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  1. I would love for my Dindrenzi opponent to target my Heimdals with his Nyx, unfortunately he knows they aren't the ideal target and I end up losing a Tyr instead. Same with the Bor'Ka, why waste hard hitting units for such minimal gain?
  2. I don't think anyone is really saying that they are underpowered. It is more so that once your enemy starts to think "he has some scary guns up close" they tend to not get close. If your enemy comes to you, it is like a godsend. If your enemy decides to take out your range first and then target your slow 8" flat out moving forces it will test the toughness. Squads can only get so lucky against numerous hits. The thing with the game at the moment is that TV values are too high, you don't really need to capture objectives between 3k - 4k points (I know some people will argue against this) and due to limited helix releases out most games are usually between those numbers. So Terrans lacking range or real fast hard hitting options miss out. Once our range damage is nullified, the enemy just has to pick carefully what he wants gone before it arrives.
  3. I have to say I am feeling the same at this stage. Also correct regarding the Tyrs and Baldrs. Tyr is always the primary target, and I have to spend extra points for the extra buffer that is the shield tank parked out in front. Once our long range damage is taken out, I get to play the 5+ game against hover, or get pummeled till I get within 20" since we lack any real medium range weapons except for the Vidars missiles.
  4. Terrans are fine against Relthoza in a range fight, the thing to look out for is the sky drop. Relthoza might have superior range AD values but it is the PP that helps bring them to par. Though I reckon the Baldr needs its 15AD re-instated or the unit given a price reduction due to the unneeded AD nerf. Same can be said versing Sorylians, they have bigger guns at range but it is the fact that both units in the heavy helix have PP that brings them close to par. Terrans against Aquan is a hard one, mainly because they can sit back and hit you on a 3+ compared to you hitting them on a 4+ if both standing still. You also have really annoying crystals allowing flank hits, and they move faster than you and have hit & run. Both factions have access to strong PP elements. Directorate... Probably one of the hardest lists to verse (if your opponent is actually good). If they take 2 wraiths, gg. They'll take apart a heavy helix at range a turn, you also have 2 grand companies waiting patiently. Whoever thought it needed 5 shields should hang their heads in shame, it was hard enough to kill when it had 3 shields taking into account it out ranges everything in the game. If it sits out at 47" you can't hit it at all with anything in the Terran list. Dindrenzi, gotta watch out for the sky drop and hope your opponent rolls bad and lands in front of your guns. 10" threat range of those Nyx pretty much means that unless they deviate really badly you are going to get hurt. Basically, if a sky drop marker gets placed right next to your tanks you basically can't move them especially if the marker gets taken down to 1. If you go on overwatch, and they still come down on a flank chances are you'll only get half of a squad being able to fire at it hitting on 5+ unless they rolled really bad. If you move, they come down and hurt you really bad.
  5. I did say I would agree with Core regarding his suggestion if it didn't start some form of discussion/disagreement, which it did anyway for some reason. I could still bring up more points but it'll just descend into *** for tat. What's the saying again, debating on the internet is like running in the special olympics? But we should move this on
  6. Mainly because you can easily punish a flank with multiple drops onto it. Having the marker tick up will remove the zero'd in marker bonus (as in rerolling if you don't like the direction) Also would you fire 4 pods towards the same location that they have the potential to land on each other or space them out slightly?
  7. They can reach the primary turn 1 but unless they have a leto squad land right next to it they won't be getting any points right off the bat. I really only think that should apply to hover units standing still to shoot. They already benefit from the -1 to hit at LR, so like flying units that decide to sit still they should lose that -1. (well aware that flyers don't benefit at all sitting still but they do get the option). I would agree with Core regarding the markers ticking up per use but that would just fire up a long debate that ultimately won't be looked at or redid for quite some time.
  8. Yeah it wasn't need. Also due to the LoS determining the class, it could make the Hawker helix mean they can't do a repair roll since it says Aerial and not flying. But we all know what it is meant to be, no need for RAW interpretations.
  9. I don't see them changing actual MARs until V2 comes out. I have lost units to PP and killed units with PP, and I believe that PP is fine as is. The only people that don't like PP are the ones whose force doesn't have it. Some people would say cloak is OP, I once rolled 12 dice and got 13 hits on a Relthoza heavy tank. 1 shy of 2 damage that got denied due to the fact I couldn't roll my exploding dice (was 4 6's).
  10. Yeah, looks like LoS determines class. I don't see why they don't just change the wording on the orbats from LoS class to Type Class.
  11. Take the WR helix, I said in another post that having 2 wraiths and 2 WR witches squads is one of the most powerful builds in the game atm. At the moment a Directorate opponent running the 2 wraith, 2 WR force can dictate play.
  12. Got word back from Delboy regarding Valks and Freyas. They are still considered as light elements, so no rerolls of 1 and no shield tank escorts.
  13. That's actually a good point.
  14. It'll be hard to explain that. Basically you have a small % to inflict another DR hit. This is the usual conversation that happens after a unit with pinpoint inflicts a hit prior to pp roll. PP player - Awww yeah, PP time! PP Opponent - That's so bs, PP is so OP. On a successful pinpoint hit : PP player - YES! PP Opponent - That's so BS, you can't tell me that isn't OP. On an unsuccessful pinpoint hit : PP Opponent - YES!!! PP player - That's so BS, that should have been another hit
  15. Kill team + battle drugs, though not that high I don't think. Maybe around 35ish. Don't have the updated orbats on me.
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