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  1. @ Morticulator: Any more info on this? Carlisle isn't that far away
  2. I use a bit of blu tack to stick them to an old paint pot and that removes the need to hold the model during painting.
  3. Quite literally just finished adding paint to the last of my ships, final Dindrenzi roster now stands at 1 Retribution 1 Praetorian 1 Nausicaa 1 Battlestation 1 Falchion 2 Cataphracts 3 Spathas 2 Gladius (used as carrier attachments now) 3 Murmillos 6 Secutors 3 Tridents 12 Sgians 9 Thraex 6 Bucklers A total of 2925 pts before wings/hardpoints/upgrades added in. Favourite model of the lot is probably the battlestation weirdly enough Just picked up some RSN allies, an Argus, pair of Spooks as accompaniments and 6 escorts. Way down the paint list though. Now I just need to finish of the stinking Terrans(about the same size - 5 squadrons need to be painted before they are totally finished) before having a massive battle between them which the Dindrenzi will win naturally
  4. Heresy to some no doubt but I have had great success running sgians in squadrons of 3. Only drops the attack dice to 12 in rb1 from 14 as pack hunter tops out +2 dice. I'd also drop the secured bulkheads upgrades and the heavy cruiser to a regular Should then look something like this 3 Spathas 3 Secutors 3 Tridents with high energy 3 Sgians 3 Sgians comes to 795. Dropping the tridents for 3 secutors allows 2 more sgians to be added.
  5. Didn't bother putting the legs on it. Drilled a small hole in the center underneath and mounted a widget there, it now sits quite happily on a flight stand. I didn't like the mutant spider look it had, but now can be easily used as a ghost station/civilian station etc etc. and its easy to transport being essentially a cylinder of resin
  6. Last game a short 3 ship squadron of sgians double critted aquan isonades 2 turns running, wasn't even in the in the rear arc for the first shot To say I was surprised was an understatement
  7. Just ordered the dreadnought, battlecruiser, new gunship and destroyer box sets to complete the fleet. Will give me at least 1 of every squadron. Time to break out the black spray again
  8. Picked up the Dindrenzi and Terran battlestations from Wayland games when I got the patrol fleets to go with the BoV box set fleets. So back to square one with even more ships to paint than are in the boxed set! (which are now painted)
  9. Didnt see Spartan listed as a trader at Salute, so who will be selling the miniatures and more importantly giving away freebies? I was planning on getting the terran and dindrenzi patrol fleets anyway while down for the usual beer and toys trip
  10. Only started at Christmas, 1 x Praetorian 1 x Nausicaa 1 x Bastion 1 x Falchion 2 x Gladuis (old shape models, will be used as the carrier accompaniment) 3 x Murmillio 6 x Secutor 9 x Thraex 12 x Sgian 3 x Bucklers
  11. We are just starting out with FSA, have the BFV set and currently my main opponent plays aquans. Can someone explain why our supposedly heavily armoured ships are less durable than say an aquan cruiser for example? 60 pts gets a fury with Dr/Cr 4/8 60 pts gets a storm with dr/cr 5/6 with a shield and difficult target. On average a 10 dice attack will crit the Fury, no chance to change that. Against the aquan a 10 dice attack will only crit 50% of the time(shield fails) but 33% that will be reduced to 1 damage (shield saves 1 hit) and the remainder of the time no damage will be caused as the shield save explodes. The aquan only becomes vulnerable to small targets which ignore the difficult target modifiers. So is the answer ignore the furys and just take twice as many hammers/sgians? In my experience so far the hammers have caused significantly more damage than the furys in each game so far. Currently trying to maintain the range each turn to maximise the railguns long range but the aquans are faster, more maneuverable and just as long ranged in reality. So far my experience shows that that dindrenzi ships are as durable as snow in the caribean in summer. Any hints/tips greatly appreciated.
  12. Having played against this card now in several games it is broken. From turn 3 onwards this will be the only card you see against a lot of aquan players. Last nights game was typical, aquan player uses a 6 and 5 strong wing of bombers along with a 5 strong interceptor wing. I had a 5 strong fighter wing. From turn 3 onwards the aquan carrier activates his invulnerable interceptors drive my fighters away. Then the bombers swing by and drop a crit on the praetorian on average, followed by the battleships bomber wing on his next activation. And then you buy back the card for 1 log point. It is so totally a non brainer its an auto include. 55pts of SRS tokens will net you 7 battle log points over 3 turns never mind any damage that the actual carrier/ battleship does. Note this is in an 800 pt patrol fleet game. With damage output like that why bother with systems sniper, just spam bombers. Even the aquan player says its overpowered and why would he ever do anything differently? We have decided to leave the card as is, but up its buy back cost to 3. Gives the aquan player a more difficult choice to make, but still reckon it'll be used at least twice per game. So far this is our only issue with the game, its enjoyable and fun and in the whole well thought out. Maybe thats why this seems to stick out as 'wtf were they thinking?'
  13. I have the BFV boxed set Dindrenzi (and they are even painted shock horror) so have just ordered the carrier boxed set and the cruiser boxed set. I'll make the cruisers into heavies I think. Nothing else will be ordered until these are painted too. Its my newest New Years resolution
  14. I also play Dysyopian Wars and much of the same issues have been raised there. Id hazard a guess that all new releases from Spartan now will be boxed sets, irrespective of the games system. So you will see patrol fleet/cruiser/carrier/frigate/flange/whoop boxed sets all sold in full strength units for all games systems. If you need a single ship then it will be via Spartans parts webstore. This makes sense from a going forward pov, the only people inconvenienced by it are people with existing fleets. The success or failure of this model in retaining existing customers will be down to how easy it is to get the individual models. As a new player I am liking the boxed concept on that everything I could neec for my squadron/flange/whoop is in one place and I dont have left over models (as my French DW fleet does).
  15. Foundry and Vallejo with a small amount of GW remaining. Also use the army painter dips and washes too.
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