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  1. Any chance Spartan might review and amend the points for the CoA carriers? As has been said in this thread I think this is a much bigger issue than the change to the drone rules. I just finished painting my Diaphontus but doubt I'll ever use it now it is a Dreadnought and so expensive :-( Cheers Andy
  2. Played last week versus FSA. 1000 point game on 4x4 table. Won at end of Turn 2 having fulfilled "Thin Their Ranks" order (50% plus all Smalls). My list was: Kaiser Karl Rhine Squadron of 3 Donnerfausts Squadron of 3 Reivers (with Aggressive Crew) Squadron of 4 Arminius Squadron of 5 Saxony SAS of 5 Fighters Recon Whilst the Rhine took a beating from my opponents Princetons the Donnerfausts manoeuvred into RB1 and unleashed a devastating barrage of linked Speersclueuders turrets and Tesla broadsides - double-critting each before broadsides from the Rhine and Kaiser Karl finished them off. The Reivers and Saxony's proved highly effective against the FSA Augustas and Guildfords - wiping them all out by end of Turn 2. I had not played Prussians since the advent of the Lightning Rod token so it was a pleasant surprise when I hit a Lexington under a Lightning rod marker with a Tesla shot and rolled 5 sixes, generating 10 extra dice! BOOM! The Arminius proved to be excellent support ships now, a squad of 4 pumping out 13AD at RB2 to double-crit Mart's Saratoga. All in all the Prussians proved to be great fun to play with, Redoubtable Teslas and Speerschleuders combined with fast assault and support Smalls, powerful support cruisers and a "tough as old boots" heavy battleship. I shall most definitely be playing them again! Cheers Andy
  3. Hi guys I played against my regular opponent Mart's FSA fleet on Wednesday pulling off a 50% plus all Smalls objective win on a Turn 3. We played on a 4x4 table with 1000 points. My fleet was: La Rochelle with Cloud and Nullification generator Couronne with Cloud Cherbourg (Flanking) Cherbourg Squadron of 3 x Marseille Squadron of 4 x Lyon Squadron of 4 x Lyon Mart had : Independence with shield Saratoga Squadron of 2 Princetons with shields Squadron of 2 Lexingtons with shields Squadron of 2 Lexingtons with shields Squadron of 4 Augustas Squadron of 3 Guildfords It was a very tense and enjoyable game. Mart was one Marseille cruiser and a few VPs short of also pulling off his 50% plus all mediums objective as well. Some earnings/observations: Cherbourgs are definitely glass hammers. I charged my flanking one in too rashly and it got plinked away by Marts cruisers and smalls. I also whiffed consecutive 12 and 14AD shots with them against the Independence where I hope the Heat Lance Piercing and Incendiary MARs would cause some problems. The La Rochelle is a beast but I hid it behind an island on Turn 1 when, with its Retardant Armour and Cloud I should have placed it in position to fire at long range. When it swept over the island on turn 2 it put criticals on both Princetons, getting Fusion leaks and meaning that after the repair phase of the turn both gunships only had 1HP each remaining! The Lyons were excellent - their long range torpedo ability and decent broadsides made them very effective. The Corounne anchored the line very well throwing its heat lance, broadsides and rockets around. Neither mine or Mart's Massive/Large vessels took any damage as we either targeted our relative objective ships or attacks failed to damage. Retardant armour also helped out several times avoiding crits on my Cherbourg's in particular. All in all I liked the fleet a lot - Heat Lances really are as powerful as people have inferred that's for sure. By the way I took two Cherbourgs simply because I have not yet painted my Dieppes or Toulons. Mart's force was dictated by his limited collection and the fact that he wanted to squeeze a carrier in for this game however he has only ever played FSA so knows how to use his vessels very well. The Lexingtons in particular I always find cause me problems so I tend to target them early on. Many thanks Andy
  4. Hi guys How do you try to ensure you get through a game in a sensible time? I and my regular opponent are pretty familiar with the rules so do not have to check things too often and normally play with 1000 point naval forces on a 4x4 table. However we find a normal 3-4 turn game can take up 5-6 hours including set-up and a bit of tea-making! Neither of us seem to prevaricate unduly on our moves either. So any tips/tricks for quicker play (other than less tea of course!) Regards Andy
  5. Hi guys I'm sure this has been discussed before but how come there is such a discrepancy between these two energy-based weapons? E-turrets - same AD at all ranges plus Secondary Heat Lance - higher AD at RB 1 and 2, big fall off at RB3, no RB4 plus Secondary PLUS Incendiary PLUS Pin-Point. That feels very much as if E-turrets are missing at least one additional Weapon benefit? Cheers Andy
  6. Back from holiday now so will be able to put up some pics. On Turn 3 the Princeton's swung past the island and put heavy fire onto my Aristotle. They got enough hits to cause a crit which, combined with the punishing gunnery Commodore ability, put 3 damage on it. This took it to 4 hits in total reducing its E-turrets strength to just 3. Its AP had also been reduced by 3. Whilst the Fresnels put some damage on the approaching Lexingtons and the Diogenes maneuvered to take out the Guidfords and put a hit on one of the Princetons, the Plato's got hit heavily by the Independence and the Lexingtons. My Aristotles return fire was ineffective although it did make its Evasive Manoeuvre roll. Even though I had now destroyed all but one of the FSA smalls, and put a scatter ing of damage on a few other vessels, my fleet was beaten up with the Aristotle now in a very vulnerable position facing the Princetons and the Independence. I seized the initiative and activated the Fresnel hoping to reduce the Princetons some more - and failed to inflict a single hit! The Princetons blasted the Cleomedes, killing one. One Plato was sunk and another boarded by the Lexingtons and then the Independence went head-on with the Aristotle, putting hits on a Fresnel and killing two Diogenes before sending all of its Aggressive Marines against the Aristotle. 4 were lost to the residual AA but the remainder made short work of my defenders and derelicted the Aristotle. At that point I conceded. My opponent took units based on what models he has hence the below max size units and lack of Georgetown's etc.. I did have some terrible attack and shield rolls in fact I inflicted 3 Raging Fires on my own units for failed Inventive Scientist rolls! However I did not really have a proper plan and, being my first v2 game with CoA I did not maximise my units abilities. The E turrets are an interesting conundrum. Consistent output at all ranges plus Redoubtable but they become weak. I wonder whether going with normal turrets and staying in Wave Lurk until RB2 is a better way to go - leaving the long range sniping to the Fresnels? A frustrating game but enjoyable as always. Cheers Andy
  7. Ologotai

    Andy P

    Various painted DW models
  8. La Rochelle battleship - what a beast! Cherbourg Cruisers Requin Corvettes Cheers Andy
  9. Managed to paint up some reinforcements. Sadly I can't upload any pictures :-( Cheers Andy
  10. Game played last night and I will post up a few pictures of the set-up and early turns. I conceded at end Turn 4 after my Aristotle had been derelicted by boarding parties from the Independence. Both of us had drawn "Thin their Ranks" and at that point the FSA had sank over 50% of my force but I still had two Diogenes (the FSA just had one damaged Augusta left) so all was not lost. However my fleet was in a bad way and it was also nearly 4am on a school night! My force consisted of am Aristotle with Disruption generator, a squadron of 2 Fresnels, a squadron of 3 Cleomedes, a squadron of 3 Plato's and two squadrons of 4 Diogenes each. Everything had E- Turrets. My opponent took an Independence with two escorts, a squadron of 2 Princetons, a squadron of 3 Lexingtons, a squadron of 2 Lees, a squadron of 3 Destroyers and a squadron of 4 Augustas. Everything that could took shields. Some pictures will follow but in summary I hoped to put some hurt on the FSA smalls and mediums from long range on Turn 1 hence going all E-turret. I had read great things about the Fresnel, Platos effectiveness against enemy smalls and the torpedo-sniping ability of the Diogenes so had high hopes. Until I failed to inflict a single hit AT ALL with any of these on Turn 1! In fact the only damaged scored was by my Aristotle who fired everything at one of the Lees and just managed to scrape an Engine Damaged crit. My opponent had got his Princetons in a great position with their approach covered by a large island and the Lees spotting for the so they could pound my Fresnels on the way in. The second turn saw a but more balance but my forces took the worst of the exchange although the Plato's did much better work taking out all but one of the Augusta's. The Fresnels pit some damage on the Lexingtoms and the Cleomedes proved effective with long range E and torpedo salvos. More to follow...
  11. Cool - but when you are attempting to cancel the first player's card can you actually combine the value of two or more cards to do so? I.e. You can only "play" once but that "play" may be of more than one card when you are attempting to cancel? Cheers Andy
  12. Quick question about Rugged Construction. The Mar states that the AD are removed from the "Total Attack Dice Pool". In the Firing Section though I can only see reference to Profile Attack Dice, Effective Attack Dice and Initial Attack Dice. So I assume that the Total Attack Dice Pool is the same as Initial Attack Dice? Cheers Andy
  13. Just want to make sure I get this right! A Submerged model is firing at a Surface vessel. The basic To Hit number is 5 or Red 6 - correct? Cheers Andy
  14. Quick question about Rugged Construction. The Mar states that the AD are removed from the "Total Attack Dice Pool". In the Firing Section though I can only see reference to Profile Attack Dice, Effective Attack Dice and Initial Attack Dice. So I assume that the Total Attack Dice Pool is the same as Initial Attack Dice? Cheers Andy
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