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  1. To me, it shows that Warcradle is not serious about DW. If they were serious about the game, we would have seen a lot more pictures, notes, designs and ideas for future projects. It seems to me they are more worried about WWE and that new 1920's horror game that looks awful. IMO, they should have saved their money and let the game die... Edit: I might be a little harsh, but Warcradle has not really given us anything here to show us that they know what they are doing... C'mon guys, prove us wrong!!!
  2. To anyone at Warcradle, I was getting ready to place an order that included some of the kickstarter stuff that was on the Wayland games site. Now it looks like all of those new models have been pulled from the website. Can someone tell me why? Our group was going to do a big order...
  3. The interesting thing about the Albion is that it was going to be in the KOB list, not Canadian. The Canadians would have had access to them via lend lease, which while wierd, would have worked... There were Canadian versions of the Hawk and Eagle that were actually useful, and our group adopted those stats for the KOB versions as well.
  4. That is true, but through all of the games we played, getting it into gun range undamaged was found to be difficult. The issue was not just dreads, but many units that hit hard in Range 3 and 4 could sit back a little and hit.it with impunity. Since it really oy has dread stats for half its life, and its shields come with a negative, we decided to steer it price wise in between a heavy BB and a dread. Our group found that at 250-255, it is in that sweet spot for usability. Like I said before, since these stats were never finalized, feel free to tweak how you want, and feel free to ask questions on these units as well, I will gladly help!!
  5. Remember though, these stats were never finalized, so tweak them to yall's hears content. Tweak them to where they are playable in your group, without being overpowered. If interested, I have our stats that were a little more refined through the process. PM me if you would like them!!!
  6. My group play tested the Canadian and STO units and overall they were pretty good. This one though, we were in large discussions with because everyone in our group found it too expensive for what it does. As an example, look at a stripped down 2.0 Enterprise at 10 points less... It would eat an Albion alive. If it helps, our last bit of back and forth had some changes including the following:: Points lowered to 255 Range 3 and 4 on mortar upper to 7 Range 1 broadsides upped to 14 to make it a stead drop across the line. Try it out with these changes and tell me what you think!!
  7. Tarnya, do you think we will see more models come out? I know most of the kickstarter units as well as the Canadian Navy and STO Navies were all just coming out kr about to come out when everything folded. I know a great many of us still want those models. Would be a good shot in the arm for yall as well as us to be honest...
  8. Awesome Richard!! Will there be a release notation on top of the forum page as well?
  9. So I was wondering if there were any more of the Classic Dystopian Wars ships coming out. During the last release, a Warcradle Member stated that they would be coming quicker, but that was almost 2 months ago, and no new stuff has been coming out. Was really hoping to get the Federated Ships from the old Kickstarter for our group, as a large portion of them want them and the Japanese ones too. Anyone from Warcradle want to give us an update? it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance,..
  10. Awesome, we are starting to get some of the kickstarter models in now!!! Quick question for any Warcradle person. How much if the Kickstarter stuff were yall able to salvage? I am definately looking for the FSA and EoTBS stuff if yall are able to push thise out at some point, Especially the FSA Providence large Monitor!!!!
  11. A few things I see that change that I think made the game worse: 1. Range Band Change: This is the first thing I saw that I disliked. In my opinion having 4 range bands of 8" each was perfectly fine, and I personally saw no issue with it. Maybe they are trying to work it with WWX, but I dont see how you can play both systems at the same time. 2. Damage to ships: We dont know 100 percent how this will go yet, but if I have a Cruiser that takes 1 damage, will its stats go down or will it have the same stats until it is crippled? In the original, for every point of damage you took, your attack and defence stats went down unless you had a special rule. This made the game more strategic instead of what I see this being. 3. Generators and such: Having generators always on in the original game ( with an exception or 2) made the game more challenging from a tactical standpoint, and required less bookeeping overall. The fact that the generators had their own abilities that did not change the units base stats was great. Think about it for a second... Does having a Guardian Generator make me the armor on my ship thicker? No, it is a generator that reduces successes. In 2.0, if I fire and make 12 successes on a KoB BB with a critical rating of 10, but then he has 3 successes on his shield dice, then the total becomes a 9, and not a critical hit. This makes more sense to me. 4. Boarding: This one to me is a huge, almost game breaking change. In 2.0, a boarding action, if successful enough, could allow you to prize or derelict the ship, making it unusable to you enemy. I have seen numerous games where a smart and lucky boarding action has brought a player back to victory from sure defeat. I know a lot of people might have not liked the boarding rules, or thought they were too powerful, but once again, it is a tactucal and strategic tool in your box that anyone could use. 5. Nation flavor: This is another area where I see a lot has been lost from the game. Certain nqtions has certain weapons, abilities etc... For example, the Empire had long range fire starting rockets and the Russians had shorter range, but gigantic guns. Now I see the Crown has rockets, which they never had before, and nation only munitions, abilities have been stripped off. Way too much simplification. This is just a few. I feel like this game has been so dumbed down that it has turned into "Dystopian Wars for Beginners" and I'm waiting for the real rules to come out...
  12. Well, I can safely say that the wait has been totally not worth it. This is a poor, poor, shadow of a game I played for years and loved... Enjoy it gents, unlessI see some changes, I think I will stay put in Spartans version of the game, (2.0/2.5) and continue to enjoy the game I love to play...
  13. Zak, are the shios in the store the only one that are going to come out, or will there be more classics coming out. A bunch of my group are hoping some or all of the kickstarter ships come out...
  14. Any warceadle person.. it says that the crown includes the Canadian Navy, although Spartan closed before we got them. Are you guys going to be releasing a Canadian Navy?
  15. Wanted to be the first to welcome everyone to the British Crown. Lets see what ends up happening...
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