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  1. Hi Folks, The next round supposed to be this Saturday 17th September has had to be postponed. It`s my fault I`ve double booked this weekend and I`m afraid seeing my daughter trumps playing with toy boats. We have plumped for the alternative date of Saturday 15th October at Beanie Games again. If you are coming try to let us know in advance so we can plan accordingly. Normal price of £5 each, lunch not included. Cheers PB
  2. Just so everyone coming is clear, the first round on the 25th June is a two game 1500 point fleet limit round. Scenarios TBA on the day AFTER we have your fleet lists. Ho Ho Ho. Fill your boots. PB
  3. Hi Mark the event is on Saturday. The parking advice was general for anyone coming to Beanie at any time. Cheers PB
  4. OOPs forgot to include info on parking at Beanie Games, Stockton on Tees. UK. TS18 2AA. Same for anyone coming through to visit the store. If you`re coming on a Sunday the best place to park is in the Wellington Square car park opposite the store, it`s free there all day, but only on Sunday. Any other day of the week, after an hour the parking charge in Wellington Square car park goes through the roof so the best and cheapest place to park is around the back of the Beanie building. On Google maps you will see Tennant Street Medical Centre marked. To get there turn into Laing Street off Norton Road and stay on Laing Street, don`t turn on to Tennant Street. Laing Street is a dead end but there is marked parking there at £2.40 for the whole day. Free after 6pm if you come in the evening for gaming. Be aware the store is shut at about 5pm so don`t come evenings expecting to buy stuff. If Laing Street is full, which it can be on a tournament day, go back to Norton Road and turn left. The next road on the Right is Queen Street. turn into that then turn right again and follow it till it meets King Street. Parking on King Street is £2.40 all day also. Again, free after 6pm. I hope this helps anyone visiting Beanie Games in the future. Well worth a look, loads of good stuff. Cheers PB
  5. YoungDave, Rules pack and scenarios sent to your email. Cheers PB
  6. Hi Dave I'm at work today but will email you a rules pack and scenario pack this evening. Hope to see you there on the day. I'll include info on parking at Beanie Games as well. cheers PB
  7. It is indeed naval core only and dreadnaughts are permitted for those of you who like all your firepower along with your eggs in the same basket.
  8. Good News! I`ve had a rare epiphany and managed to post the rules and scenarios docs on the Dystopian Wars Tournament League NE Facebook page. Get over there and download your copies now! Since the first round of the tournament is only two days after the EU referendum, if we vote to Remain the whole day will be conducted in the language of Franglais and Engdeutch (assuming the whole country hasn`t disappeared in some apocalyptic disaster as has been widely predicted) So either be prepared or vote Leave. Cheers PB
  9. Well chaps, Peanutbreath is along now but finds he isn`t permitted to upload the rules or scenario files, which are in Word but apparently are not acceptable. If anyone wants a copy please pm me with your email address and I`ll be happy to send them along. Even if you`re not coming because you live in Antarctica, or are beseiged in some middle eastern city by a selection of militant factions backed by large foreign air forces and are subject to random and indiscriminate drone strikes etc. Cheers PB
  10. The upper bridge and mast is moulded as one in metal so is easy to clean up and stick on. I removed the crane from the one on my Minerva just to make it a bit sleeker.
  11. I like to field them without allies as they are quite capable of putting up a decent fight on their own. I feel the close allies rule is now too used and abused. It was supposed to be to bring variation and character to player's fleets but has turned into a means to bring attributes to nations that were never designed to get them. I blame the rules designers for not spotting this earlier. Cheers PB
  12. Maybe have 5 cards in a hand but only a maximum of 3 used in the game. In a 1400pt three hour game the cards would be tactical then rather than having a strategic effect PB
  13. Yeah you can still use inventive scientists to re-roll the shield gen results but not now the node gen result.
  14. Haven't they restricted the use of inventive scientists to stop the re-roll of the node projector result?
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