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  1. FearGFX

    Australians WIP

    Hi guys, I roamed the Firestorm Armada forum for a while and i got some painted models on there. A friend of me had a bunch of unpainted DW Australians and he asked me to paint them. He wanted something similar to the boxart but not completely the same, so I ditched the yellow cabins and changed the gradient on the hull. Got some WIP photos for you guys.
  2. I was about to post mine but now im afraid lol
  3. I use nr 2 but to get different effects i also use different brushes. For bases is recommended you stay with the toothbrush method though!
  4. Btw where did you get / find those plastic hemispheres? Ive been looking for them online but i cant really find anything...
  5. So how would you paint those weather effects you talked about?
  6. FearGFX

    Painting Pearl?

    not exactly... Its pretty much the same as the iridescent medium. Gold or silver metallic flakes are colored and mixed with a colored medium. The metallic medium are reflective flakes (not silver) which can be mixed with a paint or ink to color and give opacity to the medium.
  7. the effect you got on the red planet is really awesome! i tried using the wrong method and material i guess thanks for "trying" to explain
  8. Great little tutorial! I really like the effect you get when you painted it! Very "neon"
  9. FearGFX

    Painting Pearl?

    This is the stuff i was gonna recommend. I dont have pictures of the result but if you use this stuff with a off white and have some very transparent layers with purple, green and bone colors (also mixed with the iridescent medium) to get that nice little color changes some pearls have
  10. FearGFX

    Space Board

    can you maybe explain some of the techniques you used? i recognize the style from the work many street artists make in a lot of major cities during holidays
  11. Oh my GAWD!!! I would very much like to see a painting tutorial on how you painted both planets!
  12. Id love to learn how you made that bridge! I really love to have that kind of variation on some of my ships to tie them in with the "modern" ships.
  13. windows is something i always have trouble with! you did a really good job on those!
  14. i really cant see anything wrong with the dindrenzi battleship... or am i missing something?
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