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  1. Agree 100% That the rules are written for and support our old classic models is a must for me too.
  2. I don't mind that my old models is no longer in production. However what I do mind is that there are rules for them!
  3. Looking at the general rules, I'm guessing our terror ship will get the following: Heavy Flame Cannon 11 (0) : Torrent, Hazardous, Sustained HAZARDOUS:Should the Initial Target suffer one or more points of damage in an Attack with this quality it gains a Disorder Condition. TORRENT:Use the tear shaped Torrent template with this weapon. The narrow end is placed touching any point of the front of the model with the Lead Weapon and the centreline touching any part of the Initial Target. All models touched by the template are automatically hit. Roll Action Dice Pool and apply the result to every model touched by the template. This does not include the firing model but may include friendly models! Models that have their Line of Sight to the Attacker completely blocked can still be damagedby the torrent. You cannot Support with Torrent weapons. SUSTAINED:An Attack made with this Quality can re-roll any of its Action Dice Pool (except fordice generated by Exploding Hits as normal). The second roll must be accepted. --- All in all, not a bad weapon. Hazardous keeps some of the old havoc of elements...
  4. Looking forward to my beloved Empire of the Blazing Sun. Or Celestials
  5. Well, I want classical model support from version 3.0
  6. I haven't played the game since 2.0. New stats to go with 2.5 was never finished, and I'm still worried that dystopian wars classic models will not be playing the same way I used to. I liked fire, flamethrowers, submarines robots of death, kill 1 AP rule, corrosive special. I started to like how 2.5 did a lot of the generators, so I would miss the sonic generator if it's not re-implemented. If the EoBS gets the new disruption generator instead of nullification generator, I will find that sad, cuz old disruption node generator was NASTY fun. I would miss the old boarding rules, where you not only needed to keep track of how many HP you had, but also how many AP you had left. But, that being said, there is one thing I'm actually looking forward to, and that is the Carriers rules is one of the things I'm excited about in the new rules.
  7. Long range Sortie seems interesting choice. And with lots of carriers you can keep the distance and rely on that action. Howevev you can only launch them every 2nd turn? Or can you wait one turn, then from then on launch every turn onto a long-range-sortie? The alternative, activate them within 20''. You don't need LoS I geuss then? 20'' is within 2nd range-band in the new system. Would you play them as long range weapon system or move forward with them? How much do you use SAS offensive versus defensive? If I could apply them defensively AFTER I know where the attacker has placed their tokens, then defensively purposes of SAS will be far more potent. I would never (almost never) place defensive SAS on a ship if the attacker can attack an other ship instead. I guess these things will be determind by initiative?
  8. Question: How does carriers play now? Do SAS work as close quarters attackers, or do you stay as far away from the enemy as possible?
  9. I'm mostly looking forward to see stats for empire of the blasing suns classical models. Any news?
  10. Any info on stats of the classical models?
  11. Good news Here is where the gold is. My favorite ship from the old 2.5 is the terror ship. I'm looking forward to see what you guys have done with it statswise?
  12. If you don't allow for easy cheap online stats-update, we will be stuck with stupid stats for a very long time. So, I strongly recommend something which is easily printable by simple printers.
  13. And doing adjustments to stats is super important. I do also see the benefit of stat-cards. It makes it easy to track the stats you want. Printable statscards may be a way to go. But if so, please print the version on the stats them self. Even better, make an army builder which creates a pdf with only the stats you need on it.
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