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  1. The game should not have been released if you can't commit to doing things anywhere near the time frame stated after a long preorders then something is screwed up its not about patience its about not allowing the proverbial to be taken out of you. Spartan has a bad rep already in a great many forums and this has just played straight into that field. No excuse for any screw ups with long preorders and this being what there 6th game and more than a few updates to there games it screams sloppy or it was never ready in the first place. It needed at least a few months before it should have been released and they are trying to hold people attention by showing even more things that are no where near release or have rules for. Sorry Spartan but after having a read through the rule book no promised orbats on site I don't see how any one is going to buy into this game with any confidence buy the rules then wait a couple of months before you can use them a sad laugh. So will be taking my cash else where no wonder I can't find a store that stocks your games Role on the Spartan defenders now
  2. I want game as good as the old epic I don't play firestorm so this would be first entry into firestorm armada universe. Have found when people claim fast rules it tends to mean dumb downed but maybe this will be first one that doesn't mean that. Have managed to talk a mate into trying it after Christmas by that time things might be bit more whole
  3. Live just out side Glasgow now Used to go to world's at war in Livingston but it closed down only place I knew of that stocked Spartan games stuff Pessimists about Spartan no just experienced with disappointing games such like legion, armoured clash where in my opinion dreadful but even more reason I am proceeding cautiously and slowly is this every game I have played with the potential to replace epic including epic40,000 has been an utter disaster and some just utter jokes. As for hellbent on being annoyed about rules not being out when the company said it would be instead leaving it as blank as in not saying when. Our hobbys require a great deal of cash and time from us where we like to admit it or not so yes I believe a company should be held to its words especially long preorder ones don't try to sell something that isnt ready before you try to sell it. I appreciate the offer to scan the booklet but that is copyright infringement that may get you into bother which just doesn't seem worth the hassle especially after you saying it on a Spartan sit lol. Maybe this will be a great game and I hope its is but I plan for the worst and hope for the best and no one needs this or any other game so any hassle is to much hassle especially when your paying for it. Dont play firestorm and have dwars laying on a shelf at moment and that is because the rule book was a disaster to attempt to read just because of the format of it. For my group it became a meh will read it later and every one sighting the same reason for it and that was after sinking a good deal of money and time into it hence a great deal of scepticism for spartans new game. Damn what a long reply
  4. Vids where mince nothing but a dull recap of mission 1 and 2
  5. Found some vids so off to watch them will let you all know how I get on
  6. Doesn't help at all ordered the rule book to play through see if the game is worth sinking money into but if there is no stats and things then I have wasted my money already since Spartan failed to release them when it said it would and with no idea of when they will be out and only a guess seems that the book is destined to be put in a box and forgotten about Bad show Spartan with no store near me stocking any Spartan stuff no chance of a look at the game unless I buy the box which is not going to happen since I don't like half the miniatures in it and won't sink £70-80 for a game I am dubious about to begin with. Seriously some one post a battle report on YouTube only way a lot of people are going to get into this game advertise or something but battle report would help a lot
  7. Yeah have some old epic models I can proxie along with the old epic terrain just waiting for the rule book Any one any idea when the PDFs will be up for the other sides I assume next month during there release ?
  8. Thanks for replying all So you fire at a squad not a model does that mean that in essence a tank is a HP marker or is there more to it ? Have ordered up a rule book but has yet to arrive and don't have any interest in combining armada and planet fall because I can't seeing it working well
  9. Simple question in the title how does it compare to dwars, armada, uncharted sea and legions ? Could you close your eyes and think it was one of the other games if you never seen the models? Reason I ask this is already heard the rule mechanic's are way to close to the other games in the range and unfortunately if this is true then I and my friends won't touch it with a barge pole as already have dwars so don't need a copy game. Before any jump to Spartans defence don't I have no interest in the company or any who work for it in any capacity only interest is the game so all biased views for or against Spartan please leave out of it. Is it worth my hard earned cash or is it dwars with small tweaks ? Is it a worthy space marine/titan legion successor ? Does the game grab you by the ..... ? I realise this might be to early to tell since not much is out for it but I reckon there should be enough info for some one to make a reasonable judgement
  10. Well I like big mechs or titans and the new ones look good not even got the rule book yet but models look good except 2-3 I hate the looks of the of the flying one very disappointed in it . to way in on mechs being right or not the biggest advantage to it is hands changing weapon is as easy as bending down and picking another up giving massive tactical advantage no need for engineers or support crews or huge undertakings to change weapon's what I would find stupid is if they don't have hands but fixed weapons then changing them would be a nightmare.
  11. I don't think they look that great. The gunship at the back just looks meh
  12. Think delboy is doing a good job at not showing his full hand when it comes to rules must be driving him nuts not to just let it all out Have to agree with Fran not ready till I see the rule book am being cautious this time round mostly because this treads on the path of my favourite old game space marine/titan legions and so far there has been no worthy challenger's fow came the close but it just isn't sci-fi
  13. The lizards will be some sort of scatter shot weapons think hvy shotgun to aid in the ripping you apart in close while the hvy ones will carry some sort of hvy pulse gun
  14. Bit touchy sounding there phaedros But think its a free move like the scouts rule in 40k rather than the infiltrate rule
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