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  1. Glauco


    che brutto quel Napoleone...
  2. Old SG fluff in the last version take on 1876, six years after the beginning of all, but there's altered fact earlier
  3. Glauco


    Un benvenuto a tutti i giocatori italiani!
  4. Glauco


    That's could be, but it changes a lot of the background for all the european Nation. In the old lore Napoleon was assassinated in 1804, and even if it seems a little event, his death was a cornerstone for the dystopic history. I see the fascination on have Napoleon alive and commanding the Latin Alliance, but I suggest to refer at Napoleon as the third (in fact his nephew Luigi Bonaparte), this simplify your works at the background and helps with the timeline
  5. Glauco


    I have another question. I've red SUSA's narrative and it's cited Napoleon. Which Napoleon we talk about?
  6. Hello, my name is Glauco and I live in Lodi, Italy Which games produced by Warcradle Studios do you play? Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada How long have you been playing these games? I believe something like 5 years for Dystopian wars and just one year for Firestorm armada Where do you play? I play at the UESM - Casa dei giochi in Milano where host a group of players Which fleets and armies do you own? Which fleets and armies do you plan to add to your collection? League of Italian States for DW and Oroshan in FA I don't know what I can purchase in future What is your favourite Warcradle Studios model? There's a lot beautyful model from the Spartan line, it's very difficult to choice one
  7. Hi all, I have a question . Is it possible to have a timeline where put on evidence the events? For example, in old background Napoleon the First was murdered in 1804, throwing the neo empire of France in a civil war, then in the same year kingdom of Prussia invaded Austria and defeated the Hasburg army reclaiming the Emperor title of Germany. Just to have an idea of what changes are. Thank you
  8. I'll see a.mixed system will be the better. New players will buy the fleet boxes while old players can add some ship through the blisters range.
  9. I'm an old player, and I know how much fluff is important... In some ways, this rearrangment of alliances can be a good thing for the game, but Latin Alliance resembles a miscellanea of some high-exploding potions... I can see some connection but for me these connection are so flebile that you cannot base an alliance from them... By the way, I play LoIS and I hope in a good background for my nation
  10. Hi all, I've acquired from a friend of mine a full Oroshan fleet. I like the models very much (the DN is a fantastic model!), now I have to prove them in battle!
  11. I've made some maths on Spuntone's firepower... It's impressive! From RB2 a squadron can place over 20 dices! something that can give some trouble on enemy Dreadnought, finally!
  12. I played a good game indeed, I'll try again the core aerial even if it needs a particular attention due implicit fragility Have you see the new Spuntone (Spike in english)? it seems a Gladius overloaded of turrets! I'm curious to see the stats... there will be a new ORBAT for Italians?
  13. Mars crippled bad and sinked, and only a cinquedea remains of the brigantine. Pilum from 3 reduced to 1, and even the ballista was badly damaged... at least i try to bomb with everything... not enough
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