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  1. So what happens now?

    Any warceadle person.. it says that the crown includes the Canadian Navy, although Spartan closed before we got them. Are you guys going to be releasing a Canadian Navy?
  2. So what happens now?

    Wanted to be the first to welcome everyone to the British Crown. Lets see what ends up happening...
  3. Very dissapointed

    Just wait... I wouldnt thriw away your Eagles just yet...
  4. I have sent my flyff and design guide to Mike along with having finalized stats for my unit. If interested in looking, head over to the KOB sub forum and open the thread " A new model approaches". What I will say is mine is simple, straightforward, and fills a need in the Orbat..
  5. Alliance Updates Incoming (blog posts)

    Mike, is there a render ready for the Newfoundland Battleship? It wasnt shown in the get to know the units, but the Eider was. Could you give us some info on what it is equipped with???? Also will HMS Sussex be aboe to be used with the Canadians via LendLease? It looks more at home with the Canadians than the KOB...
  6. Alliance Updates Incoming (blog posts)

    I think they missed a render, there us no pic for the Canadian Newfoundland Battleship.
  7. 2.5 Orbats Notes

    Dynasty large repair ship only has 6 AP for a repair ship. Typo???
  8. 40% cap on smalls?(still needed in 2.5?)

    Exactly... 20% more Indus and Veeran??? Yes please!!!
  9. I really hope this doesnt mean I have to end up waiting a few years to see my model get done. Doing that means I have to hope sales stay high for the game to last that long, or else I just paid the extra money to you guys for no return, and that would be....
  10. Expansion, the British way!

    The Indian Raj naval group is great too. Fills in some holes in the KOB Orbat quite nicely, and they are close allies. Down the line I would recommend an Indian Raj and Aussie Naval Box.
  11. Expansion, the British way!

    Also dont forget to get my Admiral of the fleet ship too. Its very nice...
  12. Expansion, the British way!

    Bombardment group. Halifaxes are very good and the Stalwarts, while short ranged, are very good at shooting, boarding, and being a general pain in the butt for your opponent.
  13. A New Model Approaches

    I think you missed part of the explanation in the paragraph. The dice numbers you quoted here are for my ship with an attached Dominion, not by itself. My ship does not do these numbers by itself, and at its point cost, shouldnt do that...
  14. A New Model Approaches

    I wouldnt be. I have assurances from Spartan Mike that everything made will be balanced statwise with other like vessels. We wont be having stuff like battleships with 20 turrets and other such nonsense...
  15. A New Model Approaches

    Exactly. Something we are missing is a "point and click" type of unit...

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