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  1. Based on the common complaints of my group 2 Major points float to the top. 1. Exploding dice, its fine as a mechanic for res dice but red dice should NOT be the default, an escort lucky crit taking the last two hp off a battleship is only cinematic once.... 2. Manouvering.... This is a weird one in that it's not actually the movement system we have a problem with, more so the incentive to not fly straight at each other to get rb1 then spend 2 turns having to vector over each other because Terran battleships don't know how to parallel park. On a more personal note something needs doing with stealth and cloaking I would dearly like to dust off my relthoza one day and give my directorate a vacation
  2. Umm I know there's not a great deal of established cannon in fsa but doesn't condensing the factions down in that manner disregard pretty much all of it? I mean dindrenzi and terran in the same faction? besides don't the alliance and league quasi super factions already do this? A galaxy map would be a great idea but with the advent of ftl transportation you don't really need touching front lines just sectors or planets of strategic importance with territory marked by how effectively you can deploy forces. A galactic war in theory is more a battle of logistics than lines. That said I think the best thing would be world building establishing how fast and reliable certain methods' of fold space are what countermeasures there are. Establishing ground rules for a universe makes it far easier to paint within the lines to create a cohesive narrative.
  3. First off great to see the forums back and firestorm live on, looked touch and go for a while. A lot of the guys I game with play a lot of different games, I do my best to nudge towards FSA but it got difficult when local lgs started pulling it off the shelves or not bothering to restock, just wondering now how long it will be before we start seeing it back in stores with a more regular supply (a friend of mine ordered rsn sirens in 2016 from our lgs....)
  4. there's 2 or 3 of us in the Bridgend area both armada and planetfall
  5. .... Somebody needs to come up with a new word for information that has been removed...
  6. Has anyone considered one of the communication problems from Spartan might not be in the lack of information, but in how it is displayed/relayed. I mean we are all asking for content and news, 3 new missions were just published for Adepticon, this IS content it may have been designed for an event, but it's still content. Except much like when i described the story for the Flashpoint amber campaign to a friend... its kinda hard to find, its a link on a blog post to another site hosting a pdf, would it have killed anyone to ask if it could be posted on Spartans main site? possibly with a little fanfare? As mentioned, wouldn't it be nice if the Flashpoint amber PDF was featured a little more prominently? I mean the firestorm universe is expanding gradually in terms of backstory, but it;s kind of hard to find. There are some companies whose IP lives directly off the universe they have created, is not something that should be ignored. Additionally, if you know you have things to show at Adepticon, which is 3 months away, meaning little has been shown of Planetfall or armada for almost 6 months, maybe a preview might go a long way to building community bridges? That said, I;d like to thank Spartan Linde for coming to the boards and at least answering some questions and giving us some official Spartan presence.
  7. Small group (4 of us) near Bridgend/Pencoed.
  8. Quick question probably not specific to Directorate but I've noticed the new light frigates come with a much smaller base size, could/will/should other T3 ships use that base size. I only ask because in all honesty my drones would look a lot nicer I feel on the smaller base (Also makes a little more sense) However i know since overlapping and vector thrusting is a thing could this cause problems? Thoughts?
  9. In a similar vein to test out the theory of too much cyber, I'll be taking part in a 2vs2 alliance game with my friends Dindrenzi vs Sorylians and hated Terrans. Were looking at specifically running a Repo fleet with me bringing the crew killing and AP/PD disruption Via Cyber Warfare, the following is my component to the list (Each player is at 600 points) Carrier /w Cyber 6 Assault Boats 3 Champions /w Cyberwarfare and ART's 2 Executioners 6 Impact Light Frigates /w Cyber 2 Drones
  10. As our ship options have developed we now have the option of putting cyberwarfare tech in every tier from light frigates to champion cruisers and the anarchist. Cyberwarfare has developed from part of our grab bag of toys to a core mechanic of the Directorate but their might be a trap in putting too much stock in a slightly unreliable method of stripping crew and knocking out defenses over pure killing power. Obviously Cyberwarfare has more place in boarding focused fleets, a carrier group of an overseer, 2 ascendancy's with full assault boat SRS backed up by cyber support is a licence to prize large capitals but requires significant investment and focusing on a particular aspect of your fleet. The other purpose of Cyber, though a little less reliable is using it to knock out defensive abilities, turning off Terran shields, disabling point defense. I guess what I'm wondering is what sort of ratio do others have of cyber weapons to actual weapons?
  11. Ok so I played a fair bit of Armada, loved Planetfall when it first hit, my friends and I backed of a bit for a while and now it seems armada has a stepchild called Taskforce and the forums abuzz about new editions for... some of the firestorm games. Well some more of our friends have expressed an interest in firestorm and I'm confused as to what I should be demoing, is Taskforce the future of armada, is armada what Taskforce will become is it pointless as an edition change is coming.... I'm well and truly confused and the new fleet list did not clear things up, there are no online rules for Taskforce and the armada fleet lists have gotten firestorm Taskforce written on them half way through.
  12. To me the Dindrenzi Command pod seems likes its trying to fill two different roles. 1. Its transporting a grand company of Nyx you WANT that at the frontline 2. Its got an artillery cannon on it you DON'T WANT that at the frontline. I hope they can marry up what seem to be completely different roles, is it a command bunker to co-ordinate your strikes and reign artillery death or it it a drop pod on steroids?
  13. Baring in mind my group tend to play on urban tables, about 40% terrain coverage blocking LoS, so as directorate I love this (We still have multiple firing lines so as not to disadvantage Sorylians/Dindrenzi) but since the last change I really had a blast with my Directorate, changes to our patriots and Renzi Nyx meant my cyber tanks cqb'd a unit of nyx to death (Disorder spillover finished them off) The Wraith wiped a Kratos command tank off the map as if it were the wrath of God with its dual plasma cannon volley, the Retaliators eliminated the Eris squad with extreme prejudice and my patriots wiped out a squad of storming Nyx (While wiping themselves out as well) Unfortunately lost the Desolator to ANOTHER Nyx drop and a Nyx gun team combine with the Eris squad cancelled my Wraith eventually. Game ended in a minor win/draw, me having a single undamaged Retailiator, Intruder and Trojan left, Renzi had 2 bases of nyx gun team left in a building with neither side having any intention of going near the other. So how did the 3.0 Changes help? well infantry combats are now more balanced against the horror of Nyx drops and those extra sheild's on the wraith kept it flying an extra turn and the Retaliator points reduction was MORE then welcome.
  14. Uh I think maybe I worded my question poorly its not so much that I'm expecting the new assault class ships to have high ap, more I was wondering would existing assault class ships have hardpoint options added later to make them planetary assault capable? Or is it simply a case of the current assault ships being a different class altogether from invasion fleets?
  15. Ok, the new assault fleets look awesome and ill be picking up a pacification fleet to ferry my Planetfall around as soon as they hit the shelves, but it brings up an interesting point, the new assault fleets are mainly assault carrier and cruisers for the core races to deliver there Planetfall forces but a small number of alliance fleets already have assault cruisers/carriers, looking at you WR, will their ORBATS be updated to reflect this new role and if so is it a case of as soon as or wait till the aforementioned alliance races have a stronger presence in Planetfall? Curse you for the Directorate Leviathan, Return of the Overseers box and Directorate Pacification Fleet... And the Works Raptor Patrol Fleet while I'm at it!!!! This place is like a Resin Crack Den....
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