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  1. True. But i would have the starter boxes prefered to contain 3 light cruisers per side, aka a full squadron, skipping on the variant hulls, which could have been saved for the reinforcement sets alone. The starter box is good value for money though - but as you said: it is a starter.
  2. Well, if you want to use the new models in Firestorm Armada mostly, i think it would be much more reasonable to purchase the reinforcement sets because this way you will get a complete squadron of 3 ships an with all the options for the variant cruiser squadron. In the end you can just download the Taskforce rules and stats. So you don't need to buy the starter box per se.
  3. Yup. the final contents of the Taskforce starter sets were said to include these models 2 x cruisers per side 1 x parts for the variant cruiser per side 6 x frigates per side
  4. Indeed, PD is never combined in Taskforce, so you only have to rely on the PD on the ship that is currently attacked. Nearby ships from that aquadron can't help you with their PD The two exeptions are SRS bomber runs and boarding action, where you can bring interceptors from nearby carriers into play to boost your PD defense.
  5. Well, i think the new Tier 3s look much better on the smaller bases. I never rally liked the small ships on the standard sized bases - espacially the tiny ones like the Sorylian Pulmbata and such. That said, i think it could be a big deal in intriducing the small bases to Firsestorm Armada since at fixed channels, the base size would matter quite a lot. Maybe FsA V3.0 would be a good opportunity to adress this problem and make clear statements in regard towards base sizes.
  6. Well, i got my Terran vs Dindrenzi starter box today. Sadly i am one of the poor guys with only 5 frigates per faction. I will email Spartan about this soon. First of all i have to say that the model look extremely good. The new terran cruiser is no doubt the best cruiser this faction had to this day. A really great modell. I am looking foward to see a Tier 1 BB in this new design pattern. The frigates are equally well designed. Oh, and the Dindrenzi are ok as well... As for the rules, well, there i a lot of new stuff. Just 2 to 3 glances Moving is performed as in Halo Fleet Battles and the Fleet building remindes me on the mechanic used in Planetfall. Attacking is a totally new system. Attack dice are now combined in a squadron and there is only the damage rating left. However if you reach or surpass the DR, you and your opponent make a competitive roll on a new damage table, resulting in everything between just disorder markers or up to 5, 6 or more damage points. Taskforce looks good so far, but honestly i think i will stick to the Friestorm Armada rules most of the time.
  7. Ferox21

    Ferox21s Dindrenzi

    Hi guys, i was struggling wether to open a new thread for these. But since i cannot edit the title of my Terran post and cause Dindrenzi are still sparce here in the painting forum i decided to start a new thread. So here are pice of my first two Dindrenzi models. Well, they still need some detailing, but the overall color scheme turned out as i hoped. The Scout - look a bit blurry on the pic, Need some more attention i think. The hover tank. I have now idea where the driver would be seated so i painted the one area with a cockpit window that made sense to me.
  8. Ferox21

    Ferox21s Terrans

    Hi guys, from the first info i was anticipating Planetfall and finally got the Terran and Dindrenzi starter boxes as christmas gifts. I started painting the Terrans right after i got them and wanted to show you the first results 'fresh from the table'. Since i always thought Terrans vs Dindrenzi in Planetfall highly resembles GDI vs NOD i chose a sand yellow color pattern for my terrans - and i am quite happy with the results. So, here we go. The Scout tank, maybe there is a larger window on the side as well and i will paint this section black as well... 2 finished scouts. the infantrys large APC. 4 fbases finished infantry, all along with their mobile cover... a closer look on one infantry base The Heimdal Medium Battle Tank. the Heimdal with rotated turret to show the drivers cabin and the things i call "shield generator plates" The Vidar Heavy Tank. again a pic with rotated turret to observe the drivers canopy and the generator triangles.
  9. Since they are on the opposite side this should be no problem storywise. However, if you like Sorylians or Aquans (for example) you should go with them. Just remember, that in the source material they are allies to the Terrans. The typical training battles then...
  10. Well, DIndrenzi would be the obvious choice since they are the Terrans' main adversary. And their ships look extremly cool imo. If you don't like DIndrenzi i would go for another of the human factions - Directorate or Rense Navy.
  11. Ok, so we get a repacked naval starter for the Chinese, which is a mix of the old starter and the support group. The fortresses have moved to the dreadnought, which will now ship with the adaequate numer of TFTs. I liked the new aerial model when i first saw them and will definetly get a box. Same with the awesome dragon of doom. However, i am not sold on the ground models, but that's ok since we hardly play DW ground around here.
  12. Well, just a few things concerning South America in the DC timeline: * the USA conquered Colombia and Venezuela somewhere in the 1830s/40s. The USA reformed into the FSA in 1864 and this region is still part of the FSA in 1872. * Brazil, the Guyana states (and maybe parts of Bolivia ans Paraguay) reformed into the Socialist Union of South America (SUSA).after Marx published his manifesto in 1848. This should have happened by a workers / communist revolution somewhere around 1849 or in the early 1850s. * Japan bought the southern part of Argentina in the late 1860s and established it's provine of Kanawa - mostly to control Cape Horn. * In this timeframe Japan helped Chile in a war with an imho unspecified neighbour, maybe Argetina as it is suggested here. ChIle an Japan had good relations thereafter and Chile recently joined the Imperial Bond. * In the Hurricane season campaign 1871, Japan (well ok i should call it the EotBS) conquered the Falklands from the Britons. * In Operation Shadow Hunter in 1872 the EotBS started a trade war off the SUSAs coast to sink as much trading ships a possible. The SUSA secretly called for the aid of the FSA, as they thought their navy is to weak to take on the EotBS. Apparently this operation is some kind of long term plan to disrupt the FSAs ongoing construction of the Panama canal - maybe to draw away forces guarding the construction site.
  13. Well as for the topic of loosing ground: DzC is now available for around 2 years now so it is only natural that the game has found some players in the meantime. Last years starter set had grown some intention and new players as well. Planetfall however was just available for a short time in some sort of beta an will be fully released to the punlic this fall or winter. So yeah, maybe there are some players that once were interested in Planetfall and turned to DzC but as it was discussed here there are some fundamentel differences in both games. I will try to discuss some of them. * DzC is focussing it's playstyle on combat between somehow medium sized armies with the focus of using Dropships and fast deployment / redeplyment of units. Mostly the game is also driven by taking and claimung objectives and not by destroying the enemy troops, which is only rarely the measurement of victory. In addition DzC is focussing on battles in cities with lots of buildings. It can be played in the countryside yes, but i found that DzC benefits motsly when played in urban terrain. * Planetfall, as much as i know it will focussing more on larger battles between greater armies. Dropships will be used rather sparce or only for infantry. So with it's larger size Planetfall will be more aimed on engagements between armies that meet their objectives while fighting each other. Also we will definetly see some large and interesting units in the game if you take in the experience of Dystopian Wars which intoduced some awesome models over the years. * Another important factor is the pricing. DzC ist rather expensive if you want to start the game. The starter armies are somehow small considering the money you have to spend for it. As i understand it, plastic starters are in the making but still, a proper 1k army of CzC ist a huge investment. * Planetfall should be less expensive in comparison as i would assume. The starter boxes will be in the same region as the latest DW startes, giving us a good value for money - as always with Spartan Games products. In the end both systems have their place and players - and they will play significantly different, as i would assume. Oh, one bonus: You will be ablte to use your terrain for both systems since it is both 10 mm scale.
  14. From a background point of view i find it interesting that the EotBS were making their trade war in the waters off the SUSA coast but the communists aparantly didn't have the power to stop them and turend to the capitalist FSA instead. (ok, in screcy) In in the same paragraph it is mentioned that the fleets of the SUSA are quite powerful. Apparently the SUSA did not want to fight the EotBS and called for the Americans to do their job...
  15. Well, the FSA smalls are missing in my Operation Shadow Hunter set. I contacted the Spartan customer service on 23rd July. They replied the next day, however until today (3rd of August) the smalls haven't arrived yet. I think i will wait until wednesday before i'm going to contact them again.
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