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  1. Just checking something here, as I'm going through the 2.0 PDFs. In the Russian cards, the Suvorov and Tambov both have a squadron size >1 and the option to change their crew quality. In their entries, it's listed as 'this model may change from X crew to Y crew for +Z points'. Elsewhere in the RC PDF, the squadrons with generators include a specific note about 'all models must have the same generator/take this upgrade if used.' By contrast, the FSA list has squadrons where a crew upgrade is listed as 'this squadron may change...etc.' - In this specific case, must all Suvorovs and/or Tambovs in a squadron take the crew upgrade, if it is selected at all? - If so, the cost remains +X per model in the squadron, correct? I expect the answer is yes to both, and the cards are simply missing a similar 'if chosen, all models must take the upgrade' note.
  2. Actually started a thread on this very topic down in the Alliance & Mercenaries forum: http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/8529-coin-contract/ draco84oz's post #10 in that thread sums up the way it seems to work.
  3. Great news! I've been kinda holding off on what I want to play for 2.0, and the MotR factions are really what I've been waiting for.
  4. Exactly the chain of thought that led me down this path, ser. EIMC with the aux carriers and a little game of Q-Ship Roulette....gonna need some air cover though...and it just spiralled from there.
  5. Nice to see some updates for AC! Although they're all labeled as medium tank regiments, they are the mandatory formations, and at (if I'm not mistaken) maximum size - much appreciated!
  6. I should note that Mercenaries are one of my main factions for Warmachine - and the recent new things announced here got me to thinking: Surely I'm not the only one tempted to roll out EIMC + Eclipse + Black Wolf + Merchies & Q-Ships; heck, I'm tempted just on models alone. Already have paint scheme ideas pulling from my old BFG pirate fleet, Crimson Skies, some old BattleTech books...any old thing, really. Based on my understanding of the mercenary/ally rules, and the blurbs published by Spartan, I see no reason why this currently can't work...
  7. Mostly all I'm doing is yoinking the MAR/WAR/Generator descriptions, terrain table, and some other odds and ends like Command checks and the phase sequence just into a word doc. Got it down to two page/four sides, should be good enough. Plain-text unit cards...are slower to do. I freely admit that Warmachine has spoiled me when it comes to unit stat cards - I find it difficult to play games with more than a handful of models without 'em any more. One-to-four model games like Battletech or Federation Commander, full record sheets work for me; anything more numerous like AC, I want my sleeved 2.5x3x5" cards! Heaven help me if I ever get into any flavour or Warhammer, because I'll never squeeze all the unit options onto a Standard CCG Card. Well, I did say 'if my math is correct'. Where did I....ah. Only had the cost of one infantry battalion for the Subterranean Regiment in. That would do it. For what it's worth, the Russians are in my second tier of choices. I wound up ranking like this when I was deciding: Brittania - Covenant Russian - French - Prussian America - Blazing Sun
  8. Double-posting seemed more appropriate than editing in. Figured I'll drop some of the notes I made while deciding on my factions, in case it's useful for other new players. Was surprised how close the Brigade boxes actually are in point values - only an eighty-point difference, on average about a model's worth, and the low/high outliers actually have unusual formation choices that seem to make up for it. If my math is right, the Prussians are the cheapest at 1400, with two Combat Formations and an Allied; Blazing Sun is the most expensive at 1480, with two Combat Formations and one Support. All the rest have one Combat and two Support Formations. The Brit box is a little unusual in that you can swap around which Regiment the landship leads, and since (according to the unboxing photos) it comes with all the landship tops, there isn't even any proxying necessary. Covenant has similar flexibility, since both Marks of the Callimachus are the same point cost. Prussians are somewhat infantry-heavy and yet also get the giant robots, Americans have flyers, French are tilted toward the heavy side of the list with all those landships. I like the fact that the boxes skew a little bit here and there, offers variety. Might toss up posts on the Brit/CoA threads with some theorymachine and mulling on command/asset options; hopefully some game experience soon as well. I've been working on making a reference sheet and some plain-text statcards, as well. Anything to help this game get off the ground!
  9. Think I've finally settled on Brits and Penguins, though Prussians (robots!) and French (heat rays!) were close behind. One conventional force (insamuch as anything in Dystopianverse is 'conventional') and one weird one should make a good show.
  10. Just making sure I'm reading this right, and my search-fu isn't coming up with anything. So a model with a Guardian, because it's effected by its own generator, can never benefit from another Guardian on another model - that is, two Schildtragers standing next to each other still only get 1 shield die apiece?
  11. Of all the Spartan games I've played, I keep coming back to AC as something to really sink my teeth into. However, nobody at my FLGSes already plays; I'd have to introduce the game from scratch. Freely-posted rules and stats certainly help in that endeavour, however.... What I'd like to know from people who've done so is if there are two stock Brigade boxes that provide a reasonable, yet also eye-catching and cinematic introduction to the game. I'm slowly churning through the army lists and stat files, but I'd like to solicit input from others. Pitch it to me, folks!
  12. That's kind of the way I'm seeing it. And it certainly doesn't hurt that the DDs 1) are the only ships that can link their own weapons, and 2) linking both torpedo decks gives 10AD in range 3-4. Unless the target has some pretty up-there point defense scores, that's going to sting.
  13. So the floating cities have caught my eye. They seem solid enough to take a spin on their own these days, and I really like the aesthetic - they'd make great Zenithians for War Rocket, too. Any thoughts on running Kedorians on their own? The two boxes combined, with a fully-loaded carrier and the CA/DD hulls built as Cruisers comes to 890 points; minus ten for each destroyer. The fleet seems pretty solid defensively, and I really like the 360-degree firepower. Battle-shunt moves look like they'd be fun to plan around, too - have to take into account overshooting, undershooting, and rolling a yahtzee. Average rolls are something to keep in mind too; 2d7 = 7, 3d6 = ~11, 4d6 = ~14...I don't know if I'd ever ramp the cruisers up to full five dice. Thoughts, builds you've used?
  14. Antarcticans, a brief inquiry! Discussion as to what's competitive or not is inevitable. I'm not interested in competitive - what I want to know is what are your best toys? What makes you really break out the mad-scientist laugh, or (when it works) makes your opponent's jaw hit the floor? Land, sea, air, doesn't matter - bonus points if you can correlate with Armoured Clash.
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