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  1. I have ordered mine via my FLGS. Not sure when it will arrive with the shipping delays that seem to be effecting everyone. I will be curious to see how the new Covenant vessels scale with the older models
  2. I don't do Facebook. I stumbled upon them on Man Battlestations though
  3. So after initially dismissing v3 of the DW rules I have had a bit of a turnabout in my thinking. I am not sure if the initial version of the beta was significantly different than the current version but I had a reread of it and am now looking forward to it. Time to finish my Prussians!
  4. I noticed that there is a Spartan Games archive but there aren't any entries for Uncharted Seas. Are the rules and stats for US not available?
  5. My interest was in getting some new vessels as I find the current rules good enouh to game with. I picked up a lot of clearance models but the 2nd edition models are difficult to find.
  6. Took a week for my last replacements. Mind you I never got the Russian Cruiser that I was missing from my Russian starter set but I never followed up as I got some others from a trade.
  7. Compare the waterline version of the magenta with the skimmer version. There is significantly more ship available to hit
  8. Do you have an example of this? There are a lot of reasons why someone would do this. The one that springs to mind is that their primer is the base coat. They have primer that is the colour they want to use as a base and they just wash overtop it. Also sometimes black primer isn't actually a very rich black and so people sometimes wash it with a black wash to fill in the shadows and make the colour deeper and richer
  9. I haven't had a spam response but I've not had any response from the two emails I've sent them lately.
  10. White on a dark primer is problematic. I usually use grey as a primer for anything that is going to be white and then go back and repaint any metallic areas with a black brush on primer. In your case you are going to need to paint multiple thin coats of paint to get an even coverage that isn't too thick. As our crepuscular friend mentions, Games Workshop makes a white paint designed to be a base coat. Privateer Press also has a paint line with a set of paints that have very good coverage. You might want to check out their Menoth Base or Menoth Highlight colours. Those will help but you are still going to probably have to do multiple coats.
  11. If you go to a discount office supply store they sell bubble wrap in large boxes. Its probably cheaper than TP that way as you'll need a lot less bubble wrap than TP :-) I also have a habit of storing any and all packing materials I get from online stores to use. The bags that Spartan ships figs in are great for wrapping models and tend to not cost you a cent :-)
  12. I can't see how unless you are only shipping in the US. Toilet paper and paper towels do nothing to protect figures and its totally inappropriate for shipping. Bubble wrap works because it takes any force on the models and disperses it or absorbs it by popping. Paper, even newspaper, just transfers any and all force directly to the figures. Newspaper is just to fill space between items that you've wrapped in bubble wrap. Toilet paper and paper towels are not even good to use as filler.
  13. There will always be a need for new rulebooks for people coming into the game. Our FLGS sold out of the 1.1 books after some demos and the arrival of some new players.
  14. Don't forget that this page is going to be up a long time so its better to post the actual URL to your review as it will no longer be on your front page in the future.
  15. My FLGS has a copy of both which is what prompted the question.
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