have always struggled to win against the Japanese. My game last saturday was not different. http://athenost.blog.free.fr/index.php?post/2015/03/14/Dystopian-Wars-Partie-d-avril-2015-EOBS-vs-FSA Enjoy!
  14. Thank you. I am glad you've enjoyed it. @Thamoz: they were on fire. I think the first drone SAS got 21 hits (with 14 dice - my AA had destroyed one drone SAW) and the third 23 hits (also with 14 dice)!!! Luckily, the second wave got only 6 hits with the same 14 dice. CC and Shields have not done much against those "Faster torpedoes".
  15. Hello from Paris You will find here a report from our last battle. Thanks for reading, I hope you will enjoy it.
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