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  1. http://shop.spartangames.co.uk/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=DWBB02 So a faster alternative to DW looms. Wonder what will be cut out. If there is a faster game, why would you want to play the slower version? Also, are there some new models in that box set? I see Keplers, Thales/Galen (always get the CoA smalls wrong) and something that looks like a Fresnel but not quite.... What about the Prussian models - are there some new ones there to?
  2. If the average game is 1250pnts the does this mean less big stuff?
  3. How long does the average game take? Last time my mate and I played we had 2000pts forces. Turn 1 took about 2 hours to get through... Is this about right? How do you speed up games?
  4. Maybe crazy ideas! Given the DN has 6 slots available on its hull - how about a version with 6 main turrets (3 fore and 3 aft) with a single internal generator (shield or tesla). Would that be too good? Or what if you took the standard three turrets and put them all fore so that the generators are all on the aft section, this would make sense since going forward is generally a good idea and a fire arc of 270 usually covers most sufficiently. It would be vulnerable from the rear but that's a payoff.
  5. How can we stop these seemingly increasing in number useless stupid topics from appearing and clogging up the forums? Can someone not just delete them as they pop up?
  6. Many thanks and just to throw my compliments your way as well, it is a stirling job you do! Feel free to do a merry jig on my behalf.
  7. What do all the abbreviations mean? AUSF? etc..... Or are they random?
  8. Considering the Metzger is B now, are there plans for other variants?
  9. I have noticed some anomalies with BS. Like the Hochmeister using the full Speerschleuder loadout still has a Tesla generator.
  10. Not 3.0!!! Haven't finished with 2.0 yet.....
  11. The link seems not to work. Just takes me a screen telling me to update, though i have the latest version.
  12. So is Army Builder better and more accurate then?
  13. I have been looking over the various Army Builders. Army Builder from Lone Wolf costs dosh - is this worth it? Battlescribe - less dosh - how does it compare to the above? I have downloaded battlescribe but how often is it updated (and Army Builder for that matter) and I cant seem to find the relevant files for stats and points. An internet search goes round in endless circles.
  14. Two Metzgers carrying a landing strip between them... voila! Mobile airfield...
  15. I would like the Hochmeister and the Coeus as I have both Prussian and CoA forces, plus the models are great. But.... 1) how likely am I to use them? 2) would that money be better spent expanding my forces with more "core" stuff 3) for their £££ I want something that is good - but too good and no one will play against them... So whilst a good idea in concept it's a difficult one to justify.
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