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    pixelgeek got a reaction from sleeping_squirrel in A total rethink on Dystopian Wars   
    So after initially dismissing v3 of the DW rules I have had a bit of a turnabout in my thinking. I am not sure if the initial version of the beta was significantly different than the current version but I had a reread of it and am now looking forward to it.
    Time to finish my Prussians!
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    pixelgeek reacted to Druss in How To Make Icebergs   
    How to make Icebergs the Druss way
    I promised a few people on this form I would do I tutorial on how to make Icebergs so hear it is. Below is a lis off all the things you need.
    Blue foam (kingspan) is a good source of this stuff but you have to get the densest stuff as the pink and white
    foam is good for hills but to make sharp edges you need the really dense stuff

    Very sharp knife Ideally a craft knife with long blade (like the ones that can click out and break off).
    If you have on several wood working chisels ( I am not joking hear)
    Wood working Saw
    PVA Glue
    Emulsion Paint good source of paints in small amounts is Wilkinson’s tester pots only £1 per pot you will need white(ivory) blue and lighter blue, also some cheep 2 craft acrylic in different browns I use Anitas craft paints for my scenery it cheep and pretty good stuff ,but not good enough for models though.
    Paint brush very large modelling brush and a 2 inch household paint brush

    Ok lets get started
    1) Cut out your ice burgs to shape. To do this I sawed off the required rectangle then preceded to attack the iceberg which and combination of knife and chisel, the chisel I used to cut down vertically half way then pulled the chisel so it snapped off a part of the foam. This gives the impression of vertical striations next I used the craft knife horizontally to cut in to the foam to make flats on top off the iceberg sections.

    2) Paint the Icebergs with a watered down PVA glue layer, making certain not to loss the crispness of your cuts.
    3)Paint the iceberg dark blue Let this dry. Then work up in the colour till you get to white, using a wet dry brushing techniques.

    4) Now to make the iceberg more real looking iceberg are not all clean and white, they may look like it from far off but they have lots of dirty bit on them, so to make this effect I watered down 2 craft acrylic in different browns so they were like a milky consistency. Then applied each one to the Icebergs separately weighting till they had dried.

    5) I then dry brushed more white over top. When its dry, its done but if you want to add a bit more intrest to them well why not add some snow on to them.
    How to make fake Snow for modelling
    What you will need
    1) Baking soda (in UK its called Bicardonate of Soda)
    2) PVA wood glue
    3) white paint
    4) Small Paint brush
    5)mixing tub

    Ok if you are doing this on models remember you need to have painted your bases the colour you want and them were the snow is going you need to paint a white layer.
    To make the snow its self requires water, PVA wood Glue and baking soda. I also Like to add white paint at this points as well to stop it going yellow over time.the mix is approximately 4 to 5 parts baking soda to, 3 parts water, 2 parts PVA and about half a teaspoon or so of white acrylic
    It should end up some were between the consistency of cream and soft icing. Next apply the snow to the surfaces you want it to be.

    If you want it flat ( and this is were you need to have balls of steel) I used and regretted it later when my wife got back a baking spatula. This worked well but make should you clean it after uses, unlike me.
    After I got it flat I then decided it was to flat so I used my finder to make some peaks.

    When its dry I like to go over the snow with some more white paint.
    OK guys I hope you like this small tutorial
    PS i will put pictures of finished item when it drys in 12 hours
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