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  1. Krwekrw vs. TomKyselka ( non member) Omnidyne vs Pathogen Ambush 13 : -6 I just rolled like god and lost just one cruiser and gunship. I think i can only play with Kurgan becouse we both roll nonsence rolls :-D
  2. Players: Krwekrw vs Enite Points value: 1300 Scenario: 2 - Escalating engagement Factions & Allies: Sorylian Collective / Tarakian battle log Scores: 6 / 7
  3. Well I managed to paint some more nodels! So old starter is painted and i managed to buy some more models: 1 more cruiser, Mk 2 carrier, 5 more frigates and 5 corvetes. Photo by Kurgan. Btw i lost my battle horribly :-D Kurgan touched his dices and rolled like god :-D
  4. Thank you very much guys:-) Well it was kinda hit and miss but final form was made by agrax earthshade and some nuln oil doing streaks on front and engines. impact markers was made with some typhus corosion, bud dark brown can work to. i used sponge and old brush. then i used some white do mark shatterd pieces of surface. Impact markers on red parts are made with Boltgun metal again by sponge then some brush strokes of dark metal and some typhus corosin... rust on metal parts is just two grades of brown... I think i could have done this better, but i kind of like how it is now, so i wont change it... at least for now:-)
  5. I just come back to FSA, first game from Spartan games i played. Well and now I am back with some lizard awsomness! I really like sorylian style of models and when i saw second hand odl starter box for nice prize i could not resist. O:-) Good old Swordbreaker class battleship: Sword of Destruction Venerable old lady. I wanted battered look of ship, that was long in combat with enemies of Sorylians. I am sorry fot crappy phone pics...
  6. Me vs nonmember FA vs CoA 1000pts, naval CV vs CD ME vs Bratr FA vs OE 1000 pts, naval CV vs CD
  7. Well i tried new orbat brits in huge land battle (2055) pts... and i must say nerf hammer is real... they are just bad. :-( I tried some mixed squadrons: Prince squadron. On land it is not bad, however it is not so good. yes, you can link bombs and do really big mine. But you can not link hawks to your eagle which is sad... breakthrough squadron is not bad. this may be only way to play cromwels for me. And it gives some sence to use steward. I am just sad, that al land and air models lost their engineers. It cost me my eagle.
  8. Me vs harlekyn (Non member) 2055 land core. KoB vs PE D vs. D pro tip: dont play big games, i is just messy long and not so funny :-)
  9. New battle, second for FA:-) 1000pts, naval Me (FA) vs. Asghar (EoBS, non member) CV vs CD
  10. few games from yesterdays small tournament in Prague: Me (ROA) vs. Shadowulf (non member, FSA) CV vs. CD Me (ROA) vs. Asghar (non member, KOD) D vs.D Me (ROA) vs. Barrin (non member, COA) CV. vs CD
  11. FA (me) vs CoA (Wracas non member) naval core 1000 pts CV for FA
  12. Me vs Watchdog 1500 naval RA vs BW CV vs CD The game was very close. I almost lost the game.
  13. Thank you guys! well i bought the rails from http://www.pieceofterrain.cz/ :-) you get full set of tracks and i used not even half of pieces:-) and answer about airfield is easy: it will be on different island ;-)
  14. hey guys. Just started working on terain for your local gaming club in Prague, Ogří Doupě. It is going to be little small harbour and airfield, something like real world Midway. Maybe. Fist is the harbour itself: I need to add one more layer of sand. And then paint it ;-) I hope you like it. I laso made small islands that are going to be part of whole harbour-airfield: Ideas, questions and comments welcomed!
  15. Finally got time to play another game: (me) vs Crazyrokkitjaw Roayal Australians vs. Prussian empire. Naval Core. 1650pts CV for RA. The game was very ballanced and i was close to losing. My Cerberus and 2 escots managed to destroy 5 ships in their last activaton that secured me the win. They destroey Elbe on last HP and 4 saxony corvettes witout crew, three of them by bording.
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